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Best Horse Trailer Tires To Buy in 2023 – Tips, Reviews, and Guides

Tires are surely important for a vehicle to travel. Well, for a horse trailer, tires are even more important as your dear horses are being carried in.

Trailer tires come in various types which have different pros and cons. I have searched a lot to provide here the 5 best horse trailer tires for you to consider. What indicators you should notice when buying, how to maintain, and some common questions about horse trailer tires are also given.

Top 5 Best Horse Trailer Tires Reviews 2023

#1: Trailer King ST Radial Tire

TRAILER KING ST Radial Tire-ST205/75R15 D 107L

It is the top priority to take care of your passengers and cargo during the journey. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to trailer tires, and one of the best horse trailer tires you can get is the Trailer King ST Radial tire.

We have included this tire on the list because of its robust materials and construction. Even when you use the tire frequently, its good shape is still correctly maintained, which helps to improve safety on the road.

Besides, it is quite versatile as you can use it for many different trailers, such as stock, fifth wheels, or boats.

The shoulder design is another essential feature of this tire as it is beneficial to distribute heat. Furthermore, the design is helpful to prolong the lifespan of this tire, reducing the possibility of wear and tear.

An interesting fact about the Trailer King that other counterparts do not possess is its variety of sizes. Therefore, you can choose load ranges, like C or D.

What do we love most about this tire? The answer is its nylon overlay, which has a significant impact on the durability and strength when you have to take heavy loads on the trailer.

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  • Cope with various load ranges
  • Sturdy enough for different kinds of weather
  • Support consistent tracking
  • Have different sizes available
  • Dissipate heat thanks to the shoulder design


  • Some may find it hard to mount

#2: Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

The Carlisle is one of the best horse trailer tires that allows you to run on various terrain. Its primary materials are robust and tough enough to cope with extreme abuse, especially when you deliver or transport cargo with your trailer as well.

It is possible to use this trailer tire for different vehicles, from cargo trailers to boat ones. You can also make use of it for utility, specialty, or toy haulers. The capacity can go up to 2040 pounds.

Another significant characteristic is the tread pattern which has a positive impact on the tire’s durability and lifespan. The tire can last for a long time and serve you with the highest quality you expect

Overall, this tire is an excellent investment for all kinds of roads and weather situations, providing you the maximum safety and comfort during a long trip.

Check my in-depth review of Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire here!


  • Cope with wear and tear thanks to the unique tread design
  • Be great for both short and long-distance journeys
  • Deal with various road situations


  • Do not include wheel

#3: White Spoke Trailer Wheel with Bias Tire Mounted

White Spoke Trailer Wheel with Bias ST205/75D15 Tire Mounted

The first trailer tire we would like to mention is the White Spoke, which comes with reliable performance in any road condition. It means that even when the weather is snowing or extreme, it is an excellent tire for you to count on for a long journey.

With this benefit in mind, we have tested its traction and noticed that the manufacturer had improved it so much to work perfectly in both dry and wet conditions.

The white spoke wheel comes along with a bias tire, and it is suitable for many different purposes, such as agriculture, cargo, utility, or light marine.

It belongs to load range C, which means that its flexibility is excellent to help you use it for many purposes. In addition, its load capacity is super impressive, standing around 1760 for each tire. So, it is simple to load more with your trailer now.


  • Suitable for different applications
  • Work well in extreme weather conditions
  • Operate quietly
  • Improve convenience with pre-mounted ply tire
  • Run smoothly


  • High price

#4: Silver Mod Trailer Wheel with Radial Tire Mounted

Silver Mod Trailer Wheel with Radial ST205/75R15 Tire Mounted

Among the best horse trailer tires, we present to you the Silver Mod Trailer wheel, which seems to stand out among the crowd in terms of high quality. It works perfectly for many different applications.

Moreover, this tire possesses steel belts and double polyester cords that guarantee the strength and reliability of any kind of job you need. Therefore, whatever trailer you want, it manages to help tow quickly.

Durable steel is the primary material to produce this trailer with a modular design which helps to prevent any possible corrosion issues. As it is a radial trailer tire, you can rest assured to get a smooth ride on highways.

What can be wrong with this trailer tire? The price is quite high, compared to other products. However, as many high-quality tires on the list are usually costly, you can consider other factors to make your final decision.


  • Durable steel
  • Modular design to prevent corrosion issues
  • Support for strength


  • A little costly
  • Applied on trailers only

#5: Freestar M-108+ Radial Trailer Tire

Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire

Freestar has been one of the most reputable brands when it comes to reliable trailer tires. Customers usually compliment on their suitability for the longest distance journeys, which satisfies all needs.

Its durable and robust construction will guarantee the best safety for you, your passengers, and your cargo during both short and long trips. In other words, its heavy-duty construction makes sure that it is worth every of your penny.

Besides, the M108 is suitable for many kinds of demanding conditions, even the most uneven and roughest terrain. You can rely on the tire for years without hassles.

In terms of traction and handling ability, this Freestar trailer tire also got a lot of other advantages. It can operate smoothly on any kind of road. Its durable rubber compound is conducive to its lifespan and durability.


  • Durable construction
  • Great for both short and long journeys
  • Smooth operation regardless of road conditions
  • Running more mileage


  • A little costly

Types of Trailer Tires

As you can probably guess, after reading our reviews, trailer tires have several different types, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Typically, there are only two main types: radial and bias, and you can learn about their differences as below.

1. Radial

There are steel belts inside a radial trailer tire, which run at a 90-degree angle of its tread centerline. Therefore, it gives the tire favorable conditions to flex more and improve traction, stability, and contact.

