Top 5 Best Horse Grazing Muzzle 2023, Tips To Choose

Before finding out the best horse grazing muzzle, do you know why your horse needs to wear it?

Excess weight is dangerous for your horse’s health, as it is for ours. It can cause many health problems like joint ills, breathing diseases, and more. So instead of limiting the time that horses enjoy out on the pasture, one of the most common management strategies for restricting grass intake is to use the grazing muzzle.

Best Horse Muzzle Reviews

With that in mind, we have done a lot of research and picked up the best 5 grazing muzzles for your horses. So keep reading this article; you will know our recommendations.

Top 5 Best Horse Grazing Muzzles Reviews In 2023

#1: Tough-1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle

Tough-1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle

When it comes to the best horse muzzle, Tough-1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle is our top pick. This product offers a simple way to control your horse’s grass intake.

What makes this model different from others is its less constrictive design. The muzzle features the perfect nostril holes, which are large enough not to impede your horse’s breathing in any way and help him stay cool in the hot weather.

The small hole at the bottom will control overeating by reducing the horse’s access to grass yet unlimited water. Padded interior limits the chance for rubbing while the three velcro loops attach to nearly any halter.

However, according to some horse owners, the hole at the bottom is too big, making it wear out more quickly than other models. In addition, it may be too large for some horses to wear as well. This feature, though, is just a minor drawback that can hardly affect the product’s performance.

All in all, with efficient design, high durability, and affordable price, Tough-1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle is an ideal choice for horses that need to cut back on some calories or sugar.


  • Affordable price
  • Large holes for easy breathing
  • A small hole in the center for eating
  • Shorter sides for improved airflow
  • Adjustable halter with ring and throat snap for leading
  • Poly or nylon materials for high durability
  • Padded interior for anti-rub


  • A too-large hole at the bottom

#2: Shires Deluxe Grass Muzzle

Shires Deluxe Grass Muzzle Small Pony

The Best Horse Grazing Muzzle we recommend you buy this muzzle over all the other models because of the fleece lining, which makes it particularly perfect for cold weather. Just wear it for your horse, and he can be out with everybody all day but consume less grass.

This grazing muzzle features a padded poll as well as padded cheek pieces, giving the optimal comfort for your horse. It is cut back under the chin to improve fit and avoid pressure. The rubber base with a hole at the bottom lets the grass enter, while reinforced nylon web bars allow comfortable air exchange.

You can use a D-ring as a halter to always watch your horse when turning him out on the pasture. In addition to those, Shire Deluxe Grass Muzzle has double velcro closures at the poll and under the cheek that allows for great adjustability, ensuring your horse does not suffer from any pressure.

Caring for this grazing muzzle is also very easy. All you need to do is to hose it off several times a month and wash it. If you are looking for a grazing muzzle to control your horse’s grass intake as well as keep him warm on cold days, perhaps nothing is better than Shire Deluxe Grass Muzzle.

On the other hand, it seems not the right choice for hot weather due to its fleece lining.


  • Well constructed
  • Fleece lining
  • Durable hardware
  • Great adjustability


  • An excellent choice for cold weather only

#3: Tough 1 Nylon Grazing Muzzle

Tough 1 Nylon Grazing Muzzle

Like other models, the Tough 1 Nylon Grazing Muzzle helps your horse stay healthy by limiting the amount of grass they can access through the small hole at the bottom.

Made of high-quality nylon and durable plastic, you will not have any concern over this muzzle, either accidentally hurting your horse or being damaged.

The muzzle part hangs nicely around the horse’s nose and mouth; it is loose but does not dangle in any way. The big hole in front helps your horse more comfortable breathing, while the bottom hole allows water access. We also like how Velcro is attached on both sides of the straps for additional safety, but it can break with sufficient force.

This model also comes with many different size options, so no matter how fat or thin your horse is, you can easily pick a suitable one.

However, some customers say the halter part expands so large that it can easily fall off the horse. Some owners even must buy a new halter to attach to the muzzle so that the horse can wear it. As a result, you may have to spend more time and money just trying to get this to work.

Overall, if you are looking for a durable grazing muzzle at an affordable price, the Tough 1 Nylon Grazing Muzzle is not a bad choice.


  • The high-quality nylon and durable plastic
  • Excellent design
  • Many size options
  • Affordable price


  • Too large halter

#4: Tough-1 Easy Breathe Poly/Nylon Org Grazing Muzzle

Tough-1 Easy Breathe Poly/Nylon Org Grazing Muzzle

What we like about this product is its color. With a bright orange color, you can easily see your horse even when he is far away.

The safety straps ensure that your horse will not get hurt or panic if he accidentally catches the muzzle on the fence or anything when you guys are going out.

Also, thanks to the big holes in the front, you do not have to worry about your horse being unable to breathe when wearing this muzzle. These holes are also large enough for the horse to drink effortlessly.

One thing to note is that the material is only half the thickness of the other models we have. As a result, your horse can easily tear the stitches and remove the muzzle by rubbing on the wall or something like that. So consider this carefully before deciding to buy this Best Horse Grazing Muzzle.


