Top 3 Best Horse Grooming Kits 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Grooming is among the most important parts of taking care of a horse.

It is the perfect get-together time between you and your horse, a combination of beautifying and bonding.



Grooming horses are much harder than grooming other animals.

Their mane is comparatively large and a good grooming kit would help the process become much easier.

And now, take a closer look at our picks of the best horse grooming kits on the market.

Best horse grooming kits reviews: Top 3 of 2023

1. Derby Premium Comfort 9 Pieces Grooming Kit

Derby Premium Comfort 9 Item Horse Grooming Kit

There are reasons to name this grooming toolset a” comfort” grooming kit.

Providing the most basic tools for grooming while staying lightweight, fashionable, and convenient, Derby Premium Comfort Grooming Kit is indeed a beginner’s dream. Its one of the Best Horse Grooming Kits

With a children-friendly design, the tools are extremely easy to hold, use, clean, and store.

These high-quality brushes can effortlessly survive seasons of camps, pony clubs, and general day-to-day use.

The kit is also considerably budget-friendly, suitable for kids and anyone who wants to try grooming their horse for the first time.


  • Affordable
  • Children-friendly design: colorful and basic
  • Include 9 tools


  • Low-quality bag: loose zippers
  • Brushes can be quite small and weak for long-term purposes

2. Oster Equine Care 7 Pieces Equine Grooming Kit

Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Horse Grooming Kit

This is a take-away grooming kit, one durable choice that you can carry around anywhere.

With a fairly high price point, this sleek and modern kit gives out the most durable product form, with secure hand griffs and a matte finish for packaging.

Though serving all purposes from fast grooming to whole-body grooming, it is extremely travel-ready, packed with everything you need for your beloved horse.

It would work perfectly as a gift for any busy horse breeder or it can be just the starting kit you are looking for the pro-horse breeding journey ahead.


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Suitable as a present


  • High price
  • Not many tools included

3. Weaver Leather Grooming Kit

Weaver Leather Grooming Kit, Black/Beige

This Best Horse Grooming Kits is an all-in-one kit, providing almost everything you need for successful horse grooming.

It is designed to utilize your grooming experience, making grooming easier, faster, and more convenient.

The brushes are shaped to fit comfortably in the hand while looking stylish and sleek.

The bag is very convenient with extra pockets for extra space, a comfortable shoulder strap to carry the kit to any distance, and strong material to last extremely long.

The included products are very basic and with the built-in extra pockets, you can easily carry tools for other purposes as well as carry treats for the horse, which would help to groom more fun in practice.


  • Affordable
  • Include all necessary tools
  • High-quality bag


  • No color selection

What does horse grooming include?

Any basic horse grooming kit should include these 6 primary tools for easy grooming:

  • A body brush with fairly stiff bristles
  • A mane and tail comb
  • A fine soft-bristled finishing brush
  • A curry comb or a grooming mitt
  • A hoof pick
  • A clean sponge or soft cloth

Possible secondary tools for horse grooming would include:

  • Grooming spray
  • Hoof dressing
  • Mane & tail detangler
  • Thrush treatment
  • Swat (fly repellent)
  • Grooming block
  • Hoof ointment

Why would you need a horse grooming kit?

Grooming is an activity that is enjoyable for both you and your horse, a must before any ride to increase the trust level between the horse and you.

Grooming is bonding, given space for your horse to meet you more often and for you to understand your horse better through talking, treating, and cleaning.

The horse’s physical appearance is enhanced for horse shows or other types of competition.

A clean horse is a happy horse.

It is also a good opportunity to check for minor injuries and irritations under their mane, keeping them healthy and beautiful at all times.

Horse mane is comparatively thick and there would also be minor injuries that are hard to identify just by looking.

Living in areas such as fields, barns or warehouses may increase the chance of horses being attacked by insects.

Grooming would help to track these minor symptoms, giving you a more thorough look at your horse’s health status

How do you choose the best horse grooming kits?

