Top 5 Best Horse Soaking Boots of 2023, Factor To Consider

You are thinking of investing in the best horse soaking boots to take good care of your horse’s hoofs.

But you are still confused about which ones are the best choices for your four-legged friends.

DON’T WORRY since you are here and we are ready to help you solve this issue.

best horse soaking boot reviews

Top 5 Best Horse Soaking Boots of 2023 reviews.

1. Yunbin Hoof Wrapped Soaking Boots

When looking for Best Horse Soaking Boot, we often wonder whether they are the right size for the horse’s hoof or not.

If this is your main concern, you should opt for the StepnSoak-911 hoof soaking boot instantly because it is made to fit all sizes. You easily use it on a large horse and then the next day on a donkey thanks to the Velcro strip for each boot.

Made of tarpaulin and covered with polyvinyl, this product also DOES an excellent job of keeping all of the soaking liquid that you want.

Hence, you can put any medication to take care of your horse without meeting any difficulty. Since it is constructed well, the soaking solution won’t leak after many uses.

Aside from using it for soaking, it is okay to cover any wound or injured areas on your horse’s hoof.

But avoid letting your four-legged friends walk too much, or the boots might rip soon.


  • Easy to apply and adjust
  • Durable material to cushion the hoof sole
  • Bright color
  • Easy to clean for the next time
  • Good investment for an extended use


  • Too stiff for some
  • It might rip if the horse walks on the boot

2. Yeezo Hoof Soaking Boot Horse

Yeezo Hoof Soaking Boot Horse

Another excellent soaking boot that is tall enough to prevent water from pouring over the top or treat injuries father up the leg is the product from Yeezo.

With a height of 20 inches and a hoof size of 8 inches in diameter, it easily fits all hooves from donkeys to large horses. Moreover, it is lightweight and collapsible so you can store and carry it around with ease.

However, if you have draft horses, you should consider twice because some claim that this model isn’t fit them well.

Made of durable tarpaulin and coated with polyvinyl, these boots also ensure leak free soaking. Of course, it is reusable and washable. Wonderfully, the three fastening straps offer a snugger and more precise fit on the hoof.

Just pay an affordable price, and then you get a pair with two Velcro straps and 1 EVA foam pad to use.


  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Good for soaking hooves without leaking
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some claim that this product is not suitable for draft horses as advertised

3. EasyCare Easyboot Cloud Hoof Boot

EasyCare Easyboot Cloud Hoof Boot

If your concern is to give comfort and support to horses with chronic lameness or common hoof issues, the EasyCare Easyboot Cloud Hoof Boot is the best deal.

It will support the whole hoof and guarantee that no bacteria or muck penetrates the affected areas. Thanks to three air vents, your horse’s hoofs always get good airflow to prevent infection and bacteria if worn for a long time.

But since it is a little short, it might become waterlogged.

Another excellent feature is the EVA pad, offering more support and comfort to the sole. Wonderfully, it is removable so you can take it off or reinstall it with ease.

Just make sure you measure the horse’s hoof with a tape ruler carefully to select the exact size that is listed. It’s one of the Best Horse Soaking Boots you looking for.


  • Sturdy
  • Strong and durable stitching
  • Reduces pressures on the hoof
  • Highly suggested for lameness and abscess
  • Offers good air circulation with the air vents


  • High price
  • A little challenging to find the right size
  • Easily waterlogged

4. Hoof Wraps Easy Soaker

Hoof Wraps Easy Soaker

The next horse soaking boot that we want to introduce is from the Hoof Wraps brand.

It is covered with a nylon liner and made with a thick shell of ballistic nylon. That means it can last for a long time. It is also lightweight and collapsible to store and carry around.

Aside from offering three fastening points for a more accurate fit, this model provides an extra strap and 2 EVA foam pads for convenience.

But REMEMBER that this product’s size is up to 6” in diameter. Make sure to measure your horse’s hoof care.

In case you are unsatisfied after buying and using it, it is okay to ask for a refund or exchange another one.


  • Nice color
  • Easily tighten with adjustable straps
  • Treat issues related to hoofs well
  • A good policy for exchanging or refunding


  • Too short
  • The boot easily slides on

5. Tough 1 Hoof Saver Boot

Tough 1 Hoof Saver Boot

Similar to the boot from EasyCare above, Tough 1 came out with a comfortable and relatively secure product named Hoof Saver Boot.

This model in the Best Horse Soaking Boot list has all features to hold medication and conditions that the horse needs to promote healing and reduce wrapping. Although their hoofs are heeling while wearing, it still feels comfortable while walking.

The design of this product is also an excellent point with triple layering. That means the boot is more robust and thicker to prevent any damage in the hoof (often in the frog or sole).

One important note that we want to remind you is to beware of the size. You have to measure your horse’s hoof correctly and then ask the seller to get the right one.


  • Well-made boots
  • Makes soaking easier
  • Promotes healing
  • Good investment for the price


  • Some want to reinforce the Velcro strap
  • Sizing problems

Understanding the best horse soaking boot?