  • Bright orange color
  • Large holes for easy breathing


  • Low durability

#5: Tough-1 Easy Breathe V Grazing Muzzle

Tough-1 Easy Breathe V Grazing Muzzle Mini

This is one of the other grazing muzzles from Tough-1. This muzzle is adjustable for a wide range, but it is best suitable for not bigger mini-size horses.

The outstanding advantage of this product comes from its V-strap that is easily adjustable, helping the muzzle stay in place and letting you protect the muzzle better.

The front opening of the basket is quite large to help improve airflow, while the openings at the bottom are small enough to reduce the amount of grass intake. The nylon is sturdy and durable. The muzzle feels like a quality halter, and your horse may take only a few minutes to get used to it.

Nothing is perfect. Besides many advantages, this muzzle is quite heavy, which makes your horse uncomfortable to wear for long periods.


  • Adjustable V-strap
  • Durable nylon material
  • Many different sizes


  • Heavyweight

How To Choose the Best Horse Grazing Muzzle?

Grazing muzzles are a valuable tool in helping horses stay healthy. They can reduce your horse’s grass intake and assist with horse weight management. But to be safe and effective, you need to pick the right muzzle. So how to choose a good muzzle for your horse? Here is everything you may want to know:

1. Material

When selecting a grazing muzzle for your horse, try to find one which comes from high-quality materials. A quality product not only provides better durability than a sub-par quality one, but it is also less likely to irritate or rub the horse’s sensitive skin and face.

There are many different muzzle styles available on the market for you to choose from. For example, some muzzles consist of a plastic base and nylon webbing, while the others have rubber base and synthetic wool web bars.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, plastic and nylon materials are easier to clean, while rubber and synthetic wool are softer. Regardless of what kind of materials you choose, make sure that the product will bring the most comfort to your horse.

2. Design

Be sure to choose a grazing muzzle that includes many nostril holes and open spaces to allow for ventilation and water runoff when your horse drinks water. In addition, the horse may need to wear a grazing muzzle on hot days, so ventilation is critical in allowing him to breathe freely while minimizing sweat buildup under the muzzle.

horse muzzle

3. Size

Remember to check if the muzzle fits into your horse. Muzzles come in different sizes, and picking up the right one will keep your horse comfortable.

You absolutely should not use a restricted or tight muzzle because it can irritate and chafe on the nose or chin of your horse. Another reason for rubbing is things that are trapped inside the muzzle.

A muzzle will create a tight enclosure around the horse’s mouth and nose. Dirt, moisture, and debris can easily find their way inside. The longer the muzzle stays, the easier these things are more likely to cause irritation and friction, making a horse quite dissatisfied.

4. Budget

The price of a muzzle often depends on its materials. Standard grazing muzzles, including plastic base and nylon webbing, are usually inexpensive, but they can rub your horse. In addition, you may have to fit sheepskin to the muzzle to reduce the risk of chafing.

Meanwhile, the muzzles made of molded semi-flexible material are a little bit pricey but offer more benefits. For example, they allow for proper airflow and are less likely to rub.

So depending on your budget and your horse’s preferences, you can choose a suitable grazing muzzle.

How To Fit A Horse Grazing Muzzle?

As with any gear, the fit is essential. To keep a muzzle in place, it must be snug, but it may rub if too tight. However, it is not always easy to fit grazing muzzles comfortably on your horse.

fit muzzle

It would be best if you fit the muzzle snugly but with some room at the bottom. For optimal comfort, a width of about two fingers between the muzzle and the bottom of the chin is perfect. Then, to avoid rubbing, you can use sheepskin or synthetic fleece to pad the parts of the muzzle that come into contact with your horse.

Remember that some muzzles only stay in place when using attachments provided by manufacturers, reinforcement straps, for example. So, make sure you get a perfect fit to bring the most comfort to your horse.

FAQs about Best Horse Grazing Muzzle

1. How do you introduce the muzzle to your horse?

If this is the first time your horse wears a grazing muzzle, give him some time to get used to it. Some horses can get used to the muzzle very quickly, while some do not stop trying to escape it.

Put the muzzle up to his face several times before you put the strap over his head. Most importantly, never leave your horse’s stomach empty. Remember that the primary purpose of muzzles is to restrict grass intake, not cut off completely.

It may take a while for your horse to learn to eat grass and drink water with the muzzle.

2. How long can I leave it on for?

Let your horse have a break from the muzzle. For instance, you can use the muzzle during the day or do a day on and a day off.

3. How much grass is my horse eating with the muzzle on?

The amount of grass your horse can eat with the muzzle depends on the type of muzzle, length of grass, size of the hole, and the persistence of your horse!

It is hard to say an exact number, but we estimate it will cut average consumption by 50% to 75%. The opening hole seems small, but most horses become quite adept at taking grass through it.

The Bottom Lines

When it comes to the Best Horse Grazing Muzzle, our choice is Tough-1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle. Overall, this grazing muzzle is excellent in both construction, quality, and price.

Of course, you can choose other products depending on your preferences as well as your budget. So, which is your favorite horse muzzle? Let us know in the comment section below, and thanks!


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