Can Horses Eat Carrots? Is It So Crazy?

Are you a horse owner? If yes, you may be surprised by this information which is my horse has a hobby of all rabbits, loving to eat carrots. Yes, carrots. It’s not a joke.

Yesterday, I bought a few carrots for my mother’s lovely bunny. I took one to eat but I could not finish the whole carrot so, I gave my horse the rest with no hope. After a few sniffs, my horse began chewing voraciously. I wondered “can horses eat carrots?” It takes me half a day to research.

And here is the answer:

Can Horses Eat Carrots

Horses can’t consume too many carrots

Can horses eat carrots without any issues?

The short answer is yes. However, feeding your horses too many carrots can lead to discomfort, colic, even a serious problem of health.

The main foods of horses are the high-fiber foods like hay. Thus, if you want to change its diet with carrots, make sure to carefully plan to feed it in moderation.

The best way is to cut into small pieces and let your horses eat in a limited quantity.

Why do you need to give your horses carrots in moderation?

In fact, there are many reasons but the biggest one is that keeping a small portion of carrots is beneficial for the digestion of the horse.

The digestive tract is balanced through the combination of bacteria and microbes which keeps a healthy intestinal function.

Horses can’t stand a large number of carrots at the same time because it reduces the protein absorption as well as dilute an amount of vitamin and mineral.

Recipe for a yummy carrot treat

Eating plain carrots is boring. You know what I mean.

Here is how you can make a fresh dish of carrot to treat your equine friend:

Blend a cup of the uncooked oatmeal, a cup of the shredded carrots, and a cup of flour in a bowl. Then, add extra a tsp of salt, a tsp of sugar, 2 tsp of corn oil, a ¼ cup water, and a ¼ cup molasses into that mixture and stir well.

Before putting the dough into a greased cookie sheet to bake, roll them into the small balls. Adjust the temperature at 350 degrees and wait within 15 minutes to get the golden brown results.

Notes when feeding carrots

Don’t carry carrots in your pocket. Some horses can nip your clothes to determine if there is something inside or not.

Can you feed more carrots to your horse?

Generally, horses can eat carrots but you have to keep in moderation.

This is very important to keep a healthy digestive system. It’s best to use your hands to feed the horse but keep in mind to perform properly or you will lose your hand forever.

Have you got your answer? Do you have any question related to this issue? Please let me know your idea below.

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