Top 5 Best Lasso Rope for Beginners 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Lasso Rope for Beginners – Tips & Reviews

Lasso roping is not a strange activity anymore as it has become more and more popular recently. But, you are a beginner, and you want to join the lasso roping? Definitely, you can.

But first, you need to “equip” yourself with some tips, guides, and the best lasso rope for beginners as well to get familiar with this sport.

You can find all you need here as I recommend the best 5 lasso ropes in the market. Let’s check it out now!


Top 5 Best Lasso Rope For Beginners In 2023

#1:AJ Tack Junior Steer Head Dummy Set

Absolutely amazing lasso rope for kids’ beginning practice. What? Kids?

Yes, I really mean that because AJ Tack’s product is friendly and safe for kids to learn lasso roping. AJ Tack has been a reputable manufacturer in this industry since 2002, and you can feel assured of it.

The rope is made of poly-nylon, which is soft, smooth, and easy to handle. There are many colors for your options, too. The lasso is hand waxed, and there is also a leather burner at the end, which is very convenient.

When purchasing this lasso rope set, you will get a dummy steer head, and the practice will never be easier. So let’s get started with your children now!

#2: Mustang AX-AY-ABHI-13466

Mustang Headin Ranch Rope

This is an excellent choice for beginners, thanks to its simple and safe design.

You can see its length – 30 feet – which is longer than the lasso rope for children, so it’s suitable for adults. It’s good when working with cattle or animals. The lasso is also made of nylon for the best experience, the best lasso rope for beginners

There is a medium lay and especially a quick-release honda for new feelings. However, you may find it a bit stiff and thick at the beginning. It will be smoother when you practice a couple of times.

#3: Jump It L’il Lariats – Best Lasso Rope For Practicing Skills & Movements

Just Jump It Lil Lariats

Just Jump It is also a famous brand that sells many kinds of lasso ropes, including a suitable rope for beginners. And here it is, L’il Lariats – the best lasso rope for practicing skills and movements.

L’il Lariats are also made of polypropylene blend rope with 20 feet for safe, smooth, and functional uses.

Indeed, the product is pre-tied and comes with proper stiffness so that users have the right feeling to start roping. This rope also meets the requirements for kids to develop skills, agility, and coordination.

The rope length and weight make it easy for even 6-year-old kids. Yes, you do not hear it wrong. Kids at that age can practice with this lariat and are still safe under the supervision of adults.

However, you shouldn’t use this lasso rope on live animals or people as it can cause injury or death. There is a warning that L’il Lariats are only used on inanimate objects.

#4: AJ Tack Wholesale Lasso Rope

AJ Tack Wholesale Kid Rodeo Lasso Lariat Rope with Burner Medium Lay 20ft

Seriously, you will not see such an affordable lasso rope with high quality like this AJ Tack Wholesale product. This is suitable for kids and teenagers or adults who are new to this activity. Its best lasso rope for beginners

The rope is just 20 feet long and made of twisted nylon for amazing durability. There is a leather burner at the end to prevent the rope from wearing out.

The medium waxed lay ensures a sturdy and proper handle, while the rope is lightweight and easy to use. However, the material is similar to plastic, which may not be eco-friendly.

#5: Colorado Saddlery 14-181

Colorado Saddlery The Junior Roping Kit

Last but not least is a set of lasso ropes for juniors with interesting parts included.

The set comes with a dummy steer head, a pair of small gloves, and a 25’ kid lariat. The dummy head is made of plastic, while the rope is designed. The gloves are here to protect the sensitive hands of children, which are the parts I love most.

Well, it’s just a simple lasso rope set but totally safe for your kids. You can get it for your children as a toy or a present.

How to Choose The Best Lasso Rope for Beginners?

So you know the best lasso rope for beginners, but how to make a wise choice is another problem you have to deal with. Don’t worry too much as I have some criteria for you to consider before buying one.


Classic rope, hemp, nylon, or combined ropes? Which are the most suitable for beginners?

Whereas classic rope is mostly for experienced ropers or older men who have been roping for a long time, beginners tend to get familiar with hemp or nylon ropes. The material is soft, and smooth in a modern style without being kinked. It is safe for kids and children, too.