Besides, a radial type usually stays cooler than its counterpart – a bias trailer tire. It is a perfect choice for people who typically use trailers or have long journeys.

The radial one is more suitable for high volume use and highways as it can be more durable and tow better. For these reasons, radial trailer tires often cost more money.


Different Radial and bias-ply trailer tires – Source:

2. Bias

The other popular type of trailer tire is the bias tire, which has piles running at 30-degree angles. Bias trailer tires are equipped with stiffer sidewalls so that they can be more helpful in several off-road situations, like farming.

Besides, the appearance of a stiffer sidewall also helps you carry heavier loads. However, their lifespan seems to be shorter. Typically, a bias usually lasts more or less than 12,000 miles, so if you are a heavy-use trailer owner, it might not be the best option.

The price of bias tires is also lower, which makes it suitable for people not to use the tire too frequently.

How to Choose The Best Horse Trailer Tires?

As a trailer tire has a significant effect on the safety of you and your passengers, it is an excellent idea to invest time, effort, and money in choosing the best one. What do you know about the selection of trailer tires?

We have a list of top priorities for you in this matter. Check the list to see how to choose a suitable horse trailer tire on the market loaded with countless options.


1. Load Range

You can find load range on the sidewall of any trailer tire, which tells you how much load your tire can haul. In the case of trailer tires, the load range is usually shown in B, C, D, or E.

Load range is one of the essential factors you need to consider when choosing trailer tires. Otherwise, unwanted accidents may happen during the journey and even put your life in danger.

To reduce the risk of quick degradation, the recommendation is to determine that each tire shows the correct weight and ratings. It is helpful in the long term and guarantees your safety on the roads.

2. Size and Weight

Other crucial things are weight and size as they have a direct influence on the ability to accommodate your loaded vehicle’s weight. While the weight capacity is already printed on the tire, the size can be determined by paying attention to the size of your tire and its rim.

3. Lifespan

The shelf life of a trailer tire is important for you to be concerned about too. Nobody wants to replace a product too often, which leads to not only a waste of money but also time.

Based on your specific purposes, you should choose the trailer tire, which suits you perfectly and lasts for an extended period. Sometimes it is better to accept a higher price, rather than a cheap one which demands you to replace so many times afterward.

4. Sidewall Strength

A fantastic trailer experience depends much on the ability of your trailer tire to handle maximum pressure. Folded tires because of pressure can ruin your journey.

As a result, you should pay more attention to the sidewall strength as well. It is another indicator of the quality of a trailer tire.

5. Speed Rating

Getting to know the speed rating is a way to make sure that you are investing in the right thing. In general, most tires on the current market go with a maximum rating of 104 mph. This factor can be influenced by inflation pressure.

It is possible to find some models which have higher figures than maximum pressure. In such circumstances, you can consult experts for more advice.

6. Inflation Pressure

Inflation pressure is another factor that affects the ability of your vehicle to carry loads. You can find it on the label, so make sure to check it carefully along with other numbers.

Besides, the temperature and altitude, along with other external factors, can affect your usage of a trailer tire.

How to Maintain The Tire?

When you use the tire regularly, you should check to see whether the tire tread is thinning or not. A thinning tire treat shows that it is time your tires need replacing. With horse trailer tires, it may be different; however, you still need to be worried about the risk of aging out.

So, how can you maintain your tire to last longer?

According to experts, you ought to keep your trailer indoors as much as possible. If you have to put it outdoors, you can get a trailer cover to prevent direct sunlight from damaging your tires.

The long-term storage may demand you to put the trailer up on blocks before removing the tires.

How to Change a Horse Trailer Tire

FAQs for Best Horse Trailer Tire

1. How long do horse trailer tires last?

Normally, the average life expectancy of a trailer tire is 5 years. Even if the horse trailer tire still has lots of treads left after 5 years, you should remember to replace it with a new one.

Besides, most tire manufacturers recommend changing your horse trailer tires every 4 or 5 years depending on usage.

2. What PSI should horse trailer tires be?

The horse trailer tires should be run at the recommended pressure. The maximum PSI of horse trailer tires is 80 PSI. And, remember to check your tires regularly whenever you can.

3. Are bigger tires better for trailers?

Well, if you have enough space for a bigger size, you can add bigger tires to a trailer. Typically, larger tires have a higher weight rating. Tires with higher weight ratings will not increase the capacity of load carrying for the trailer. So, the weight capacity of the axle will still be limited.

4. What is the highest load range for a trailer tire?

The Load Range G tire has the highest load range of 4,080 lbs at 110 psi when used with a single-tire application. If used with a dual-tire configuration, the loading capacity decreases to 3,640 lbs.

5. Should I inflate my trailer tires to max PSI?

When the trailer tire is cold, it should be inflated to the max PSI rating that is given on its sidewall. A trailer tire that has a higher weight load range will need higher pressure.

But, you should remember that, when a trailer tire is inflated to maximum PSI, it should not exceed 65 mph. If not, the heat which is built up in the tire will break down it.

6. How do I know if my trailer tires are bad?

The built-in tread on each tire is the indicator for you to know whenever your trailer tire is good for a replacement. When the tire tread is worn down to 2/32 of an inch, the tire should be replaced.


From our perspective, the Trailer King is the best horse trailer tire which gives you a lot of additional support no matter what kind of weather. It also facilitates consistent tracking, allowing you to enjoy the trip without challenges.

Do you share the same opinion as us? Comment your idea below.

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