Can Horses Eat Apples?

Yesterday, on the way to the supermarket, I and Tom walked across a large farm. Suddenly, we saw a white horse. I challenge him: Can horses eat apples, Tom? He immediately threw the apple in his hand toward the horse.

Can Horses Eat Apples?

Horse eating an apple.

I was afraid that it will be angry and attack us. But it looked so happy. Tom laughed and said, “ Look, Marry. It can eat an apple, haha”. That is the first time we know horses love to eat apples. Now, let to follow me to discover the reason why horses love to eat apples.

Horses like to eat apples rather than grass

Horses are like human beings and they love eating new dishes. Don’t you believe it? You can feed your horse’s grass and apple at once. I’m sure that it will eat apples because it eats grass every day and it got fed up with eating the grass.

An apple is a sweet and succulent fruit, so the horse will relax to eat it in the hot weather.  This fruit contains many vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water that are good for the digestive system and help the horse feel more healthy.

Let to guess “ Can horses eat apple seeds?” At first, I think it will spit apple seeds out. But, it isn’t. It also can eat whole apple seeds.  Fortunately, the apple seed and skin do not cause any serious harm to it. Not only that, the skin of an apple contains some nutrients and a lot of fiber, so it’s so good for the horse.

Horses will get diarrhea when they eat many apples

Because the horse is very gluttony and loves to eat apples if you give it a dozen apples it will eat in a second. However, You shouldn’t give it too many apples, because when it eats too many apples it will have a stomachache.

Besides that, It will be addicted to apples. Your horse will cry all day asking you to give it the apples. That’s annoying, isn’t it?

According to horse nutrition experts, you should only give your horse two apples per day. Not only that,  you should choose an apple completely ripe and not rotten because this is also the cause that makes your horse has diarrhea. You should be careful because diarrhea can cause serious harm to your health.

A Small Tip You Should Know

If your horse is insulin resistant, you should not give them apples because apples contain lots of sugar.

Although apple seed does not harm your horse, it contains a small amount of toxin. So listen to me, you should remove the core of the apple before feeding it.

As you already know, horses can choke when they eat bananas, so it is easy to choke when eating the hard part of the apple. I think the best way is you should cut the apple into small pieces before feeding it.

Are Apples OKAY for Horses to Eat?

Now have you seen your horse’s appetite for apples? If you are an Apple addict now you have a rival. That is your horse. You can eat apples in your home instead of bringing apples to the stables. Because if your horse looks like you eat an apple, it will cry until you give it.

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