Can Horses Eat Celery? Facts You Need To Know

We all know that a favorite meal for horses is nothing better than grass. Besides, they are also given vegetables and fruits to have more nutrition. Common vegetables that horses like to eat such as apples, pears, and carrots. However, I was so shocked when I saw horses eat celery. What? Can horses eat celery even though the smell may be weird for them? I was not so sure about it until I decided to find out the answer…..

Can Horses Eat Celery?


Should I Feed Horses Celery?

Yes, you should.

Celery has a full package of nutrition for your horse.

First of all, due to their small stomach relative to their size, they may get some stomach problems frequently. Celery which contains a lot of fiber can help improve its digestive system and cleanse it. It is also a great source to use instead of sweets or mints.

Scientists have found high amounts of vitamins and minerals in celery. Vitamin A existing in the form of Retinol helps to smooth the skin and brighten its eyesight. Vitamin A – Beta Carotene has a powerful antioxidant to prevent “free radicals” that damage cells in the horse’s body.

Besides, folate, or B9 aids the development of red and white blood cells and helps break down carbohydrates to release energy. Eating celery can supply a great source of vitamin C which supports to repair of damaged tissues and generate collagen. Collagen is the fundamental protein used to build the skin, tendons, and ligaments.

Furthermore, phosphorus is necessary for the growth, maintenance, and repair of your horse’s teeth and bones. Magnesium helps maintain the function of the nerves and muscles.

And you may like this, celery contains a great quantity of water, which keeps your horse well hydrated.

As a matter of fact, adding celery to your horse’s diet only results in benefits.

Could Celery Be Harmful To Your Horse?

While your horse can eat celery, it could be harmful to him.

If the celery has parasites or microbes, it can easily cause serious illness or disease to your pet friend. So, make sure to pick ones that are fresh and don’t have any mold or rotten parts. And then clean it properly.

Also, remember to cut the celery into small pieces so it doesn’t get trapped in their throat.

Why Does Your Horse Refuse To Eat Celery? 

Calm down! It is like some horses like carrots, but some don’t like it. It depends on the individual horses. Since celery is neither extremely sweet nor particularly strong-tasting, nor because of the distinctive smell, your horse may not like it. This is a great chance for you to make something special for them.

I recommend you surprise your horse by creating salad recipes for him. Because celery has lacked sweet flavor, it is best to mix it with other sweet-flavoring fruits such as bananas, oranges, grapes, and watermelon. It is worth trying.

Celery is OKAY

There are so many reasons why your horse can eat celery. However, be careful when you prepare this treat. You can make it more delicious for your horse by mixing other sweet food with celery.

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