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If you are here to find the best Western saddles for your trusty steed, let’s go straight to the point!

In this article, I will show you a list of the top 5 products available on the market. Since each has its distinct feature (I will mention it in the upcoming part), you easily get the most suitable one.


Besides, there is still more about this topic. But first, start discovering the best Western saddle brands listed below.

Top 5 Best Western Saddles on the market 2023

In-depth Top-rated 5 Western Saddles Reviews

#1 – Acerugs Beautiful – Best Overall Western Saddle

Acerugs Beautiful Western Pleasure Trail Barrel Racer Show Horse Saddle Free TACK Set PAD Silver Crystals

As an occasional rider who is always looking for pleasure, the Acerugs Beautiful Western Saddle truly impresses me, not only with its first look but also its nice features. And if you are like me, you will fall in love with it instantly.

This unit includes a soft padded seat and soft synthetic fleece underside, giving a comfy and pleasurable experience when riding. In fact, this choice is rather suitable for beginner riders.

Besides, it comes with a double-reinforced fiberglass tree that makes the saddle reliable and durable. But it won’t last long if it’s used for hard riding too much.

Another cool thing that attracts both you and your horse for sure is its eye-catching design. It is available in six various colors including blue, red, pink, black, green, purple, and brown.

More importantly, this product has an affordable price as compared to others that have the same features in Best Western Saddle


  • The saddle comes in different colors
  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • It is ideal for beginners or entry-level enthusiasts
  • It has a great cushion on the seat
  • It offers a free pad
  • The straps are of good quality
  • It is worth the money


  • It is not suitable for hard riding
  • The metal on the saddle looks breakable
  • The saddle pad is a little small

#2 – Wintec Full Quarter – Best Lightweight Western Saddle

Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle

As one of the best lightweight Western saddles available on the market, Wintec Full Quarter is perfect for your beloved four-legged friends as well as easy for you to manage.

Furthermore, it’s highly rated for great fit, comfort, and quality thanks to a unique design with a wide seat and full quarter bars.

Another selling point that makes this unit outstanding is Dura-leather, a synthetic leather material that is both weather and scratch-resistant.

Since all are crafted from it, you don’t have to spend much time maintaining it. All you should do is clean it with soap and water so that it can look clean and beautiful for years.

Although the Wintec Full Quarter has different prices depending on your wanted sizes, it is among the most expensive choices.

In case you have your pocket clinking with plenty of money, you can consider it because the expensive price tag is a result of the good quality that has been set into this product’s design.


  • This saddle is practice and great quality
  • It is easy to keep clean
  • It is lightweight and comfortable for riding
  • It is used in any weather condition
  • It comes with fast-changing buckles
  • It has a great level of grip


  • The price is still too high
  • The belts are a bit short for a few people

#3 – Acerugs Texas Silver – Saddle for Trail Riding

Acerugs Texas Silver Western Pleasure Trail Show Horse Barrel Saddle TACK Set Comfy

Another good product from the reliable brand of Acerugs that is known as one of the best Western saddles for trail riding is Acerugs Texas Silver.

This beautiful classic horse saddle comes with a nylon binding surrounding the corners that make it tearproof. Moreover, the underside is well-padded with soft fleece for maximum comfort as well as reducing pressure points.

In terms of water resistance, this unit is designed with material that can get rid of water. Relying on that, cleaning it is a piece of cake because all you just do is wipe it with a wet cloth.

Another nice thing is that the Acerugs Texas Silver Western Saddle has a complete tack set including a headstall, reins, breast collar, and saddle pad.

But it doesn’t include cinches. So, if you want them, consider buying them separately.


  • This product is perfect and comfortable for everyday use
  • It is ideal for young riders
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is waterproof
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • It has a FREE tack set


  • You have to buy cinches separately
  • The saddle has only one color
  • Some require a free pad

#4 – Acerugs Barrel Racer – Saddle for High Withered Horse

Acerugs Barrel Racer Western Cordura Light Weight Comfy Horse Saddle Set 14 15 16 17 18

To some, looking for the best Western saddles for high-withered horses is quite challenging, especially for saddlebreds, thoroughbreds, or warmbloods. If you have the same issue, I highly suggest Acerugs Barrel Racer Western horse saddle.

Similar to any other saddles from Acerugs, this one comes with a unique and thoughtful design. It is made from synthetic Cordura material and also includes a soft padded suede seat.

Relying on that, you and your horse always get an ultra-soft ride.

Furthermore, the double-reinforced fiberglass tree helps to enhance its support and strength.

One more wonderful thing is that this saddle is simple to mount. It also remains firm and does not displace when riding. And this stops friction as well as delivers good support.

Although the price for the Acerugs Barrel Racer is quite affordable, I found some users are unhappy because they have to buy the front cinch, back cinch, and paid separately.

Overall, this unit is suitable for any level of riders and might be a favorite for those who own high-withered horses.


