Top 5 Best Reining Saddles 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Reining Saddles Tips & Reviews

If you are a horse lover and especially love riding horses, then reining is not unfamiliar. Reining is a kind of horse sport that requires a great connection between competitors and horses to create an impressive performance. Thus, in order to perform reining, reining saddles are specifically designed to facilitate effective communication.

Best Reining Saddle Reviews & Buyer Guide

But, which reining saddle should you buy? My 5 best reining saddles today will give you a certain answer. Get ready for more useful information ahead!

Top 5 Best Reining Saddles on the Market 2023

In-depth Top-rated 5 Reining Saddles Reviews.

#1 AceRugs All Purpose Horse Saddle B00ZYTMLQS

AceRugs 15 16 17 18 Brown All Purpose English Leather Horse Saddle Set Bridle REINS Leather Irons Girth

The first saddle I would like to introduce to you is the AceRugs All Purpose Horse Saddle B00ZYTMLQS. The saddle belongs to the brand AceRugs, a company with high-quality products.

Made of 100% premium leather, this saddle gives horse riders peace of mind and ultimate cushioning when sitting on the back of the horse for long hours.

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Besides, it comes in 4 sizes, from 15 inches to 18 inches. This brings buyers a wide range of choices to accommodate any horse’s back, making your horse much more comfortable when performing.

Along with that, when it comes to security and balance, the seat is deep padded and the knee rolls are concealed, offering greater support for both riders and horses and making it perfect for equitation.

Above all, the package also provides a free tack set, including the reins, bridle, girth, stirrup irons, and stirrup leathers.

The only drawback is that this saddle is complained to be a little smaller than the real size. Hence, please make sure that you pick the right size for your horse.

All in all, what a great offer! What are you still waiting for? Add it to your list and make an order right now!

#2 Colorado Saddlery Saddle 100-5333

Colorado Saddlery The Bear Valley Trail Master Saddle

At first glance, this Colorado Saddlery Saddle 100-5333 has a really flawless and precise look. This is due to the oiled golden chestnut finish which is done completely by hand.

What is more, it is crafted with the finest leather obtained from the highest-quality areas. Such material brings an even more sleek coat for your horse.

In addition, the total weight of the saddle is only 25 lbs, giving your horse peace of mind when putting the saddle on. Combined with that, the manufacturer does provide the Rounded Skirting Works for horses that have short backs. That sounds great, right?

Not only does the saddle benefit the horse, but it also brings comfort to riders. It features Nevada Twist stirrups to help relieve stress on the knee, making riders comfortable for all-day riding.

Most interestingly, since December 1st, 2019, the brand has given a warranty of up to 15 years for any saddle bought then.

However, the saddle does not fit a petite A-frame back horse as well as a barrel-shaped one.

#3 Orlov Hill Leather Western Saddle B07K5YC2V6

Orlov Hill Leather Co 15 16 17 Roper Ranch Roping Wade Type Trail Pleasure TACK Horse Western Saddle

As the name has said, the Orlov Hill Leather Western Saddle B07K5YC2V6 is a Western saddle. Normally, a Western saddle is used for horses working on ranches, but this one is worth recommending for reining. (Check more: 5 Best Western Saddles)

Thanks to its sturdiness, it is also used for practice. A reining rider has one show saddle and some practice ones. This is to keep the show saddle from scratches and nicks. However, this Western saddle does bring a good feeling when reining.

Crafted with 100% leather, the saddle can last for a longer time and keep its quality in time. Besides that, the underside is well-cushioned with fleece to offer maximum comfort for the horses.

Additionally, it is attached with shiny silver conchos, giving it a classic design. Also, basket weave tooling and numerous ties are applied for accessory attachments and personal items storage.

Nevertheless, the delivery may be somehow low-quality. Make sure that you have checked the saddle before confirming the shipment.

#4 Fabtron Saddle B00U4VN5RA

Fabtron Cordura Square Trail Saddle

FABTRON is a brand that offers quality products with competitive prices and good services. And this Fabtron Saddle B00U4VN5RA is no exception.

