Top 5 Best Horse Riding Body Protectors 2023: Reviews & Buyer Guide

A body protector plays an important role in protecting you from broken ribs, winding, and so on. Therefore, to enjoy horse riding as safely as possible, besides horse riding helmets, you really should invest your money in buying one body protector.

To make finding easier for you, we are here to provide you with a list of the 5 best horse riding body protectors.


Top 5 Best Horse Riding Body Protectors Reviews In 2023

#1: Jili Horse Riding Body Protector for Adults

Jili Online Horse Riding Vest Body Protector for Adults

This kind of horse riding body protector is well-known for its reasonable price and breathability. Jili Online Adults Equestrian Protective Vest Horse Riding is perfectly suitable for those with a low budget.

One good point of this body protector is it has laced sides, which help it fit perfectly with your body. As a result, you will feel very comfortable when putting this protector on your body.

This product is made from EVA and Polyester so that it can withstand the rigors of riding. There is also a scalloped lower front provided, which helps you move and breathe effortlessly.

Another reason why this body protector has received a high rating is that it can help protect your tailbone. Thanks to its extended padding, your back is perfectly protected because its the Best Horse Riding Body Protector

There is only one color option for this product. You can only choose black color.


  • Easily fit your body
  • Less restrictions at the front
  • Able to protect your tailbone
  • High-quality material
  • Low price


  • No color option

#2: Unistrengh Horse Riding Vest

The main reason why many people fancy the Estink Horse Riding Vest is that it is friendly to the skin and comfortable to wear.

The design of the Unistrengh Horse Riding Vest makes it easy to wear. There are laced sides and an adjustable zippered front provided to give you the greatest comfort.

Its padding material also gives you good protection for your back and offers impact reduction performance and good shock absorption.

Moreover, there is also the arc-shape design at the bottom to make it possible for you to do your dire action. It’s a pity that there is only a black version for you to choose from.


  • Friendly for your skin
  • Easy wearing
  • Comfortable and fit
  • Smart design
  • Low price


  • No color option

#3: Jili Body Protection for Men, Women, and Kids

Jili Horse Riding Body Guard Protection for Men Women Kids

Like other body protectors reviewed above, this Jili Online Men Women Kids Royal Blue Horse Riding Waistcoat also provides laced sides and zippered front, making it easier for you to put on your body.

You can rest assured that you are completely safe while wearing this vest, as it can offer a high level of impact reduction and shock absorption.

In addition, you can have your back completely protected as there is also extended padding provided

The padding is flexible so that you can feel free to move your body. You can also experience breathability because the smart design of the protector can increase airflow.


  • Easy to wear
  • Able to reduce impact and absorb shock
  • Able to protect your back
  • Flexible design
  • Various sizes to choose from


  • Low-quality material

#4: Tipperary Equestrian Horse Riding Eventing Vest

Whether you are a newbie or a professional rider, this product is designed for you. This body protector can ensure safety for all levels of rider so that everyone can pick up one for themselves.

It also provides a padding system, which plays a vital role in reducing the impact and increasing shock absorption.

There are also laced sides and an adjustable zippered front, which makes it fit your body completely. The flexible design of this product also provides free mobility and increases airflow.

There are many color options and sizes. Moreover, it is not expensive. So you can buy it for you, your partner as well as your kids because its the Best Horse Riding Body Protector


  • Suitable for everyone
  • Flexible design
  • Adjustable laced sides and zippered front
  • Various colors and sizes to choose from
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • It’s expensive

#5: Tipperary Eventer Vest

Tipperary Eventer Vest

If you want to find flexible, breathable, high-quality horse riding protectors, it is highly recommended to choose the Tipperary eventer.

It has the capacity to reduce impact, which is the most important feature in terms of protecting your body.

It can absorb impact effectively in case you fall as well as save your back from breaking. In addition, this vest provides both shock absorption and density padding, which save you from any fall you may unluckily experience.

When the hot weather comes, some horse riders complain about sweating too much. With this Tipperary vest, this situation is not likely to happen.

The design of this body protector can increase airflow, and it is also very breathable to prevent your body from sweating.

