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Training and competing in any method will surely bleed the horse’s joints and body.

That’s why every horse needs to get benefits from the Best Horse Joint Supplement. However, you soon recognize that finding it is not easy, like looking for the best horse riding helmet. With many products available on the market, you can be overwhelmed and make the wrong decision.

To help you deal with this problem, we highly recommend LubriSyn Joint Supplement for Canine & Equine as the best supplementation for your equine friends. Moreover, it’s suitable for both young and older horses.

As you are here, we will show why you should choose this supplement. Also, we mention two more reviews to enrich your selection.

And now, follow us, please!

What is the best horse joint supplement?

The joint supplement has some necessary ingredients to power your horse’s motion and keeps his joints healthy and comfortable for years. The major components that help to build, repair, and protect your horse’s joint tissues and fluid are:


The cartilage anti-inflammatory and precursor encourage the creation and restoration of cartilage. In addition, it deepens synovial fluid to offer more elasticity and assist the joints as well. What’s more, it supports the formation of skin, eyes, bones, hooves, and heart valves.

Chondroitin sulfate

The main ingredient of the extracellular cartilage and matrix creates electrostatic repulsion to offer the cartilage resistance to compression.

Also, it’s a sulfated glycosaminoglycan, called Adequan, which helps prevent and treat the joints’ inflammation.

Hyaluronic acid

It’s a non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan that is fused in two places. This acid offers lubrication for the synovial membranes, nourishes the cartilage, and removes waste.

Aside from three primary components, the best  joint supplement for horses also comes with other ingredients such as:

Vitamin C helps to scavenge free radicals from the inflamed joint and prevent “rust.” Also, it supports the soft tissues of the ligaments and tendons and enhances the immune system.

Manganese, zinc, and copper are necessary elements for combining GAGs and collagen.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a source of organic sulfur to create the cartilage matrix. Besides, it includes anti-inflammatory properties to decrease muscle and joint pain.

Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO) is a medium-chain fatty acid capable of lessening both joint pains and inflammation. Although it’s still new to the market of standard supplies, lots of scientific studies have pointed out consistent relief. Besides, it proves to alleviate joint deformation and swelling.

Avocado and Soy Unsaponifiables (ASU) are plant fats that are helpful for digestion and absorption in the intestinal tract. These substances pointed out a protective effect against cartilage breakdown in an equine study.

Hydrolyzed collagen is a helpful protein that creates the structural framework for the connective tissues in the body, mainly cartilage, and bone. It has been broken down and purified for easier absorption and digestion. Besides, it works as a treatment for arthritis.

Some anti-inflammatory herbs such as Boswellia, Devil’s Claw, or Yucca are often added to the equine supplies. And their task is to stop pain despite doses of other joint nutraceuticals.

Do joint supplements work for horses?

horse jumping

Your horse’s joints will be better after using the joint supplement

Some people still have doubts about using joint supplements for their horses. However, the truth is the reverse.

First, you need to know the following phrases that describe your horses. Are they young horses, horses in light or heavy work, horses in recovery, or old horses? If your horse belongs to one of these, he might be at risk for osteoarthritis since arthritic alterations have been discovered in any horse.

According to 1999 research in the Equine Veterinary Journal, arthritic alterations still happened in a group of wild mustangs. And this made researchers affirm that osteoarthritis is a natural part of the aging process in horses, whether they work hard or not. Additionally, they pointed out that training stresses might increase osteoarthritic issues.

Since arthritis can appear in any horse, it’s best to offer joint supplements to keep their joints healthy. And it’s known as a key to your equine friends’ success and happiness.

When do horses need to use the joint supplement?

As outlined above, the main ingredients of the natural joint supplement for horses include glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid. They are responsible for keeping the horses’ joints healthy and avoiding upcoming issues.

So, when to use it? It’s best to avail before your horse begins to show a signal of joint discomfort and pain. Avoid waiting until he is severely crippled and then use the supplement.

That’s why you need to check on him very often to know.

A Full Review of LubriSyn Joint Supplement for Canine & Equine

LubriSyn Joint Supplement for Canine & Equine

As we mentioned at the beginning, LubriSyn Joint Supplement for Canine and Equine is one of the best horse joint supplements that we highly suggest.

The first noticeable point is that the joint supplement only has one active ingredient in its formula. That is hyaluronic acid.

Compared with glucosamine and chondroitin, hyaluronic acid is a revolutionary ingredient. This substance is thick, elastic-like, and dense that naturally fulfills all the spaces between the joints. Furthermore, it helps to absorb shock and lubricate joints when the horses run, jump or walk, making them flexible and free from restriction.

As a liquid joint supplement for horses, the LubriSyn boasts a high molecular weight. That means it keeps its high viscosity and is highly efficient at maintaining the joints free from pain and stiffness.