Beginners are just new to this sport, so they need an easy tool to practice. Lightweight and durable ropes are preferred as they allow beginners to improve skills and techniques without much effort. The length of the ropes should be appropriate, which is not too short or long.


What will you use a lasso rope for? Answer this question, and you can determine which rope is suitable for you.

For trick roping, you should find a rope made of cotton or synthetic. For cattle roping, synthetic, hemp, or nylon ropes are recommended as it’s safe to use with animals. For beginners, go for a soft, smooth 15-foot rope.

How to Knot Lasso

FAQs about best lasso rope for beginners

1. What kind of rope do you use for a lasso?

Many years ago, people used horsehair and cowhide to make lasso ropes. They did have some advantages and disadvantages as well.

  • Horsehair rope: light, comfortable, and soft, but easy to get kinked and isn’t a long-lasting material.
  • Cowhide rope: heavy, thick, but easy to get broken once a strand is worn out

What about now?

People have started using alternative materials that are convenient, durable, and stylish as well. And there you go, hemp ropes, nylon ropes, and combined ropes.

So, what kinds of rope do you use for a lasso?

Well, I suggest that you go for nylon ropes as they are easier and safer to use. You can also buy it in normal roping stores without any difficulties.

2. What is a good beginner rope?

good beginner lasso rope

Based on my 10-year experience in lasso roping, here I tell you some tips to identify what a good beginner rope should be.

  • Smooth material without kinks

You don’t want to make a mess with your lasso rope, do you? Well, then choose the material carefully as your rope could quickly get kinked if it’s made of cheap material. A smooth surface will also make it easier to practice and doesn’t cause injury to your hands while holding or throwing.

  • Slightly heavy/thick but flexible and easy to learn with

Indeed, heavy lasso rope won’t be easy to wear out. In the meantime, it must be flexible and has the correct stiffness for true feelings. It must also ensure the ease of learning and practice as you are a newbie.

  • The material blend can be used in any condition of the weather

It’s not that you will learn lasso roping in the summer and then hang it on the wall when the winter comes.

A good beginner rope can stand any weather condition. Moreover, it should not be affected by the weather to have the best feelings to practice.

In this term, I recommend using nylon or poly lariats for the best performance and experience. All the above products are qualified to be good beginner ropes.

3. How do I choose a rope for roping?

Step 1: Consider your purpose.

You are beginners, and you are getting familiar with this sport. Choose the most suitable one for you based on the standards (or tips) in part 2 above. This will help you learn with ease and convenience.

Step 2: Consider your budget.

If you are concerned about the cost when learning something, then don’t ignore this step.

Consider money inside your pocket carefully before purchasing a lasso rope. In common, people buy an affordable but suitable lasso rope to learn at the beginning. Then, when they are used to it, they will get a new one that fits their needs.

Step 3: Consider the longevity of the rope.

The high price comes with high quality and durability. Well, in this case, you cannot expect a durable product to be cheap.

Before purchasing a lasso rope, consider all features above, and then, you will have your favorite one.

4. How do you lasso beginners?

A boy is practicing lasso with a dummy steer head

Step 1: Prepare

The better you prepare, the better you catch. First, make a perfect lasso with your rope.

Roll the rope into same-size rounds, then form a loop by threading the rope through the small ring at the end.

Step 2: Aim

One hand is holding the rope at the stomach level; the other is swinging the loop over your head. Now, aim at the target before throwing the lasso into it.

Step 3: Catch

Throw the lasso onto the horns of the target, then quickly reach out to tighten the rope and catch the object. And congratulations! You’ve caught a jungle pig! Practice more and more with the static target before you can hunt the live animals.

Wrapping up

If I have to choose the best lasso rope for beginners, I will go for AJ Tack Wholesale Lasso Rope. This is one of the most affordable lasso ropes, which is also made of high quality. It’s also suitable for both kids and teenagers thanks to the friendly and safe material.

Well, it’s a product of the most famous brand AJ Tack and I mean, who can deny such a lasso rope like this.

Those lasso ropes above are the most favorite picks in the market, and they all meet the standards of quality, material, and safety. So what are you waiting for? Let’s choose one for yourself and start practicing right now!


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