Top 5 Best Horse Halter on the Market: Reviews of 2023

best horse halter reviewsYou may have bought your horse a bunch of daily necessities, but his wardrobe can’t be completed without the best horse halter.

A halter helps to get your horse under from the field. However, not every halter will do the trick. Only the cream of the crop will fit right on your horse.

There are too many halters on the market claiming to be the best but trust us, we have tried and picked the right ones that you’ll be thankful for.

Best Horse Halter Reviews: Top 5 of 2023

We understand that choosing a horse halter on the Internet can be an intimidating experience due to the sheer class of products out there.

That’s why we came to the game to help you select the one that suits your needs.

1. Knotty Girlz Horse Rope Training Halter

Knotty Girlz Horse Rope Training Halter

The minimalistic design of this good horse halter ensures both style and convenience for your training.

Knotty Girlz Horse Rope Training Halter is recommended by the majority of professional trainers over the world.

With the strong rope material, you can expect that the halter won’t stretch over time.

Recommended by professionals

Seasoned players in the horse world prefer this type of halter.

Knotty Girlz is a reputable brand that comes from the USA with tried and true quality.

Its size also fits standard yearling horses and ponies.

Have a loyal customer base

A lot of customers with a verified purchase report that this horse halter leaves them infatuated.

The Knotty Girlz always supplies them with the best products, making their purchase extremely pleasing.

We’ve purchased 20 of these so far. They have stayed consistent so far and the vibrant colors are beyond attractive. We love the adjustable cord that fits most of our ponies.

High quality – Low cost

As one of the best horse halters, this one from Knotty Girlz is on par with products from Clinton Anderson, without the defeating price.

The two are in essence familiar, from quality to design and comfort.

Choosing Knotty Girlz will surely save you $$$ while providing you with lots of pleasure in use.

Reason to buy

Knotty Girlz is the definite choice if you are an experienced horse owner, or planning to be one.

It will stay in shape over time while saving you a lot of strength and effort controlling the stud.


  • Standard size fits most standard-sized horses
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Used and loved by trainers worldwide
  • Polyester Halter cord with additional knots ensure durability


  • Might be difficult to use for first-time owners.

2. Southwestern Equine 35′ Flat Cotton Web Lunge Line

Southwestern Equine 35' Flat Cotton Web Lunge Line with Bolt Snap & Rubber Stop

This product from Southwestern Equine is a lunge, which means you have to get to the basics to keep your horse controlled.

At 35 feet long, it also features a swivel snap to help you with your lounging experience.


The basic design of superior quality, the lunge has just the right length for any activity you can do with your horse outside of the pen.

Whether the mount is just doing some warm-up or is working out rigorously, the entire lead still swivels around his movements.

Easy to use and master

The halter material is cotton. You can feel the utmost comfort holding it in.

No more worries about the pesky rope burns thanks to the rubber part. It helps assist you when the horse gets overactive.

Even in instances with young horses, the rubber stop also keeps the lunge line from falling out of your hand. That said, you play the leading role no matter what the situation.

Reason to buy

If basic lunging is your hobby, this Southwestern Equine Bolt Snap and Rubber Stop are the ones. It is soft but strong, beautiful but versatile in action.

Such a lunge also lets you show off your horse lunging skills.


  • Made with soft cotton web
  • Rubber stop avoids hurting your equine in case he gets panic
  • Snaps plated with nickel enhance the lounging experience
  • Abundant color options


  • Require lounging skills to use

3. Weaver Leather Original Adjustable Nylon Horse Halter

 Weaver Leather Original Adjustable Nylon Horse Halter

This horse halter is one of the Best Horse Halter wished items. It is made of durable nylon with a triple-ply cheek design for maximum comfort.

Each stress point is stitched in boxes to prevent damage and add strength to the whole structure.

Impeccable craftsmanship

The brand guarantees satisfaction with the finest materials.

This halter is a great choice if your horse tends to be rigorous during the day.

Heavy-weight brass features a solid throat snap so that you can rest assured about superior performance.

Fit for many sizes

The manufacturer knows that not all horses are equal in size. They recommend buyers choose rolled throat on 1-inch horse sizes, and flat throat on the ¾-inch unit, as well as on draft and miniature sizes.

Vibrant colors

Weaver is a horse halter brand that offers aesthetic value to its customers.

This Weaver Leather Original Adjustable Nylon Horse Halter comes in as many as 22 colors, from classic black or brown to bright blue and red.

The shiny brass makes up the locks and straps that stand the test of time.

Be prepared, because your horse will stand out from the rest.

Reason to buy

Weaver makes the top horse halters on the market, and this one is no exception.

The item is of premium quality but only costs you a medium price.

It is supposed to last for a year. You can choose the size that fits your horse, big or small.


  • A wide range of colors
  • Heavy-duty nylon and brass ensure performance
  • Good design
  • Bring comfort to your horse.


  • Made of nylon
  • Vintage fans may not like it

4. Weaver Leather Breakaway Original Adjustable Chin and Throat

Weaver Leather Breakaway Original Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap Halter

Like most best horse halters above, this choice stays loyal with nylon and is 1-inch wide.

