Top 5 Best Western Saddle Pad Reviews In 2023

Are you searching for the best Western saddle pads? Both professional and novice horse riders know the importance of using a saddle pad. It can protect your horse’s back from scratching and friction when a saddle is rubbing on the horse’s back and hair. Moreover, a saddle can correct the fitting problems in many hard-to-fit horses. It also provides extra cushioning and absorbs the horse’s sweat to keep the saddle clean.


A Western saddle pad is an essential item in a rider’s horse stack. But sadly, not all of us know how to pick the right saddle pad. To save you time on researching, I already have a list of the top 5 best Western saddle pads. So look no further; scroll down for my recommendation!

Top 5 Best Western Saddle Pad Comparison Table 2023

Top-rated 5 Western Saddle Pads – Our Review

#1:  Best Non-slip Western Saddle Pad – Best Friend Brand

Best Friend Western Style Bareback Saddle Pad

Top of my list is the Best Friend saddle pad with its high versatility. You can use this pad alone as a bareback pad or put the saddle on the top, and it will give you extra cushioning for the best fit. This simple-designed saddle pad with a modest weight of only 3.4 pounds ranks itself as one of the most valuable saddle pads in its price range.

It offers you up to seven colors to choose from black, brown, hunter green, navy, leopard print blue, red, and tan/brown. Hence, you can select a saddle pad that matches your gear’s tone.

In terms of material, the Best Friend saddle pad top is constructed from synthetic suede that can keep the saddle in the right position. Meanwhile, this best non-slip Western saddle pad features a matted underside with breathable material that allows airflow for better ventilation.

#2: Southwestern Equine OrthoRide Saddle Pad -Best Western Saddle Pad for Quality

Southwestern Equine OrthoRide Correction Saddle Pad

Next on my list is a two-toned contoured pad, the Southwestern OrthoRide pad, with USA quality. It is specifically designed to address the problems of too-large saddles, tilt-forward saddles, and high-withered and narrow-withered horses.

The OrthoRide pad features the Poron XRD, which is currently used in professional padding. Moreover, it has memory foam that fills in gaps and provides your saddle with the perfect fit. In addition, the combination of two advanced shock absorption technologies makes this saddle pad one of the most noticeable options in the market.

When it comes to material, the OrthoRide saddle pad is made from orthopedic material to solve the fitting problem. Moreover, natural leather can provide your horse with the best comfort and can withstand extended use.

#3: Back on Track Therapeutic – Best for Trail Riding

Back on Track Therapeutic Horse Western Pad

If you are looking for a saddle pad that can bring your horse the best comfort, the Back on Track therapeutic saddle pad is a worth-considering option.

With a special design that molds the horse’s body, the Back on Track saddle pad is the best product for trail riding, which is ideal to use under the saddle to relax the horse’s muscles and keep the horse warm under harsh conditions weather.

The Back on Track saddle pad features a unique heating system that makes it the best choice for horses with cold and sore backs. It will reflect the horse’s natural body heat and create a far infrared thermal heat.  Moreover, the warmth will enhance blood flow. It also soothes back pain and reduces muscle tension effectively.

So, if your horse is suffering from back pains, you should choose the Back on track saddle pad as it is the best for sore backs.

#4: Classic Equine BioFit – Best Western Saddle Pad for High Wither Horses

Classic Equine BioFit Correction Saddle Pad

The Classic Equine BioFit saddle pad makes its way to my list thanks to the great support that it offers. It is best suitable for hard-to-fit horses such as high-withered horses, young horses with under-developed muscles, or old horses with a diminishing topline.

The BioFit saddle pad ranks itself as the best product for high-withers horses with strategic wedge placement that will fill in the void area to prevent the front of the saddle from collapsing. Thus, it will keep the saddle in the right position and reduce the stress of friction on your horse’s back.

The Classic Equine saddle pad features a contoured design that fits tightly with the horse’s back. As a result, it will give your horse the best comfort and maximum support. Moreover, the shock-absorbing wool works great in cushioning and distributes the weight evenly across the horse’s back.

#5: Weaver Leather 35-9307-H37 – Best Western Saddle Pad for Mutton Withered Horse

Weaver Leather 35-9307-H37 Contoured Saddle Pad

The last option on my list is for those who are in love with classical patterns and colors. The Weaver Leather 35-9307-H37 saddle pad comes in seven different colors and patterns that you can choose from black, blue, blue/brown, coffee, red, red/turquoise, and teal/green.

Made from premium raw material, this saddle pad has precise stitching, and spot-on placement of inserts made 100% by hand. Thus, it can offer you exceptional performance and can withstand years of use.

In terms of material, the Weaver Leather saddle pad features herculean fabric on the top surface, which does cleaning and drying the saddle pad effortless. Meanwhile, the underside of the saddle pad is made of merino wool fleece that offers extra cushioning and wicks moisture effectively.

With extra cushion at the wither part, the Weaver Leather 35-9307-h37 can be considered the pad for mutton withered.

Western Saddle Pad Buying Guide

As a horse rider and a horse lover, I know you might not satisfy my recommendation list. So, here is the bonus of how to pick the best Western saddle pad. Scroll down for some useful tips in this part.


As the primary purpose of a saddle pad is to correct the fitting problem, you should pay attention to how thick the saddle pad is. The thickness of the saddle pad will affect how your saddle sits on your horse’s back on the ride.

A thick pad might allow the Western saddle to move during the ride since it doesn’t rest on any point of the horse’s wither. Meanwhile, a thin pad might cause the same problem because it does not fill the void in the horse’s back. Both cases will lower the saddle’s balance and put more pressure on the horse’s back.


The second purpose of a saddle pad is to provide your horse with the support it needs. Thus, shock absorption is an important feature that you should look for in a good saddle pad.

Moreover, as the saddle pad’s underside will contact the horse’s skin directly, you should choose a soft-enough material. For example, wool or cotton undersize might be a great choice for horses with sensitive skin. Besides, you should be aware of horses with an allergic reaction to some particular materials.


As you might know, saddle pads will absorb the horse’s sweat during the trial. Thus, a saddle pad must wick moisture effectively. Not only should it have the capability of rapidly moving the moisture to the outer surface, but it should also dry quickly.

I have some good suggestions, such as fleece and felt that are highly breathable and wick moisture efficiently.

FAQs to Best Western saddle pad

1. What is the best way to clean western saddle pads?

You can clean a saddle pad by following the below instruction:

  • First, curry the bottom of the pad with a rubber curry comb to remove dirt, dry sweat, and hair.
  • Use a vacuum to remove residual dirt. Remember to flatten the pad on a wide surface to avoid damaging the pad’s edges.
  • Use a garden hose to spray dirt from the middle of the pad and push them toward the edges.
  • Hang the pad on a saddle rack or blanket rack. Let them dry naturally under the sun.

2. How long does a saddle pad last?

The lifespan of a saddle pad depends on how frequently you use it and how you take care of it. For example, diligent cleaning might make a saddle pad last up to eight years of use.

However, using a saddle pad for an adequately long time might break the wool fibers and thin the bar areas. So, consider purchasing a new one when the problem happens.

3. Can you put a saddle pad in the washer?

Putting a saddle pad in the washer is not recommended as it might damage the pad’s edges. However, if you don’t have time to clean the pad, you can brush off the dirt on the surface and wash them in the washer with a gentle cycle and cold water.


Here comes the end of my article today. I hope that you found the best western saddle pad that you are looking for. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me for more advice. Enjoy your ride!

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