There are 3 main things to note when choosing a grooming kit.

1. Included tools

Not all grooming kits would include the tools that you want.

It varies from brand to brand, product lines to product lines, therefore, you need to figure out which tools you need first.

It depends on your grooming habit, your frequency of cleaning, and how familiar you are with grooming.

Of course,

Finding the kit of your dream can be quite difficult and not every kit on the market would include the tools you want.

Prepare to buy extra separate tools if needed.

Save your time and scroll downward for the best grooming kits on the market for diverse purposes.

2. Brush materials

Materials are the key to good tools.

Therefore, each piece in a grooming kit should be made from specific materials in order to utilize their functions.

With different purposes and requirements in the making, here are some recommendations for each horse grooming tool in terms of material:

  • Currycombs: It should be made from rubber or plastic. The hair should be firm enough to do the job but not so hard that it will injure your horse’s skin.
  • Hard (Dandy) brushes: It should be made from synthetic (plastic) or natural fibers (bassine, palmyra, rice root, or union fiber)
  • Soft brushes: It should be made from synthetic (nylon or plastic) or organic (Tampico, union fiber, pig bristle, or horsehair)
  • Body brushes: It should be made from horsehair, goat hair, pig bristle, or plastic
  • Combs: It should be made from plastic, rubber, or metal. Since most grooming tools are prompted to reduce the pain when grooming on horses’ skin, it is advised to avoid metal.

3. The bag or box

Bags are usually the preferred holding unit of the kit since they are handy, lightweight, and easy to carry around.

A good bag would mean a million things when it comes to horse grooming.

Working in such an environment with dirt, the sun, and other characteristics, the kit bag should be durable, easy to clean, and provide straps or such for travel purposes.

There are various other characteristics with the bag or box that you would probably need, depending on how often and where you would use the kit.


Think about what you want at the product for easier searching and choosing process.

FAQs to Best Horse Grooming Kits

Q1: Can I use my normal hair comb to groom my horse?

No, unfortunately.

Since normal combs are made for human hair with other criteria to pay attention to.

Either made of wood or plastic, the comb’s hair would be very hard for horses’ skin, causing serious injuries and irritation if used too frequently and strong.

It is advised to invest in grooming tools for a better process of beautifying your horses.

Q2: How do I properly grooming my horse?

There are many ways to groom your horse, depending on the habit of the breeder.

Here is a basic 7-step procedure for horse grooming:

  • Step 1: Secure your horse
  • Step 2: Use a curry comb to loosen excess dirt and mud
  • Step 3: Use hard and stiff brushes to remove dirt and mud
  • Step 4: Use a soft brush to remove any remaining dirt and mud and to groom sensitive areas
  • Step 5: Use a sponge or cloth to wash your horse’s face
  • Step 6: Use a wide-tooth comb or mane and tail brush to brush out the mane and the tail
  • Step 7: Use a hoof pick to clean your horse’s hooves

Q3: When and how often should I groom my horse?

Horse grooming can be done daily at any time your horse is feeling calmed and relax.

If your horse lives outside in a herd situation and does not wear rugs, the only grooming you need to do is just before you ride him or her.

During those times of the year when horses are shedding, their coat you can do your horse a favor by grooming him or her.

A horse that is living outside does not necessarily have to have its feet picked out every day. It is quite natural for the soil to build up in the hooves.

Q4: Which one is more preferred: to buy seperate grooming tools or to buy a full grooming kit?

This mainly depends on your needs purposes when buying this specific type of tool.

If you are new to grooming, it is advised to buy a whole kit since a single purchase of these tools requires knowledge and prior experience.

It can take a lot of time researching to form a perfect kit using products from multiple brands at the beginning.

If you have already had somewhat experiences with grooming, trying out new tools would be much easier to choose the right tool for your own grooming habit.

On a final note

That was some detailed information on horse grooming as well as the best horse grooming kits in 2023.

Hope this article would come in handy along with your grooming journey.

Thanks for your reading and see you on another topic such as:

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