Top 5 Best Standing Wraps For Horses 2023: Winter Is Comming

If you’re looking for the best standing wraps for horses, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why standing wraps are important, how to choose the right ones for your horse, and recommend some of our favorite products. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or just getting started, this blog post will give you all the information you need to keep your horse healthy and comfortable.

Best Standing Wraps For Horses Reviews & Buying Guide

My horses could run into all sorts of issues with their legs and it would grow so much worse without decent standing wraps.

That’s the reason why I have decided to write this article today. To give you the most comprehensive review on the best standing wraps for horses, I have used and found them to be of decent quality.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Top 5 Best Standing Wraps For Horses 2023

5 Best Horse Standing Wraps Reviews

#1 Back on Track Quick Horse Leg Wraps Pair

Back on Track Quick Horse Leg Wraps Pair

The materials used to produce the Back on Track 2031-16 are a mixture between cotton, polyester, and Welltex fabric. None of these terms make sense to you. Perhaps this story would help.

I had an old mare that injured his flexor tendon, and it did not like the old standing wraps I used on it. It was struggling quite violently to the extent that I needed to sedate it to change the wrap.

So, I switched to the back-track-therapeutic wraps, and the old fella immediately turned back to the lovey-dovey horse I once knew. It was quite apparent that the new standing wraps were more comfortable for him.

In addition to that, I realized that the unique blend of the fabric was also producing gentle heat. It helped with the swelling a lot and alleviated a lot of discomfort around the injured areas. On top of that, it does so without the use of liniment or poultice was a huge plus. The old fella is quite sensitive and is not really fond of it at all.

Another thing I also realized was that the wraps did not have many issues with wind puffs. This is commonly seen with quite a few standard standing wraps for horses, but not for Back-on-Track’s wraps.

Read my full Back on Track Wraps review at here!

#2 Classic Equine Standing Wrap Bandages

Classic Equine Standing Wrap Bandages

Alright, I have the first recommended Best Standing Wraps For Horses product as being supportive for injury-related issues since it is comfortable and not irritating to the horses. How about fellas who aren’t injured? Equine is a great choice of standing wraps for my clumsy horses.

Before getting into my opinion on the wraps, let’s quickly go through some basic information about the Equine standing wraps (in case there are folks who want to know).

So, the Equine wraps are about 5.5 inches wide and 12 roughly 12 inches in length. They are equipped with hook-and-loop fasteners. That means that the Equine standing wraps are quite decent for horses that have long legs because there is more coverage. It is also easier to change the wraps with the Equine standing wraps.

However, what I love about the Equine wraps the most would be their stretchiness. At first, it felt a tart too stretchy than I would prefer it to be, but it wasn’t long until I realized the benefits it brings.

The extra durability it has ensures that it wouldn’t come off easy if they were not wrapped properly to the horse’s legs. Even if you have a rather “lively” horse that struggles a lot, the wraps will not rip apart that easily.

#3 Weaver Leather Polo Leg Wraps, 4-Pack

Weaver Leather Polo Leg Wraps

These wraps are arguably one of the best polo wraps I have ever seen at this price tag. The quality is superb. I have a stallion with a pushed-forward rear pastern bone in my stable. The vet has instructed me to keep it wrapped with quality wraps and hope it would go back in place.

I bought the polo wraps as per the vet’s instructions, and they were perfect. The Weaver 35-4205-S1 wraps are made of a nice, thick felt-type material, which is great for my furry friend. Due to the pastern bone, he constantly has the urge to knick his back splint area and his hooves. And the Weaver seems to alleviate or at least somewhat lessen it.

Other than that, the other specs of the Weaver are pretty standard. They are 4.5 inches wide, and 9 inches long, and have a soft touch while being slightly stretchy. The materials used for the Weaver 35-4205-S1 seem to be fleece fabric, which explains said properties.

The wraps are also quite breathable, warm, and insulating. That’s a huge plus, especially since it is currently quite chilly here at the moment. My stallions love the extra warmth provided by the Weaver wraps.

