Can Horses Eat Lettuce? Feed Facts You need to Know

Do you searching for Can Horses Eat Lettuce? As a horse lover, we know you’re excited when finding another good vegetable for your beloved pet. So, allow us to explain clearly so that you can feed delicious lettuce to your horse freely.

Can Horses Eat Lettuce

With YES answers to the previous questions “Can horses eat celery” or “carrots”, you definitely get another YES for the query “Can horses eat lettuce.

Lettuces – Great vegetables for horses

Lettuce is a good vegetable that you can enjoy and receive some nutrients from it. Besides, it comes with a fresh taste and texture that can treat well lots of pets, including horses.

However, when it comes to minerals and vitamins, lettuce doesn’t contain much. Even, it is not famous for its high content of nutrients and calories. In case you feed lettuce to your horse only, it won’t be enough to help him satisfy his dietary requirements.

So, what makes this vegetable great?

Actually, lettuce DOES include a lot of water that you can give the horse, especially on a hot summer day. Additionally, it’s easily digestible so that your equine friend can enjoy eating freely. You will not worry that he might get stomach aches, of course.

One more interesting thing is that you can purchase lettuce in many areas of the country. Since it’s rather affordable, you can buy more to feed other animals on your farm as well.

Can horses eat lettuce and things to consider

As outlined above, you’re now confident about giving lettuce to your beloved horse, right? He might enjoy eating this vegetable from your hand, or you can mix it with his standard feed ration. It’s acceptable to allow him to eat a large portion of lettuce.

However, you should notice some recommendations and guidelines for the maximum amount of lettuce that your horse can enjoy every day.

Avoid giving lettuce as the main part of your horse’s diet. Assuming that he is already eating balanced food on a daily basis, it’s okay to feed him over two pounds of lettuce each day. This allows your horse to relish a treat yet still obtain the right amount of nutrients from its regular diet.

In case you have the available lettuce in the fridge, make sure you let it cool a bit or dry before giving it to the horse. It’s because the wet leaves might cause bloating. Besides, remember not to serve him slimy or wilted leaves to make him safe.

Can horses eat iceberg lettuce?

As compared with lettuce, iceberg lettuce includes a few nutritional values and might be bad for some animals. So, in case you put this vegetable into the refrigerator and then feed your horse, it may cause digestive issues.

Any concerns with feeding lettuce to your horse

All in all, you understand why the horses can eat lettuce and even he can eat a large portion without meeting any troubles with digestion. Hence, if you want to make your horse hydrated and happy at all times, remember to give lettuce as a great treat during summer.

And don’t mind sharing with us your experiences after feeding him. We’d love to hear, guys!

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