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Thanks to the camera of a horse trailer, you can have a hold over your vehicle in any case. The best horse trailer camera system will guarantee that the animals confined in the trailer arrive at the destination safely and sound, and so do you. Besides, you will have a better view when transiting, reversing, or parking. As a result, transporting with a horse trailer will no longer seem to be that difficult a job.


Now, let’s check the Top-rated 5 Horse Trailer Camera Reviews below and grab the suitable one!

Top 5 Best Horse Trailer Camera Comparison Table 2023

Top 5 Best Horse Trailer Camera System Reviews

#1: Best Overall: Yakry FHD 1080P Digital Wireless 2 Backup Camera


You can apply this machine for 2 types of vehicles: those over 60ft and those under 60ft. But please bear in mind that with the former, it can only function well if the car is driven at low speed or it is being reversed. On the contrary, with the latter, this camera can be used in any driving mode.

The monitor of this model can perform the Split-screen feature, which means that you can observe 2 or 4 separate corners of your surroundings by dividing the screen into smaller parts of equal numbers. Besides, this Yarky FHD 1080P has 16 LED IR Night Vision and precise imaging for better vision at night, and this feature will be automatically activated when the sun goes down.

Moreover, the camera of Yarky features the IP69K Waterproof. Hence, you can have a safe trip with it under any weather conditions, knowing full well that it can still perform at its best even under heavy downpours. Furthermore, there are four modes of Image Flip for you to utilize. They are Facing Upside Down, Normal Facing, Mirror Upside Down, and Rear Mirror.

There is one backward of this camera is that the signal may get worse when the trailer is hitched up.

#2: Best Waterproof: Yuwei YW-17211

Wireless Backup Camera System Kit, IP69K Waterproof Wireless Rear View Camera

This camera can function well at high speed

The Best Horse Trailer Camera System from Yuwei is well-known for its extraordinary ability to resist water with the IP69 certification. According to a test carried out by Yuwei, this YW-17211 can still perform well after being soaked in 3 meters of water for 2 hours.

Furthermore, this camera is guaranteed free technical support for a lifetime and a 12-month replacement of the product on the off chance that you find any manufacturer deflect.

What’s more, the wireless signal of this camera is impressive. Even if you run your vehicle at 70 miles/h, the image will still remain clear and stable without any interference. Moreover, this Yuwei system is effortless to set up. Even when you are not good with hi-tech stuff, you can still finish installing this camera in less than an hour. Besides, you can have four observational channels with this system by adding up to 3 cameras on whichever side of the car if needed.

Despite all outstanding features, this model still has a disadvantage in that it sometimes can’t work well with the 30 ft travel trailer.

#3: Best System with 4 Cameras: eRapta ER0202

eRapta Backup Camera 2.0 with Monitor for RV Truck Trailer Box Tractor 5th Wheel Split Screen Back Up Reversing Parking Backing Rear

4 cameras will avoid any blind spot

The eRapta ER0202 comes with a reasonable price and four cameras for you to adjust the system to meet your own demand. Also, you can directly keep track of your horses inside the trailer thanks to the flexibility of mounting the cameras.

By utilizing all the cameras offered, you can have a clear picture of everything around your vehicle without a blind spot, so this system is an optimal choice for transportation of big sizes. Of course, the cameras will include four-channel displays. You can split the 7 inches LCD screen into 1, 2, or even 4 channels.

eRapta delivers to you a complete pack of accessories for installing this camera system, so you can put this system to work with ease. This model can withstand any weather condition so you can use it under harsh climates.

Yet, there is one downside of this product. It is not a wireless device, so you might have to clear out a part of your vehicle to make room for it and all the wires coming along. Not a very convenient choice, if you ask us.

Although this camera has many advanced features, it has a minor drawback is that the screen is quite hard to see under sunlight.

#4: Best Horse Trailer Camera System Under $200: SWIFT HITCH SH04

SWIFT HITCH SH04 Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Camera

The app makes this camera more comfortable to use

Swift has introduced to the public the best wireless horse trailer camera for under 200$. Apart from the suitable price for anyone, this camera system is famous for its remarkably stable connectivity.

Unlike other systems connected to the monitor screen through Wifi or wires, this Swift Hitch is a mobile hotspot itself. Hence, it can transmit clear images to the screen despite the lack of a Wifi router or cable.