The overall weight of this saddle, including cinch, off-billet, and tie strap, is approximately 22 lbs. This means that the saddle is medium-weight, turning it into a perfect choice for reining starters.

What is more, it is made of leather from high-quality steer hide, which is known to be durable and can last for a long time.

Apart from that, the seat is rough out and extra padded, helping the riders feel comfortable during their performances.

The only thing you should take note of is that it is a little pricey compared to other saddles on this list.

Anyway, if you are looking for a saddle with comfort, durability, and performance, then here it is! This saddle is completely suitable for you!

#5 Mustang Saddle B00NVUWZ22

Mustang Soft Ride Saddle

And my last saddle today is the Mustang Saddle B00NVUWZ22 – the saddle that can absorb shock. To be more specific, the soft bareback pad is combined with a form-fitted seat to reduce the shock and offer extra comfort and support.

Furthermore, the saddle is properly functioning with the synthetic material, making it firmer for optimum balance. Thus, it is considered for beginners or learners who first come to reining.

Along with that, the stirrups are balanced and mounted beneath the body, which can help riders stay stable on the horseback in a long time. Besides, the manufacturer has included closed-cell foam to make it more comfortable for both horses and riders.

This saddle comes in two sizes, 14 and 16 inches, so you can choose to suit any horse breed.

The most interesting thing is it’s super lightweight. It weighs only around 6 lbs on a total scale. It is easy to clean, too.

One minor disadvantage is the difficulty in adjusting the stirrups while mounting.

How to Pick the Best Reining Saddle?

Reining means the riders controlling every movement of their horses and communicating with their horses effectively. A reining saddle is what you need. Here are some factors you should take into consideration before making an order:

The Seat

An ideal reining saddle should facilitate you to sit at the stop, which means the seat should lie close to the horseback. If the seat lies far above the back, it may be too high and you may not be able to ride in balance.

Besides, the seat should be comfortable for both riders and horses.

For riders, the seat should allow a little space to slide forward and backward. If it is too small, you can get the risk of bumping against the pommel; otherwise, you will not be able to maintain the position.

For horses, a large seat can create unneeded pressure and you can meet difficulties in controlling your horse.

The Material

The two main materials that are used for horse saddles are leather and synthetic.

Leather saddles are durable and cushioned. However, you need to take care of it carefully.

Meanwhile, synthetic saddles are lightweight, colorful, and easy to clean. Nevertheless, they are not as durable as leather ones.

The Horn and Swells

For a reining saddle, the horn should be within 3 inches and the swells should be less than 7 inches. If they are too high, they may obstruct your ability to rein properly.

The Budget

The budget also plays an important part in making a decision.

But how much should I spend on reining saddles? As reining is a unique horse sport and requires exclusive connections, it is worth spending as much as possible.

A more expensive product normally brings better quality, lifespan, and performance.

How to Choose a Saddle for Reining or Cutting

FAQs about Reining Saddle

1. How Many Saddles should You Have for Reining?

Many riders keep one saddle for competitions and one for practice. This is to help protect the competition saddle from any nick or scratch.

However, you can use only one saddle for both practice and competition as long as you preserve it in good condition.

2. Should You Use Any Other Horse Saddle for Reining?

The answer is yes, but only in practice.

As said above, reining saddles are specifically designed for reining, so other horse saddles are often either too high or too low, making it difficult to control your horse.

3. Which is Better: Rough-out or Smooth Leather?

Each type of leather has its own strengths and weaknesses.

A rough-out leather saddle does not scratch and requires little maintenance and preservation. You can clear the dirt with no need for soaping.

In contrast, a smooth leather saddle needs soaping to get rid of dirt and oil. Still, it can grip better while you are riding.


Of all the 5 saddles on the list, the AceRugs All Purpose Horse Saddle B00ZYTMLQS is the outstanding one.

It comes in 4 different sizes at reasonable prices. Besides, the saddle provides ultimate balance and security. It also includes a starter tack set.

So, if you are looking for a reasonably-priced saddle with high quality and durability, then this AceRugs is one of the best reining saddles you should not miss.


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