Can Horses Eat Bananas? Do They Love This Fruit Like Us?

On a picnic trip, I and some friends visited Bob’s farm (Bob is my close friend). He owned a herd of horses. While we were discussing the horseshoes, Bob handed the banana to his horse to eat, and you know?  It eats well, and I exclaimed “Can horses eat bananas?” Everybody laughed to my surprise. If you have the same question as me, let’s find out about this issue right now!

Can horses eat banana

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Can Horses Eat Bananas Like Monkey?

Well. It is a fun question.

We all know that bananas are one of the most attractive fruits in the world with many health benefits. It is an interesting fact that bananas are not only good for human health but also good for horse health.

It’s totally easy to understand because bananas are rich in potassium, fiber, magnesium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C, so it’s great for horses.

Potassium is an essential mineral for horses, which supports the function of the muscles and nerves of the horse work better. Potassium is also present in most of the horse’s cells. Therefore, in addition to grass, bananas are a fruit that is nutritious for healthy horses.

Some horses like to eat bananas too. I think maybe because it also loves the sweetness of bananas like the monkey.

Should You Give Your Horse More Bananas?

Because bananas are so good, so you think you should feed your horse as many bananas as possible. No, you’re wrong. If you give your horse too much banana, then it will be indigestible.

According to horse nutrition experts, you should only give your horse a banana twice a week.  Mentioned to bananas, I started to crave it, but the last time I ate bananas I was choking, shameful!  So you guess that the horse may also be choking on bananas like me?

If you do not cut a banana before feeding your horse, it can be choking. It is so dangerous because your horse can suffocate. Let to keep this warning in your mind to take good care of your horses.

A Small Tip You Should Know

Sometimes, you have to feed your horses some essential minerals that are less palatable to them, and it is so difficult to force them to eat. No problem, the bananas will help you cheat the horses delicious to eat them. It is so simple. You only need to mix the essential minerals with crushed bananas. Now you are starting to like the bananas right?

Horses Love Bananas?

Well, after reading this article you know that horses are not only like to eat vegetables but also like to eat fruit. So, from now on, when you’re eating bananas, let to keep away from them. If you do not care about them, they will rob your bananas!

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