Why soak the horse’s feet?

As mentioned above, soaking boots are used to immerse the horse’s hoof or limb to treat abscesses, thrust, fungus, and yeast. This action is also described to offer relief for bruising and speed healing in the bare hoof.

According to some professionals, soaking the feet before barefoot trimming accelerates the trimming process since the hoofs are easier to handle. Also, this might loosen overlaid bars and displace retained soles.

However, remember not to soak too often unless there is a particular reason. It is best to leave the feet as nature intended. (we will explain in the next part)

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How long does to soak feet?

To treat abscess or soreness, you should soak for about 20-30 minutes two or more times a day. If necessary, use hot water.

For softening a hoof to trim, the best time is about 30 minutes to an hour instantly before trimming.

For loosening or displacing the sole, you should soak 30-60 minutes and then do exercises like lunging in a soft sand or dirt padlock to remove the softened tissue.

Why does hoof soaking become dangerous?

Let’s turn back to the issue of why you don’t soak the hoof too often except for a specific reason.

If you submerge your horse’s hoof in a liquid for a long time, it can remove the natural protective coating supplied via transpiration. Over-time soaking also reduces the whole hoof structure and hurts the healthy hoof tissue.

So, to avoid a hoof soaking disaster, we suggest you should follow our five golden rules below.

#1 – Remove debris from voids

Before washing the hoof, you need to use a hoof pick and brush to remove trapped debris from voids. This clears blocked ways for the soaking solution to enter deep into the hoof and reach the pathogens.

#2 – Wash hoof

Before starting any soaking session, it is best to thoroughly wash off hard surface dirt with soapy water to prevent contaminating the soaking solution.

#3 – Use boots designed for soaking

These horse boots are often injection shaped in one piece and made in different sizes. Choose the one that is fit perfectly to use less soaking solution. (Don’t stop here because we will guide you on how to measure later)

#4 – Avail commercial soaking preparation

Make sure you use the product that is suggested for hoof soaking and always read the labels to ensure the ingredients are not harmful or caustic.

Never utilize household products for soaking because they might cause serious damage.

#5 – Reduce the soaking time

As outlined above, the best soaking time is about 30 minutes and no more than twice a day. If the hoof becomes punchy and soft, STOP doing instantly.

Meanwhile, if you are treating a controlled soak, it is okay for a longer contact time so that soaking will be more effective.

How to measure the exact size of the hoof boot for the Best Horse Soaking Boot?

When it comes to the size of hoof boots, it is necessary to match the length and width of the horse’s hoof to the hoof of the boot size. Besides, remember that the front hoofs tend to be round and wider than the hind ones.

How to do?

  • Firstly, measure the width of the horse’s hoof across the bottom at the widest point.
  • Continue measuring the length from the toe to the buttress line of the heel.
  • Then compare the measurements with the size chart for the boot. If the measurements are millimeters, use the metric size chart. On the contrary, use the imperial size chart for the inches.
  • The length and width measurements should fit the same boot size. If they indicate different boot sizes, make sure to choose the larger boot size.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to measure each horse’s foot because one is sometimes larger than its pair.

How to use the soaking boot?

In fact, it is not too hard to use these soaking boots for your horses.

First of all, you need to add water and soaking solution to the boot after placing the horse’s foot inside. Then tighten the boot with the straps and buckles gently to soak the infected area.

Later, check whether the boot is snug enough to avoid falling off. Of course, don’t over tighten the boot or your horse feels uncomfortable.

After that, remove the hoof soaking boot and gently towel dry. Make sure to dry the pastern thoroughly.

Steps to use the soaking boot for your horse

Steps to use the soaking boot for your horse – Source:

Tips to consider after buying the soaking boots

  • Always keep the packaging that comes with the boots, read all advice from the manufacturer, and examine photos as shown by the manufacturer carefully.
  • Take a picture of the soaking boots on the horse’s feet and then remove them. Decide whether you are pleased with the fit and size. If not, contact the manufacturer for an exchange.
  • Set a quiet hour with the horse to fit the boots for the first time. Make sure to tie safely or have a partner hold him while doing.
  • Don’t forget to practice applying and removing the boots a couple of times. This makes your horse feel accustomed to the procedure.
  • Don’t pay for the most expensive boots if this is your first purchase. Just start on the less expensive one and see whether your horse likes to wear it or not.

Time to make your decision

It is an excellent idea to buy the best horse soaking boots that are large enough to deal with all your horses. If possible, it should be easy enough for you to avail yourself on a frequent basis.

The soaking boot often depends on your specific demands.

If you are interested in keeping the boot on the horse while it is being treated, you should opt for the StepnSoak-911. It is because this product is high enough and comes with straps and buckles to keep the boot in place well.

Or you can reread all our top choices above and then pick the one you want most. Don’t worry since they are the best of the best that we’ve spent lots of time testing and researching.

Remember to let us know which soaking boot works out for you by leaving your comments in the box below.

We’d love to hear.



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