Bite-Lite Horse Fly Trap Review: Is Their Product Good?

Are you looking for a horse fly control system to protect the horses from flies, bugs, and biting insects? Bite-Lite Horse Fly Trap is the best option you should try!

In this article, I will provide an In-depth Review of Bite-Lite Horse Fly Trap with many useful pieces of information, including its cool features, pros, and cons, as well as an overview of the brand. Scroll down to know more!


The Highlights of Bite-Lite Horse Fly Trap

  • 5-acre cover
  • UV stable rubber black ball
  • Greenhood with extra reinforcement
  • UV resistant plastic collection bin
  • A single-legged frame
  • Natural method
  • Research tested


  • Simple design
  • Portable
  • UV-resistant materials
  • Weatherproof
  • Natural method


  • Not suitable for horn fly and stable fly

About Bite-Lite Brand

Bite-Lite is a family-based manufacturer that has been working in biting and stinging insect control for more than 10 years. They were established in 2010 and have been playing an exclusive role in this business.

The brand is known to offer high-quality and natural products, from mosquito repellent candles to fly traps. Besides, they also provide wide distribution to many independent retailers as well as other suppliers.

In-depth Bite-Lite Horse Fly Trap Review


At first glance, it can’t be denied that the Bite-Lite Horse Fly Trap has a simple appearance.

On the outside, it only consists of very basic components like a conical hood, a single-legged standing pole, an anchor rod, a black ball, and a collection bin. It is simple, isn’t it? This makes the horse fly trap itself easy for people to use. Besides, this model is completely portable and you can place it everywhere you want thanks to its weather and windproof material.

And the most wonderful thing is that this horse fly trap is proved to be one of the best and sturdiest traps through a careful test conducted by many researchers in May 2014 in the two states, Florida and Cape Cod, MA. Also, in 2017, people in Massachusetts and Texas have conducted testing on this product to prove its superior efficacy.

The Funnel

When it comes to the hood, the material of this horse fly trap hood is known to be the most stable.


First of all, it is resistant to UV light. In fact, UV light has both advantages and disadvantages. However, as far as materials are concerned, UV light causes degradation and abrasion on the trap, making objects more prone to tear. Still, this Bite-Lite horse fly trap material is added with UV stabilizers, which makes it highly tear-resistant.

Secondly, the material of the green hood is also water and windproof and it is washable. This means that the trap can withstand many different weather conditions and pollution. Even a small rain can wash away all the dust on the hood or you can wash it easily without fatigue.

Last but not least, the trap offers extra reinforcement around both the top and bottom edging, giving it a sturdy appearance. Thus, users do not have to worry about the trap floating in the air. Besides, the top band is attached to the collection bin and hung onto the metal holder of the frame, helping to guide the flies and bugs into the bin.

In short, thanks to its easy mechanism, all you need to do is to put all the components together and wait for the horse flies to get trapped. Thus, you can save more time, money, and energy.

The Ball

This is an exclusive feature of this Bite-Lite horse fly trap. Only a simple blackball, but it has a completely important purpose.


As the ball is made black, it absorbs more heat. In fact, the black color absorbs all the light wavelengths that hit it and turn them into heat. Then, the ball emits all the heat into the environment, which attracts the female horse flies by infrared signature.

What is more, the ball is molded with UV stable rubber. To be more specific, if you leave a ball under the sunlight for a long time, normally, it will explode. However, with the UV stable rubber, there will be resistance to the explosion.

The Collection Bin


The collection bin is made from UV-resistant plastic, which resists cracking down and prolongs its lifespan in the field. Along with that, the lid of the bin can be removed to make it easier for users to clear the bin out of the dead flies.

Recommended Use

There are several things you should bear in mind when using this Bite-Lite Horse Fly Trap.

The first thing is related to the ball. You should only use the hand pump that the manufacturer includes in the package to inflate the bump. Otherwise, with a compressor, you can hardly control the amount of air in the ball and thus, cause damage to the ball. Besides, you should clean the surface regularly to keep it free from dust so that it can create a strong lure for the ultimate performance.

Furthermore, when it comes to the effectiveness of the bin, you can either leave the bin dry or fill it with water. To be more specific, if left dry, the bin will combine with the heat from the sun and desiccates the horse flies. In the other option, when the bin is poured with a mixture of water and detergent, it will make the horse flies drown.

Also, it is advised to do the cleaning of the bin at least once a week. You can also do it more often if there are too many horse flies. And the important thing is that you should lock the lid after every cleaning.

Although the trap can cover up to 2.5 acres, it is still ineffective for horny flies and stable fly.


All in all, Bite-Lite is a trustworthy manufacturer that has an exclusive role in the industry with high-quality fly traps.

Despite its ineffectiveness for some specific flies, the Bite-Lite horse fly trap is an outstanding horse fly control system that can meet many requirements of gardeners. It is a portable fly trap with the ability to resist UV light and weather.

Hopefully, with my review, you can understand more about this product and can make a wise decision. Thanks for reading!

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