Top 5 Best Horse Barn Fans For Stalls and Aisles of 2023

best horse stall fan for barn reviewsBest Horse Barn Fans For Stalls and Aisles to Buy in 2023 – Reviews, Tips, and Guides

If you are serious about horse raising, you should never overlook a stall fan system for your horse barn. The fresh atmosphere is of the utmost essence since horses are among the most sensitive species to the surrounding environment. Mold, fungus, fumes, and ammonia can harm their super delicate respiratory system.

As a result, go ahead and buy the Best Horse Barn Fans For Stalls and Aisles of 2023 you can afford.

Top 5 Best Horse Barn Fans For Stalls and Aisles of 2023

#1: MaxxAir HVWM 18 UPS Wall Mounted Fan

MaxxAir HVWM 18 UPS Wall Mount Fan

The MaxxAir HVWM is 18 inches, which is a perfect dimension for nearly all equine barns. It also fits in limited floor space where overhead circulation is needed.

There are three-speed levels for your choice so you can choose the air circulation you want. High at 1150 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Medium at 1100 CFMs. and Low at 1050 CFMs.

OSHA-compliant rust-resistant grilles and powder-coated steel in the construction make sure that this MaxxAir will stand the time with you.

Its PSC motor is 100% enclosed and dustproof. Your safety and your horses’ safety are guaranteed.


  • 3 levels of speed for different area size
  • Extreme durability
  • Safe and energy-saving motor
  • Easy to install with hanging bar
  • Compatible with the standard 120V outlet.


  • A bit noisy while in operation
  • Maximum CFM is low

#2: Air King 9318 Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi-Mount Fan

Air King 9318 Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi Mount Fan

Another 18-inch horse stall fan I want to introduce to you is the Air King 9318. This is also my pick for Best Barn Fan!

The fan blades are super powerful with 3 level setting. The highest is 3190 (CFM) while the lowest is 2660.

The structure of Air King 9318 has gone through and successfully passed the test in compliance with the AMCA standard.

It means fully sealed motors for quiet operation and little to no maintenance for high-velocity air circulation in long-term use.

One more highlight of Air King 9318 is how fast it is to install. Thanks to a pivoting head, the fans can work at full capacity no matter where you set them up.

Air King also gives this model a 1-year warranty against any material and workmanship defect. So the fan performance is trustworthy.


  • Quality proof
  • Tailor-made for industrial use
  • Strong and sealed motors at the highest CFM at 3190
  • Multi-mount to the various surface
  • 1-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • Expensive

#3: Air King 9020 1/6 HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan

Lasko 2265QM High-Velocity QuickMount Floor Wall Fan

A more powerful version of Air King 9318 is the model 9020.

This model is a bit bigger than the former. It is a 20-inch fan with a maximum capacity of up to 3670 CFM.

An amazing number, isn’t it?

The design of the Air-King is also super minimal. It is just a fan with a racket to be able to mount against a wall. You will neither be able to convert it into a floor fan nor can you mount it to the ceiling.

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However, the majority of horse stall fans are on a wall. Thus, unless you have new ideas for the location of the air circulating system, Air King 9020 is still a great choice.

You have ETL and OSHA compliant, quality proved by AMCA standard and warranty in 1 year.


  • Quality proof
  • Super high capacity up to 3670 CFM
  • 1-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • Expensive
  • Wall mountable only

#4: Lasko 2265QM High-Velocity QuickMount Floor Wall Fan

Air King 9020 1/6 HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan

A larger size fan for horse stalls is the Lasko 2265QM, which is about 20 inches.

This is a versatile model that you can use as a floor fan and a wall fan also. There is a QuickMount, which you can imagine as a multi-functional handle, to turn a wall-mounted high-velocity air circulator into a floor use and vice versa.

This built-in handle also enables you to carry the fans wherever you want without any inconvenience.

All the blades, the cage, and the versatile handle are strong, heavy-duty metal. The Lasko 2265QM is built to stand the time and will long live with you and your horse stalls.


  • Affordable
  • Premium Materials
  • Convertible from floor fans to wall fans
  • Easy to assemble


  • Very loud noise while working
  • Capacity is not too high

#5: NewAir WindPro 18W High-Velocity Portable Floor Fan (Best Value)

NewAir WindPro 18W High-Velocity Portable Floor Fan

Finally, I have the most shining star among horse stall fans I have used, the NewAir WindPro 18W.

Still a wonderful size at 18 inches, compatible with the normal 120V outlet. What makes a difference is a high capacity. NewAir WindPro 18W can speed up to 3000 CFM, making it one of the highest velocity industrial grade fans.

However, here’s the thing.

You just have to pay half of the Air King to get the same power. Isn’t it fantastic?

Furthermore, the motor of NewAir fans is a dual ball bearing. It means that the durability is upgraded and the fans are far more energy-efficient. The dual ball bearing decreases friction while providing intense airflow.

I highly value this NewAir model in terms of safety. Though the structure looks slim and somewhat vulnerable, it is sturdy and perfectly balanced.

The tilt is adjustable so you can have air blown exactly where you want just by loosening the knob.


  • High quality
  • High Capacity
  • Reasonable price
  • Sturdiness
  • Energy-efficient
  • Extra safety


  • A bit noisy for indoor use

Other Options for Wall Mounted Barn Fan

Best Ceiling Fan for Horse Barn – Big Air 6-Speed

Big Air Industrial Ceiling Fan, 6-Speed Indoor/Outdoor Fan with Light

If you have a larger investment budget, and good installation capacity, you may want to consider trying it with industrial ceiling fans. When installing ceiling fans for a horse barn, the roof must be of sufficient height so that the fan is far above the range of your horse’s head.