#4 Intrepid International Standing Bandages

Intrepid International Standing Bandages

The 241773 standing wraps are designed to optimize on comfort and accelerate pass healing for my horses. And they do deliver what they say they will. The wraps are made out of athletic fabric which is also used for sportswear for humans.

While I think it might not be as stretchy as the other wraps listed in this review, it does promote passive healing better. After giving it a go on one of my horses, it seemed that it was efficient in reducing inflammation and improving circulation.

My horse woke up the next day with a fresher look and a better-looking leg, which had quite an inflammation yesterday. The trick to this healing promotion seems to lie in the embedded fiber in Intrepid International 241773.

The embedded fiber is triggered when it comes to body heat, which releases negative ions. As a result, blood circulation is better with mechanically improved blood flow. The Intrepid International wraps, with their unique design, also automatically provide a rhythmical massage that stimulates the circulation of lymph fluid around the body. It’s one of the Best Standing Wraps For Horses of your choice.

#5 Tough 1 Quilted Leg Wraps

Tough 1 Quilted Leg Wraps

If you are particularly looking for quilted wraps, then you should consider going for the Tough quilted wraps.

The fabric material is highly absorbent, comfortable, and can be washed with ease. The blend of cotton ensures that it is flexible and able to wrap well around the legs. It is an economical choice since you can save a great deal on bandages by using these for leg injury wrap and washing them for reuse.

The only downside would be that it might not fit the front legs of a tall mare. But with a bit of know-how, you can overcome this trade-off quite easily.

How To Choose The Best Standing Wraps For Horses?

Choosing the best standing wraps for your mare is actually quite important for your mare. Their legs are their most precious asset and quite essentially their lives. Unfortunately, they will run into a lot of issues with their limbs sooner or later.

That’s why below are some critical factors you should consider while trying to choose the best wraps for them.


These include all sorts of blood-circulating-promoting agents such as liniment, sweat lotion, etc.

You have no idea how much my furry friends appreciate these things. While they do indeed require a bit of knowledge on the handling methods, the horses would receive so many benefits if the rubefacients are of quality and wrapped properly.

However, remember that even the best lotion or whatever rubefacients could still cause skin irritation in some horses. So, as the owner, you know your horses best, but if you don’t yet, consult a vet to get your furry little friends checked out medically and professionally just in case.


Padding is the cushion wrap that provides cushioning support to their limbs. A wrap with decent padding would not only protect the legs from external impacts, it can also keep the outside standing wraps from coming into contact with the applied medication.

Tensile strength

You might have to consider how stretchy you would like the standing wraps to be. If it is too thin, you risk it ripping apart from various scenarios.

On the contrary, if it is too stretchy, wrapping it too tightly would limit blood circulation due to constricting the limbs. The tendons in their limbs are surprisingly more fragile than you might think. You may want to consider it carefully or risk causing serious harm to their limbs.

FAQs about Best Standing Wraps For Horses

Q1: What is standing wraps for horses?

Standing wraps for horses are cushions that support their legs when they are standing.

Q2: How do size standing wraps for horses?

Tape-measure from the knee to the fetlock. Back legs are always longer than the front, I remember to do individual measurements for all limbs.

Q3: How to put standing wraps on your horse?

Standard standing wraps are a bit more tricky to apply, but for no-bow wraps, simply wrap around the limbs like bandages.

Q4: What is the difference between polo wraps and standing wraps?

There is quite a bit of nuance but the general idea is that standing wraps are for horses not being ridden, while polo wraps are for the opposite.

Bottom Line

Alright, folks. That should be enough to wrap up my review on the best standing wraps for horses.

The Back-on-Track standing wraps are arguably the best since they have almost everything horses need for standing support i.e. appropriate stretchiness, comfortable fabric, etc.

But you might have a different circumstance and require different wraps, so you should be the judge of which one is the best.


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