What’s more, you can have a look at the camera from many devices with an app developed by the company. Particularly, the app won’t consume the Internet Data of your devices, it consumes the SH04’s data. You can also do some cool tricks with the camera app like taking screenshots or videos, setting up low battery alerts, mirroring/Flip images, and so on.

Besides, this model has the night vision ability to bring you the most vivid pictures when it gets dark. Even better, the battery of this model can last up to 5 hours after a full charge.

Everything has its good sides and bad sides, this system is not the opposite. This camera has a quite narrow view with only 170 degrees.

#5: Best Under $100: Camecho CM00-K008396

Camecho DC 12V 24V Vehicle Backup Camera System 2 x Rear View Camera Support Night Vision Waterpoof

The cheapest version in this list

Have you ever imagined buying an excellent camera for a horse trailer with a price under 100$? This Camecho CM00-K008396 is proof that a low price is not equal to low quality. It’s also one of the Best Horse Trailer Camera System

This model has a sturdy and durable construction because its frame is made of steel and is IP67-waterproof-approved. Furthermore, the camera of Camecho provides users with a clear and real image of 15m behind the car shown on the 7 inches LCD screen so as to reduce the risk of unpredictable situations.

Moreover, this Camecho has the Parking Assistance Guideline feature, which can be a really big help when you spot a spare space to park your big vehicle. What’s more, you will have a remote control to overturn the rear view picture to the directions you want.

The ability to connect with a wide range of vehicles is another strong point of this model. With the DC 12V-35V power input, this camera system can be mounted on many large vehicles like buses, motor homes, RV, campers, and so on.

However, this model has a weak point: if you do not carefully maintain the cameras, they can get moisturized.

What Should You Focus On When Buying Horse Trailer Cameras?


  • Water-resistant:

A horse trailer camera, of course, will be installed outside your vehicle, and its functions can be affected by weather conditions.

Hence, for stable use, a horse trailer camera must be equipped with dustproof and waterproof functions. The ability to withstand severe climates and dust of a camera is rated according to the IP ratings. The highest level is IP6gK.


  • Quality Of Monitor Display:

In the past, users had to use black and white screens for their cameras. However, nowadays, a horse trailer camera system will be packed with a 7 inches display up to HD 1080P resolution.

With this outstanding monitor, drivers can clearly observe anything happening with their cars, trailers, and horses.

  • Vivid Image:

Since a horse trailer is always on the move, its camera system should be able to transmit a stable and vivid image to the monitor screen even on tough terrains. This function can be possessed thanks to Image Stabilization.

  • Connectivity:

There are two ways for you to connect your horse trailer cameras with the monitor in your driving cabin: via wires or Internet data.

A system linked through wires will bring you the clearest image to your displays. Yet, if you install more than 2 cameras, it can be quite a struggle to put all the wires in their places.

On the contrary, with a wireless system, the installation can be simpler. However, the stability and vividness of the camera will depend on the Internet signal. If you travel on a route where the signal is rather awry, do not expect to get crystal-clear images.

  • Night Vision:

To meet the schedule in the contract, in some cases, you have to travel at night. Therefore, the ability to see clearly at night is another essential feature you have to consider before buying a horse trailer camera.

Plus, the trailer to keep the horse is always closed, so there will be a lack of natural light in the cabin. In this situation, a camera with Night Vision can still deliver a distinct picture of your horse.

  • Number Of Cameras:

The recommended number of cameras for your trailer is 2. One should be placed inside the horse trailer so that you always know how they are doing. The other should be installed on the rear of your vehicle for safer driving.


If you buy any electronic devices, you need to care about the warranty policy of the brand. Especially devices which are often utilized under tough conditions like a horse trailer camera. Fortunately, all these cameras we mention above have at least a 12-month warranty.


When making a purchase for a horse trailer camera, you have to put its brand into consideration. You have to be sure that the product comes from a well-known and experienced company. Although the price of a camera from a famous brand can be higher than the normal ones, you will get what you pay for.


Usually, the price of a horse trailer camera ranges from $100-$350. However, if you are running on a budget, you can still purchase one from Camecho, which is just under 100$. Besides, some brands will offer you a discount for each extra camera you buy.


We have provided you with the top list of the best horse trailer camera system. All of them have outstanding quality and features.

Yet, if we have to choose the best one, it’s gonna be the Yakry FHD 1080P Digital Wireless 2 Backup Camera. This camera is IP69K-approved. Besides, it has 16 LED IR Night Vision and 1080P resolution for a better view day and night, and the Image Flip function is really helpful.

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