[Reviews] Top 5 Best Saddle For High Withered Horses 2023

Many horse owners might find it hard to pick the right saddle for their high-withered horses. So, as a horse professional, my article today will help you deal with this problem. We will go through my recommendation list at first. And then I will give you some tips to choose the best saddle for high withered horses.

best saddle for high-withered horse

So, let’s get the ball rolling now!

Top 5 Best Saddle For High Withered Horses 2023

Before we head to my recommendation list, I will introduce to you briefly my top 5 worth-buying saddles. And here is a comparison table for you.

Wintec 2000 HART All-Purpose Saddle Acerugs RANCHING Pleasure Saddle  Cashel Soft G2 Saddle Henri de Rivel Memor-X Saddle OHL Co DEEP SEAT Saddle
Material Synthetic Leather Cowhide Leather Suede material Imported Leather Leather
Weight 13.2 lbs 35 lbs 8.6 lbs 17 lbs 25 lbs
Price $$ $ $ $ $
Highlight feature EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution A rough-out seat and fenders Extreme balance and comfort Various size for different horses Beautiful design

Top-rated 5 Saddles For High-withered Horse Reviews

Apart from the top three products that I have mentioned above, I will introduce to you two more options. And here is my comprehensive review of the five products. I hope it can help you make your decision.

#1: Wintec 2000 HART – Best English Saddle for High-withered horses

Top of my Best Saddle For High Withered Horses list today is the Wintec 2000 HART saddle, which is the great combination of traditional quintessence and advanced technology.

The Wintec 2000 is designed specifically for your high-withered horse to provide you the stability on the ride. It gives you and your horse the close contact that allows you to have more control in every turn.

With the soft panels that mold around the horse’s muscle, the Wintec 200 will provide your horse with the best comfort. The CAIR Protective Cushion System also distributes the rider’s weight evenly across the horse’s back. Hence, it will reduce the strain and back pain for your horse.

The most notable feature of the Wintec 2000 is the precise fit with EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution. You can select the optimal gullet width to fits your horse’s shape nicely. The measurable and symmetrical adjustments allow you to optimize the saddle panel for perfect balance and clearance.

#2: Acerugs RANCHING – Best Western Saddle for high-withered horses

The AceRugs Ranching saddle makes its way to my list thanks to the great value and reasonable price it offers. It is quite hard for you to find a Western saddle for high-withered horses with the same quality but at a lower price.

The Ranching saddle is a hand-made product with thoughtful and detailed craftsmanship. Only when you have the saddle in your hand, you can see that the manufacturer pays a great deal of attention and puts a lot of care in every detail of the saddle.

This saddle is suitable for continuous hours on the horse’s back with a rough-out jockey seat and fenders for extra support while trail riding. Also, it features a thick rough-out leather of premium quality and an A-fork wade tree that can offer you the best stability.

Moreover, the AceRugs Ranching saddle comes with a set of accessories. It includes a free-matching headstall, breast collar, and reins. Thus, you will get a set of matching horse tack with traditional hand-carved floral patterns.

#3: Cashel Soft G2 – Best Dressage Saddle for high-withered horse

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If you are looking for an extra-soft dressage saddle for your high-withered horse, the Cashel Soft G2 saddle is a worth-considering choice. With quality construction and sleek design, it is suitable for trail and daily exercising.

The thing I love the most in this saddle is the well-balanced design that provides both you and your horse with the most comfort. With the compact size and the modest weight of only 8.6 lbs, it is one of the most flexible and convenient horse saddles in the market.

In terms of material, the top part of Cashel Soft saddle is constructed of water-repellant suede material. Besides, the fleece bottom and padded foam disperse the weight evenly across the horse’s back to prevent back pain.

Lastly, it comes with three different sizes from medium, large to extra large for a custom fit with all types of horses and riders. Its one of Best Saddle For High Withered Horses you looking for.

#4: Henri de Rivel Memor-X – Best Jumping Saddle for high-withered horse

The Henri de Rivel Memor-X saddle is a close contact saddle, which is also known as a jumping saddle. It is great for any discipline with several trees and seat sizes to accommodate different types of horses and riders.