However, if you store hay in a horse barn in a loft, a ceiling fan is not a good option because it will spread dust particles when the hay is dropped into the stalls.

Big Air Industrial Ceiling Fan, 6-Speed ​​has large diameter fan blades (72 – 84 – 96 inches) to help circulate air very well for barn & stall, especially using DC motors that are energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR approved, and Don’t make too much noise. In addition, many people also appreciate this fan because its installation is quite easy.

Best Exhaust Fan for Horse Barn – MaxxAir 18 “Industrial

MaxxAir 18

If your barn is not limited in space and you have all the tools and skills to install, you may consider using exhaust fans.

MaxxAir 18 “Industrial Exhaust Fan has a motor up to 3000 CFM, installed on the roof of the barn, and can help remove unwanted odors, contaminants, excess moisture, or heat. Especially, the exterior shutters close tightly to prevent a draft when not in operation and open automatically when powered on.

How to choose the Best Horse Stall & Barn Fan?

Indeed, it is commonly mistaken that all stall fans are appropriate for barn use.

Unfortunately, they are not.

So here are some features you should look into carefully to find the best horse stall fan.

Types Of Barn Fans For Equine

Box fans

box fan

Box fans are the most common kind of horse fans you can find in the market.

It is cheap. It is sold everywhere. It is also easy to install.

But here’s the thing. It can be insecure.

Box fans are manufactured for use in the residential area, not in a dusty horse barns.

Usually, box fans come with unsealed motors. So be careful if you intend to grab a cheap box fan in a nearby electronics store for your equine barn.

Ceiling fans

ceiling barn fan

Another typical kind of horse fan available in the market is a ceiling fan. It looks like the normal ceiling fans you have in your living rooms.

However, never install a residential ceiling fan in equine barns.

Fans for family use can’t stand the extensive use in the horse stalls, and they will soon fall apart.

One thing I don’t like about ceiling fans is that they will be quite complicated to set up. How you run your electric wires is a crucial and also controversial issue when you install a ceiling fan.

Wall-mounted basket fans

wall-mounted basket fan

They are very powerful in making wind within your equine barn, yet not creating coldness to your lovely horses.

This kind of horse stall fan seems to be a perfect combination of the other two above.

It is safe and quite simple for you to set up. Just position a wall-mounted basket fan strategically in the horse barn, you can have the most airflow, and keep your equine from insects.

The price range for this model is quite large. So I am sure that you can at least get some wall-mounted basket fans on your budget.


If the motor of the fan is not enclosed, dust, water, anything will easily get into it, which decreases the efficiency and the worst thing can be an accident.

Therefore, you have to choose the fan that has its motor sealed.

You can find this information on the label of the fan. If you can’t find the label, look at the back of the fan.

Do you see the copper wires in the motor?

If yes, it is not enclosed. And don’t waste your money on it.


If you buy cheap fans, they will likely wear out in several months, and rebuying them is certainly not economical.

How do know the fans will be long-lived?

According to my experience, you should trust the commercial quality. I find that those fans that are designed for commercial purposes tend to be more sturdy.

The power of the fans

If the airflow rating is too high, the working fans will lead to too much dust and make your horse cold. On the other hand, the low airflow rating does not seemingly do anything.

The ultimate figure for a fan is about 2,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

A fan of this size brings about a refreshing atmosphere without decreasing the temperature.

Other protective features

To prevent any unworthy problem, the stall fans should have some kind of protector in case of overheating.

In my opinion, a thermal overload protector is also necessary. When the thermal system reaches above a certain temperature, the protector will turn off the fan. After cooling down, it switches on the fan again.

Everything is automatic.

In addition to a thermal overload protector, you can buy stall fans with a fuse.

One more option for you is to install a ground-fault circuit interrupter. It will support the whole fan system.

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FAQs about Horse Barn Fan

1. Where is the best location to install barn fans for horses?

From my perspective, the best place in your horse barn to set up fans is the stall front. There, you can mount your fans upright, it will blow horizontally, which creates the most airflow.

If you can’t position the fans in the stall front due to the structure of the barn, place them along the wall or in the corner.

Keep in mind that it must be out of the horse’s reach.

2. Hard-wired fans or plug-in fans?

Plug-in fans are normally less safe than hard-wired ones. The more cords the fans have, the less secure they are.

Furthermore, fans that have plug-ins require much thought to find a suitable place for installation.

That’s why my recommendation is hard-wired fans.

3. Should I position horse stall fans outdoors?

If the barn fans can be used outdoors, there must be a statement on the label. You should check it first. Terms such as “waterproof”, and “sealed/ enclosed motor” are often used for outdoor use.

Notwithstanding, the environment outside the horse stalls is harsh and you will have to spend more money on maintenance. As a result, it’s better to place the air circulating system inside.

4. Do I have to turn on the fans all day long?

Of course not. It will be a waste of electricity if you keep the fans working all days and nights, let alone it can cause coldness to your horses or lead to overheating troubles.

An average of 8 hours per day is enough to have fresh air in the horse stalls.

5. How can I maintain the fans?

There are some basic things you can do to increase the lifespan of your horse stall fans.

The blade cage is often easy to open so you can clean the blades regularly. Horse barns are dusty so the blades need a well clean-up.

You should also give oil to the motor to prevent lousy noise when the high-capacity fans are working. However, this is a bit more complex because the motor is sealed or enclosed. Remember not to lose any screws.

My Best Horse Barn Fan Ever

Having skimmed through my top 5 best horse stall and barn fans, you must have made your own decision on your best model for your equine barn.

In my case, I always put my trust in MaxxAir HVWM 18 UPS

It has everything a barn fan should have at a very reasonable price. Perfect size. Strong enough power. Extreme security and sturdiness.


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