Can Horses Eat Grapes?

Every horse lover wants to treat their horse in the best way possible.

In this next discussion of Can Horses eat grapes,” you will read a detailed guide about whether you can safely feed grapes to your horse.

Grapes provide a lot of nutrients and have been the main ingredients in the wine industry. So, even though a horse is a herbivore animal, but should you feed your horse grapes? To get to the answer, you MUST understand the fundamental values of grapes.

Can Horses Eat Grapes

Here are the absolute 3 facts about grapes:

They are perfect for a healthy diet

Having a good amount of natural sugar, the grape can help you regulate the sugar level that your body needs. Your horse also needs a certain amount of sugar level to function.

They help with hydration problems.

Little do people know that grapes contain 82% water. Thus making it an excellent option for humans and your horse to absorb that extra water needed during the summer’s heatwave.

They provide fiber

Grape contains soluble fiber that is essential to maintain a good digestion system. It is the same for your horse too. If he has a small bowel issue, grapes are very safe for him to consume.

So you do get a big YES and a GREEN LIGHT to feed your horse grapes. Your horse will enjoy both green and red types of grapes. But be very careful because there are other concerns when your horse starts consuming a lot of grapes.

Top 3 concerns about feeding your horse grapes

The Horse’s sugar consumption

Even though grapes contain natural elements of sugar, they do come at a high level. Therefore, feeding your horse many grapes might cause him to gain more additional weight, thus making him less active.

The Addiction to the sweet taste

While grapes offer fantastic sweetness in their taste, it is not good for your horse to be addicted to the sweet taste of grapes. It will make him form a strong preference for sweet fruits and refuse to eat other vegetables. It is not healthy for a balanced diet for your horse.

The problem of Grape seeds

Grape seeds are tiny, and your horse can consume the seeds of different kinds of grapes. However, some horses will refuse to eat fruits with seeds. So try out with your horse to know precisely its preference.

Some horse also often encounters problems indigestion. If this is your concern, remove the seeds before feeding your horse grapes or switch to another kind of seedless grapes.

The CORRECT amount of grapes to feed your horses

You have known the advantages and setbacks of feeding your horse grapes. Yes, your horse can eat grapes safely and even more enjoyably.

But it is very crucial to remember that your horse must maintain a balanced eating routine and diet. That means you should moderately giving your horses grapes as their treats.

The proper amount suggested is around 10 to no more than 20 grapes per one or two weeks. This will help your horse accustomed to the awesome sweet taste of grapes, and your horse will not become obsessed with grapes.

So until next time, subscribe to our news feeds and posts to find out about other kinds of fruits that you can and cannot feed your horse. Your horse deserves the best of love from you.

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