When the horse swallows it, it absorbs and gets to work quickly and easily, helping recreate the degraded joint fluid and making all the tissues that hold the joints run smoothly.

Since hyaluronic acid only lasts in the body for about 36 hours, it’s okay to use it daily. Additionally, it’s safe for pregnant horses or those intended for breeding.

To senior and old horses, the LubriSyn Joint Supplement DOES work great.

As these animals age, the fluid in their body begins to break down. That means their bones have nothing to cushion and they need to join other bones in the joints of knees, paws, and hips. And this makes friction between the bones when they rub together, resulting in pain and inflammation. Even chronic inflammation will lead to arthritis as well as persistent pain.

So, using this product permits your old and senior horses to keep up on hacks and walks, continue training and competing, and get their good sense without feeling discomfort and pain. With powerful yet all-natural ingredients, it helps them live a life full of freedom of movement and the energy they deserve.

After using the LubriSyn, you might notice your horse being supple and in less pain within 7 – 14 days. Since hyaluronic acid is extracted from a microbial source, it’s less likely to fail its effectiveness over time. Also, a tasteless and transparent liquid joint supplement won’t become messy like powered ones or distressing like injections.

The formula of the LubriSyn Joint Supplement can be used as a preventive supplement to protect your animal’s joints. Even it provides freedom and exemplary life of playing and discovering.

So, how much and how often should you give your horse?

It’s best to determine the weight of your horse. If he weighs between 60 and 100 pounds, you should use two teaspoons (5 ml for each). Additionally, you can double the amount for hard-working horses.


  • Suitable for any horses
  • Ideal for not only horses but also cats and dogs
  • It comes in different sizes to choose
  • Ease of use
  • Includes only hyaluronic acid, known as the revolutionary ingredient
  • Lubricates joints and absorbs shock effectively
  • Keeps the joint free from pain and stiffness
  • Prevent common issues in young horses


  • A bit pricey
  • Some claim that they have to wait long to see the effect.


Other brands you should consider

Except for the Best Horse Joint Supplement above, we also focus on two more products that can improve the performance of your horses, especially for their joints.

Take a look below, guys!

Nutramax Cosequin ASU Equine Powder 

Nutramax Cosequin ASU Equine Powder

Your horse works hard, doesn’t he?

And you want to help his body maintain the excellent level that comes with high-impact activities, high intensity, and repetition.

Nutramax Cosequin ASU Equine Powder is one of it

It’s an original formula from the number 1 veterinarian recommended brand for joint support. It has also registered glucosamine and chondroitin formulations and ASU (from soybeans and avocados). These active ingredients are helpful to support joint mobility and protect cartilage.

What’s more, it includes high-purity Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) that helps to alleviate arthritic symptoms and pains like heat and swelling.

Thanks to powder, it’s easy to give the Nutramax Cosequin ASU to the horses. Just measure the right amount and shake it over the top of their meal.

If your horse weighs under 600 pounds, you should use one scoop within 2 – 4 weeks. Please reduce the scoop to the long-term daily feeding (1/2 scoop). In case your horse weighs 600-1200 pounds, apply two scoops for old daily feeding and one spoon for long-term daily feeding.

Since this product offers two different sizes, you can easily decide which suits your demand. And note that it’s only available for horses; avoid using it for other pets, or you should consult your veterinarian carefully.

Check my in-depth review of Nutramax Cosequin for Horses here!

COX VETERINARY Lab Acti Flex Joint Compound Quart

COX VETERINARY Lab Acti Flex Joint Compound Quart

Acti Flex boasts of an advanced equine joint formula made by Cox Veterinary Lab, which can create notable improvement quickly. In some cases, the positive results happened within 48 hours.

The critical substances in this joint supplement for horses can work together to lubricate and repair your horses’ joints and connective issues effectively. Besides, they help strengthen and improve body parts under stress.

Methylsulfonylmethane, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and superoxide dismutase take place naturally in the body and serve the function of repairing tissues and joints.

Among them, MSM supports a powerful ability to enhance sulfur bonds, a fundamental part of all connective tissues. Besides, this product includes vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to optimize bioavailability, antioxidants, and Boswellia serrata to lessen inflammation.

Last but not least, the Acti Flex from COX VETERINARY Lab is affordable. You can get a quart without paying more than $50 and then use it for more than one month. Remember to use 2 oz daily for the loading dose for the first 5-17 days while 1 oz daily for the maintenance dose.

Which best Horse Joint Supplement should I choose?

You definitively know keeping the horse’s joints healthy is a crucial task if you’re still here. It’s because joint issues are one of the most nutritional sources affecting horses during their lifetime.

We choose the LubriSyn Joint Supplement for Canine & Equine with all three reviews of the best above.

This product is ideal for any horse, from young to senior. Even, it DOES work great for dogs and cats. And thanks to the only active ingredient of hyaluronic acid, it can protect your horse against stiffness and discomfort as well as every joint in the body.

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