  • The saddle is great looking with a classic styling
  • It is supportive and comfortable
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • It is easy to mount and use, ideal for novices
  • It is worth your purchase
  • It fit the high-withered horses well


  • Good price, yet you have to buy some items separately
  • Some complaints about the cheap-made buckle

#5 – King Series – Best Synthetic Western Saddle

King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle

Although all of the horse saddles above are made of synthetic, King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle is known as one of the best synthetic Western saddles on the market.

And why do I strongly affirm this?

Well, this unit highlights its synthetic skirts and fenders as well as a suede seat, giving a sturdy appearance yet bringing the horse and rider comfort. Moreover, the unique material serves as a shock absorber, offering a smooth ride.

And thanks to the distinctive construction, this saddle is lightweight, ensuring minimal strain on your four-legged friend as well as your ease while using.

Another cool point is that it is available in different colors to choose such as black, pink, brown, etc. Moreover, it comes with a cheap price tag no matter what size you are going to pick.

However, remember to choose a size that is larger than the desired one because I found some reports that the size is quite small for the horses.


  • This Western saddle is durable and shock-absorbing
  • It has padded stirrups for ease of joint
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • It includes quick-change accessories
  • Cleaning is simple with a stiff brush and water
  • The price is cheaper than other products on the list


  • Some prefer a padded seat, not a suede one
  • The size is a bit small in fact

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Western Saddle

If you are still puzzled about which Western saddle you should opt for, please consult this buying guide so that you understand this unit thoroughly before making a purchase.

1. Materials

First and foremost, make sure that the Western saddle is made of top-quality leather to give a flexible and smooth feeling to every rider. Meanwhile, saddles with poor quality ones make you feel like riding on cardboard.

Although this high-quality material costs more, you get years of trouble-free service for sure.

Recently, some saddles are made of synthetic fibers for low-maintenance quality. Moreover, they are easy to use and affordable, which is ideal for newbies.

2. Fit

This is the next crucial factor that strongly impacts your relationship with your four-legged friend, his health, as well as your riding performance.

First of all, you need to determine the ideal size (measured in inches) by checking the dimensions and anatomy of both you and your horse.

measure western saddle

Also, don’t forget to examine the positions and shape of his shoulders and back so that the product can fit well, giving optimum ease of movement.

The best thing is that the saddle suits your horse comfortably, yet not putting any strain on his pressure points.

If you pick the one that is too tight, it will restrict his movement and hurt him seriously. Meanwhile, a saddle that is too loose could give unexpected dangers.

How about the fit for yourself?

The ideal way is that you sit on the product to know how it suits you. Or simply check your weight and height.

If you are a young rider, a size of 12 or 13 inches will be suitable. For little adult riders, they will be enjoyable with a 15-inch while a 16-inch will fit the average adult.

3. Stitching

Aside from the two important factors above, you need to check the stitching. Make sure that it is top-quality and durable since it holds the saddle together.

If it is made of poor-quality yarn, it might break easily.

So, it’s best to look at whether the saddle comes with good-quality stitching work. Or in case it becomes frayed after some time, you need to seek an expert to restitch your saddle.

FAQs about Best Western Saddle

#1 – What is the difference between a barrel saddle and a Western saddle?

A barrel saddle is just one of the different types of Western saddles.

And what makes it different than the others is that it has a deeper seat with a high cantle and wide swells so that you won’t fall off when going around barrels.

This type is generally lightweight and small, offering maximum maneuverability and securing you in the seat at the same time.

#2 – How do you know what size Western saddle you need?

There is a general rule for the size of the Western saddle that you should follow.

  • 12-13 inches for youth
  • 14 inches for small adults
  • 15 inches for average adults
  • 16 inches for large adults
  • 17 inches for extra-large adults
  • 18-20 inches for tall or very large people

If you suit somewhere between sizes, you might recognize that you can ride at ease in a saddle that is a bit large for your body.

For instance, if you are a little bigger than average, it is best to look for a 16-inch saddle rather than a 15-inch one.

#3 – How much does a Western saddle cost?

The average price of Western saddles can vary anywhere from under $200 up to $600. And each comes with a variety of features that can fit each different demand.

As long as you determine how much you can pay, I firmly believe you can get the good one from my collection above.

Your Final Choice Will Be…

Since all depend on you, I just hope you choose a good product from my suggestion of the five best Western saddles above.

In case you are still confused, I highly recommend the Acerugs Beautiful Western Saddle.

It is ideal for all levels of riders from novices to pros because of its great fit, comfort, and durability. Aside from offering a variety of colors and sizes, its price is worth your purchase.

So, if you agree with me, hit the ORDER button to bring it back home and then experience it. Or reread the list to pick the one you want most.

Once again, thank you for reading, and don’t mind leaving your comment or any question for further information about this topic. I love getting feedback from you.

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