The Memor-X is designed with the user’s comfort. It will provide you with a deep seat and knee blocks that can significantly improve performance while you are on a saddle.

When it comes to the user’s experience, this saddle can satisfy any rider with high-density foam panels and padded forward flaps for better movement and stability on the horse’s back.

This saddle is made from high-quality leather that can withstand moisture and any weather condition. Moreover, it has reinforced billet straps to enhance the longevity of the saddle. Besides, signature stitching gives this jumping saddle a simple but aesthetic look.

#5:  OHL Co DEEP SEAT – Best Barrel Saddle for high-withered horse

Last on my Best Saddle For High Withered Horses list is the Orlov Hill Leather Co. Deep Seat saddle with the premium quality plus the beautiful outlook and a reasonable price.

It is made from 100% leather with carefully-handcrafted floral patterns that give the barrel the back-in-time classical beauty. I would love to have this barrel racing saddle on competition as it can draw a lot of attention and compliments.

Although it might look a little bit bulky, it only weighs about 25 lbs. The main point here is the wood and fiberglass tree, which is extremely light weight. However, it still can provide the saddle with the sturdiness and long lifespan.

The OHL saddle features a suede seat to prevent you from slipping off the saddle on the race. It also comes with a 3”-longhorn for better control in sharp turns. You also get a headstall and a breast collar for free to match with this beautiful saddle.

Best Saddle For High Withered Horses Buying Guide

Now, we come to the second part of this article, my comprehensive buying guide for the best saddle. With several years of experience in horse racing and riding, I have listed some important notes that you should take into account when considering the best saddle for high-withered horses.

Saddle styles

As you might know, there are several types of saddles: general-purpose saddle or commonly called English saddle, dressage saddle, jumping saddle, Western saddle, etc. So, you should decide which type of saddle you want to buy first.

If you are a beginner and intermediate horse rider who enjoys several types of riding, an English saddle might be an excellent choice. For competitive advanced riders, a dressage saddle is a wonderful option for flat-word competitions.

While jumping saddles enhance the performance of jumping over fences, Western-style saddles are for cowboys who spend continuous hours on the horse’s back.

Saddle fit

The fitting problem is the most important factor when choosing a saddle. A right-sized saddle can provide both you and your horse with the best comfort. And you might less experience saddle moving on the horseback.

measure english saddle

However, finding a saddle that fits your horse well sometimes might be a complex problem. As horse size varies, looking for a well-fitted saddle requires a lot of time and effort.

But saddle pads can help you with the fitting problems. A saddle pad can visibly improve fitness, especially in young horses with underdeveloped shoulder muscles.

High-quality Material

Last but not least, you should pay attention to the material of saddles. Generally, fleece and cotton are used to make saddles thanks to their incredible wicking abilities. Of course, the difference in the material will lead to different price ranges.

Cotton and synthetic material offer you a reasonable price and easy maintenance. Meanwhile, sheepskin or wool material is significantly more expensive, but greater moisture absorption.

FAQs to Best Saddle For High Withered Horses

1. What does a high-withered horse look like?

As you can see in the picture below, a high-withered horse has a longer wither, which angles backward and creates a steep ridge toward the horse’s back. Besides, a high-withered horse has a narrower back than a flat-withered one.

high-withered horse

2. How do you saddle a horse with high withers?

First, the saddle should sit at 2-3 inches from your horse’s wither. If it sits too high, it might be a little narrow on your horse’s back. On the other hand, the saddle tree might be too broad if it rides down the average point.

It is recommended to use a saddle pad for your high-withered horse. It can improve fitness as well as offer more comfort and reduce the pressure on your horse’s wither.

3. Are treeless saddles good for high-withered horses?

In fact, treeless saddles are bad for horses with long and high withers, especially sensitive spines. They might cause pain and discomfort for your horses. And they are either not the solution for hard-to-fit high-withered horses.


If you are looking for the Best Saddle For High Withered Horses, the Wintec 2000 HART is an excellent choice. It boasts a wide range of benefits such as moisture-wicking and sporty design that can meet all your needs of a saddle. Moreover, it includes advanced shock absorption technologies that can protect your horse’s back from pain and strain.

All in all, the Wintec 2000 HART is a wise option for both professional and novice horse riders.

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