There are adjustable laced sides and zippered front provided so that you can put it on easily. There are also many colors for you to choose from.

The price of this product is quite high. However, it would be best to consider buying one as it is made from top-quality material, which is very long-lasting.


  • Top-quality material
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Suitable for use in hot weather
  • Able to reduce impact and absorb shock


  • Small in sizes
  • High price

Buying Guide for Best Horse Riding Body Protector

The style

Considering the style when buying is not because of just the term aesthetics. Well, a style that perfectly fits you might be completely different from others. That’s why remember to search all the options for choosing the one professionally fits you.

Fit for your purpose

Although you might not need to wear a body protector all the time, buying one that can make you feel comfortable if wearing it all day is great. So, whenever you try your body protector, you should not just stand still but walk around and see how mobile you are wearing it. If possible, trying with a saddle will also be great.

Take precautions

You should pay attention to any dents which appear in your body protector foam. Once it happens, they should be back in their original shape within 30 minutes. If not, your body protector has lost its ability to absorb impact. And of course, you should replace it with a new one.

Besides, it is better to replace your body protector after 3 to 5 years as the absorption ability will decrease. The tip is to avoid buying a second-hand body protector because it is hard to know its sustained damage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Horse Riding Body Protector

1. Body protector vs. air vest: What’s the difference?

A body protector protects your body from impact forces by using compressed foam under high pressure.

An air vest is just similar to an airbag for your body. An air vest will be connected to the seat with a rope. On the condition that the rider falls, the rope becomes disconnected and causes the vest to inflate.

The air vest will cover more of your body by extending to your neck and your hip, which helps protect your pelvis, spine, and neck.

Horse Riding Body Protector

2. What’s the best body protector for a child?

Nowadays, there are many body protectors available in a wide range of sizes. You should base your child’s type of riding, body shape, and how much you are willing to purchase a body protector.


3. How do I measure for a good fit?

  • Start by measuring the largest part of the chest, and ensure that the tape is balanced and not too tight.
  • Measure your spine by measuring from the position the neck meets the shoulders to your spine’s tip. Again, you should sit in a chair for easier to measure.
  • Check your measurement carefully and compare it with the size chart available on every product detail.

4. How can I be sure my body protector fits right?

A well-fitted body protector should have the following things:

  • First, your neckline and shoulders should lie flat. If they tend to gape open, it means this body protector seems quite long for you.
  • The front of the body protector should reach your breastbone and cover your bottom rib. Try adjusting the front length at the shoulder if you think it is too short or long.
  • It is perfect if you have 2” to 4” distance between the bottom of the body protector and the saddle. If the bottom of your protector presses on the saddle, it can push against your neck. Then it can affect your movements when riding.

5. How do I put on a body protector correctly?

First, you loosen all the closures on the body protector and flex it gently.

Second, you put it on and fasten the waist and chest closures until you feel comfortable and snug fit.

Remember, the right size protector will allow you to tighten or loosen the straps more if you need it.

6.  Why does my body protector seem to loosen up after a while?

After a while, some protectors get warm-up and seem to loosen off your body. If this happens, you should check the protector’s fasteners after 10 or 20 minutes to adjust them correctly.

7. How often should a body protector be replaced?

As mentioned above, 3 to 5 years is the time you need to replace your body protector. After that, even if there isn’t any damage happens.

You should also check the body protector carefully after any big fall. When a fall or kick occurs, it is not strange to compress the foam.

However, if there are still indentation and compression after 30 minutes to an hour, it’s time for you to replace the foam as it can’t be used anymore.

Final Thoughts

Having a body protector is important. No matter what kind of horses you own, you should equip yourself with a protector to keep you safe while riding.

Before buying any horse riding protector, you should carefully consider the size, quality of the material, and your riding style to make sure that you choose the one that best fits your body and your needs.

If you are looking for one with high-quality material to ensure safety for your body, we recommend the Tipperary Eventer Vest, its Best Horse Riding Body Protector

Although it is rather expensive, it is worth every penny of your money spent. Thanks to its having top quality material, you will experience great comfort and safety.

Have you tried using one of these products? Does it work effectively? Do you know any other good products? Would you mind not hesitating to share in the comment?


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