With stress points enhanced with box stitches and buckle holes sealed with heat, you can expect it to last a long time.

However, it features a soft burgundy latigo leather crown. This addition helps this halter looks classy and horse-oriented.

Additional Comfort

With its edges rolled to the sides instead of laying flat, the halter won’t dig into your horse’s neck, providing him with a cozy feel.

As it does not pinch your equine’s skin, you will find your baby happy in the accessory for a long period.

Better Design

Compared with older versions, this Weaver Leather halter is made with snaps.

It means that you can combine with the head collar over the ears or buckle it up by the side of the face.

Breakaway crown ensures safety

Horses are strong animals. Nevertheless, they still panic rather easily.

This snap-on halter has a breakaway under the strain so that your hoofed buddy won’t get hurt in freaking situations.

Reason to buy

Although it is updated with breakaways, the design of Weaver Leather Breakaway Original is much more classic than the original version of this brand.

Metal snaps make sure your horse is safe even when he panics. That makes it ideal for people who wish to play with a horse in leisure.


  • Made of premium materials
  • Diverse design with on-trend patterns
  • Durability leaves peace of mind in races


  • Require horse measurements
  • Sizes may not fit

5. Derby Originals English Opulence Series

Derby Originals English Opulence Series - Coventry - Triple Stitch Adjustable Leather Halter - Full & Arab Horse Sizes

This is a pretty, lavished leather halter for a horse made of the best materials and dedicated to your horse’s comfort plus your style in mind.

Snap at throat

As a throw-over-head halter, it gives you instant control of the horse.

When you fasten the strap quickly, there’s no need to struggle with the horse.

Therefore, it is ideal if your buddy likes to gallop around.

Supple leather for comfort

The leather quality is premium so that the halter won’t spin around the horse’s ears and nose.

That brings a lot of blessings for your pony because the nose and ear are sensitive spots.

Amazingly durable

High-quality leather also means this horse halter can fight time. What’s more, the leather only gets softer and suppler as it goes over the years.

Reason to buy

This luxury horse halter will give you instant gratification.

Its significant durability is a huge sell point despite the low price. By buying this halter, you get the best bang out for your buck.


  • The sleek design makes a handsome horse
  • Quality gets better with time
  • Comes in a great color range plus a head collar
  • Easy to use and comfortable for the horse


  • Leather needs maintenance
  • The material can get cracked and brittle

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Horse Halter

1. How to choose the best horse halter for your horse?

A: The first step is to determine the class of your horse. He could be a:

  • Pony
  • Cob
  • Standard-sized horse
  • Draft horse

Each horse is different. Knowing how your horse helps determine his correct measurement. These numbers are essential for choosing the halter online.

When searching the web, remember to use provided filters to narrow your search. That way you will find the right product more quickly.

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2. What types of horse halters are there?

A: The halters come in a variety of styles. Some are for everyday use, some are for show.

The most prevalent styles include:

Nylon Halters: As the most modern version of halters, it is ideal for everyday use. A nylon horse halter is indestructible, colorful, affordable, and easy to clean.  You can wash it in a washing machine just like any towel.

However, because they are stiff, many owners have to cut through the halter in an emergency. The price is lower than leather items, making it a top choice.

Leather Halters: This is also the classier, more luxurious option of halters. Compared to nylon halters, they are more comfortable for the horse because of their softness. On the flip side, leather also requires care to an extent, or else the material will wear out and become brittle.

Breakaway Halters: This category includes nylon halters, leather halters, or a combination of the two materials. The name comes from the connection holding the crownpiece and the cheekpiece is made of snaps or Velcro. The joint will come apart quite easily if the horse panics.

For that reason, the breakaway halter is ideal for meeker horses, not overactive ones. Many owners of well-behaved horses swear by this one.

Rope Halters: This is also the most popular type of horse halter. It provokes the image of cowboys and western riding styles. Today, the majority of trainers and disciplines prefer rope halters. One reason is that they are gentle, yet effective.

However, the knots on the rope are designed to put pressure on the sensitive areas of a horse’s head. Therefore, novice users may cause more harm than good in this category.

3. How to use a halter so I won’t hurt my horse?

A: Any halter can put pressure on your horse’s head. Therefore, you can hurt the horse with any type of halter if there is no experience prior, especially when you are breaking a horse. We recommend you work with a professional trainer to learn how to use a halter before ordering one.

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4. How to clean my halter?

If you use a nylon or rope halter, then you can just toss it in a washing machine like with any clothes. Preferably, wash it with warm or hot water, with a hypo-allergenic laundry agent. Hang to dry.

If you use a leather halter, then a special solution must be used to clean it. You would need some towels along with it. Wait for a sunny day, so you can hang your halter dry and clean!

Bring it on

Buying the best horse halter is no easy feat, but it can be a wonderful journey.

A horse halter is the most basic item in a horse wardrobe, yet an essential piece.

Our editor’s pick should be the Weaver Leather Original Adjustable Nylon Horse Halter. It will satisfy any of your needs regarding its durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

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