Top 5 Best Horses For Beginners: Ride With Confidence and Safety

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Top 5 Best Horse Breeds For Beginners

Although there is no perfect horse breed for beginners, you can still find some more suitable types than others because of their unique characteristics.

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Check them out:

1. American Quarter Horses


These favorite in  horses are the ideal choice for beginners. The main reason for choosing them is their docile temperament and firm body to create a great bond between the rider and the animal.

Even when you raise them on your farm, they are not easily frightened by stubborn calves or scattered flocks. So you feel safe riding without worrying much.

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2. Thoroughbred


The most important thing is training for each horse. Although Thoroughbreds are mostly bred into racehorses with power and high thinking, they also have the right points for someone who wants to own a very first horse.

They are gentle, stable, and muscular and look lovely. If you can train them well, they will be your most disciplined horse. It’s one of the Best Horses For Beginners for your choice

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3. Tennessee Walking Horse


The next best horse breeds for beginners is famous for being very docile and gentle. They are also very friendly and easy to “forgive people” when humans wrongly handle horses or accidentally abuse horses.

Therefore, they are perfect companions on your first journey with horses and riding but make sure to love them. They also serve in most equestrian sports like saddle seats, costumes, dance, and endurance.

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4. Shetland Pony


These ponies originating from the Shetland Islands are suitable for adults and children when practicing riding. They have a low height (about 46 inches), thick fur, and a sturdy body.

Thus, you or your child can be more secure when on the saddle. Also, the Shetland Pony is gentle, quite calm, and loyal to humans. Because of its limited size, you can check how suitable it is with your height.

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5. Percheron


Lastly, you can also choose this French horse breed for your first practice rides. Many people love them because they are very brilliant. Percheron horses also have excellent muscular structure, a docile and gentle nature. The trick is to choose a pure or cross-type that is lighter than the original one.

Things to consider when selecting the best horses for beginners

Do not buy untrained horses

Untrained horses are usually cheaper, but they are not safe for beginners. It would be best not to buy them to train yourself because it will be dangerous to do things wrong and take longer. Rather than focusing on horse breeds, it would be best to choose horses with experience, past the breaking horse stage, and a good temperament. And note that older horses of any breed tend to be easier to ride than young horses.

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No “love at first sight.”

If you love a horse the first time you meet, don’t buy it right away. Instead, you should try out the horse, try again, ask the seller or go home and think for a few days. After that, it would be best to consider other horses to compare and have the best option for you. Besides, it would be best to be alert when buying horses at the auction as they can be drugged to look calm and healthy.

Try the horses before you own them.

You can ask the seller whether you can try the horse for some days before paying. Horse owners also want to find their beloved animals the new good owner who can take care of them and handle them well. Some sellers may also help you find another horse if the horse you’re looking for doesn’t meet your need after the trial period.

Follow your demand and skill.

If you are new to horse riding or have experience only a few months, do not buy horses for high-performance competitions. Instead, you have to choose horses that meet your needs for safe riding practice, basic skill levels, and regular physical strength. In addition, it helps avoid danger to you when using. Note that you should also avoid buying ponies to grow up with your child, and you need to select a mature and well-trained horse.

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Ready to be a horse owner

If you love horses and want to buy them for care and riding, are you willing to spend time and money on them? Caring for and training horses have never been easy. It would be best if you took time to care for them, learn how to ride correctly, understand their habits, and consult experts, nutritionists, or doctors to make your horse indeed an ideal companion. So let’s make friends and love your new horses more.

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In short, what are the best horses for beginners?

Many horse breeds are available for people who prepare for riding for the first time. First, we mention the top 5 best horse breeds for you, including American Quarter Horses, Thoroughbred, Tennessee Walking Horse, Shetland Pony, and Percheron.

We selected the American Quarter Horses in our beginning riding times, delighted with their docile temperament and firm body. We also don’t worry about anything when bringing them to raise on our farm.

How about you? Let’s check all the top lists and our buying guide to find your best horse breeds for beginners owner. Remember to take your time to understand your new horses, try them and ask the seller any questions if necessary.

You can leave your comment here to ask us something about a horse or share your experiences with the new lovely horse.

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