Can Horses Eat Cucumber? Better Safe Than SORRY!

Having a garden means you will have lots of food options to choose from before feeding your horses. Some may think they can eat anything “green.” But, unfortunately, there is quite a list of vegetable that is not suitable to feed horses.

Can horses eat cucumber?

Can Horses Eat Cucumber?

Save your boys and girls from a terrible day of digestive food with us!

So, cucumbers. Every person can eat them, but…

Here’s the deal:

Yes, generally speaking, your horses can enjoy these crunchy snacks. But there’s more to it!

Normally, those who are not too picky with food will accept cucumbers the same way they accept fine grass and apples.

However, some horses can be quite nitpicky with what they are given, including a vegetable as common as cucumbers.

You might be wondering:

What happens when I feed horse cucumbers?

Eating cucumbers can produce gas and colic in horses’ digestive systems.

To other cattle, this is a totally normal occurrence as they can burp or vomit. But, sadly, it’s not the same for horses, as they cannot belch.

This is crazy:

Gas staying in their digestive system may cause a negative reaction as serious as a gastric rupture since horses can’t vomit or belch.

Of course, not all horses react badly to eating cucumbers, but you should always keep in mind the effects these vegetables may cause. In my opinion, anything that gives a chance for a bad reaction should not be considered to be fed to our equine friends.

I get it, but my boys and girls LOVE cucumbers…

So How to Feed Cucumbers to My Horses SAFELY?


In some cases where your horses are REALLY into these crunchy juicy fruits, it is best to know how to feed them safely.

First, make sure that your hoofed pets don’t show any signs of illness or allergies. In some cases, eating food with “side effects” may worsen their conditions.

Start with only a small amount and check your horses after a day to see if anything happens. Even when your horses show no immediate signs or effects from eating cucumbers, it is best to keep a regular check on them.

Second, make sure the pieces are large enough so that your horses can chew them. If the pieces are too small and they swallow them whole, a dangerous possibility of these friends choking may happen.

Third, you should only consider cucumbers as one of those treats you can feed your boys and girls. This means you should never feed them more than five ounces per day. Cucumber skin should be fine to feed as long as you wash them thoroughly, but if you buy them from a store, it is better to peel off the skin beforehand.

And finally, if your horses are old or currently having issues with their teeth, you should consider making cucumber juice and adding it to their grain.

So, Can Horses Eat Cucumber?

Cucumbers are considered a fairly safe snack for your horses.

However, make sure you feed them with the right amount and in the right way. If cucumbers cause any bad reaction to your boys and girls, contact a veterinarian immediately.

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