Can Horses Eat Cantaloupe?

Hello guys, today I am also talking about Puppy – my beloved horse. These days are quite hot, so he is trying to eat some fresh and delicious fruit. I bought a big cantaloupe. Can horses eat cantaloupe?

Of course,  to give him a small piece of cantaloupe. He ate so well and asked me one more. It seems like he loves to eat cantaloupe as much as banana or carrot. So is the cantaloupe good for his health, and why does the horse love cantaloupe? Let’s find out in this article!

Can Horses Eat Cantaloupe?

Horses love to eat cantaloupe like kids love to drink carbonated soft drinks.

The taste of the cantaloupe attracts the horse because it is so delicious.

Besides that, this fruit is sweet, so horses feel fresh when eating it. Also, it looks like the kid feels refreshed when drinking carbonated soft drinks.

In the hot weather, the cantaloupe is a favorite of horses, and it is a nutritious refreshment for them. As with other fruits and vegetables, the cantaloupe is also a natural fresh food containing plenty of essential nutrients for the horse.

This fruit can support the horse’s eye more healthily because it contains Beta-carotene. It also contains many vitamins that are very good for horse health, such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C …

Now I’m confident in giving Cantaloupe to my Puppy.

I heard that to prevent some horse diseases you can also give his fruit to your horse. It enhances the horse’s immunity because it is rich in oxidants.

Can horses eat cantaloupe rinds like eating peanut shells?

As you know, horses can eat peanut shells, and people can produce their food from peanut shells. But can horse eat cantaloupe rinds? Yes, they can.

The horse can eat that cantaloupe rind because it is crispy, fresh green like other vegetables.

However, it would be best if you didn’t let your horse eat many cantaloupe rinds. Because if you do not choose carefully, cantaloupe rinds can have fungal infections that damage the horse’s digestive tract and health.

Some warnings you need to know

Like other sugary fruits, cantaloupe is not good for horses with diabetes. Therefore, you must know the health of your horses before giving this fruit to them.

Animal nutrition experts also don’t encourage us to give much cantaloupe to our horses because it can cause them obese.

Moreover, when choosing a cantaloupe, you should also choose fresh fruit; avoid picking rotten fruit because it will cause your horse to have stomach pain.

Now I can confidently let my horse eat the cantaloupe

Obviously, Cantaloupe is extremely good for horses. We need to avoid some warnings that horses can eat this delicious and nutritious fruit.

Starting today, I have a new addition to my Puppy menu.

So, horses can eat cantaloupe. Wish you have a wonderful time with your horses!

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