Top 5 Best Horse Fly Traps Of 2023, Factors To Consider

Horses are easily irritated by flies, bugs, and biting insects. It is essential to invest in a system, such as a horse fly trap, to take care of your beloved horse.

A horse fly trap is considered the best outdoor horse fly control system, which stops horse flies and wasps.

However, I understand that you may be struggling to search for the best horse fly trap. Let me help you deal with this problem!

In this below article, I present to you and review the 5 best horse fly traps in my opinion so that you can have a better choice.

best horse fly trap reviews

#1: BUG BALL Horse Fly Trap

BUG BALL Horse Fly Trap

This 18-inch PVC Ball coated with sticky bait all around can trap horse flies, yellow flies, and deer flies.

The bait helps to get flies to stick to the ball. However, you have to accept that it is hard to clean and you need to dispose of it often.

There are two big balls, one can of Tangle-trap sticky coating, and one inflation needle to blow the ball.

Here is how to use it:

  • Blow up the ball
  • Hang it in an open area so that it can be warmed by the sunlight to attract flies
  • Apply the sticky coating all around the ball


  • Can be hung
  • Weather resistant
  • No pesticides or electricity.
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Difficult to clean or reuse
  • Maybe replaced more often

#2: RESCUE! Disposable Non-Toxic Fly Trap

RESCUE! Disposable Non-Toxic Fly Trap


This effective trap can catch up to 20,000 flies during its use. The trap works well even in heavily infested areas.

You do not have to touch the bait of flies. When the trap is full, just put the entire trap in a bag and throw it away.

I completely trust in the safety of the product because there are no poisons or killing agents in the trap.

Using the trap is simple. Please, follow these instructions:

  • Cut the plastic along the top cap along the dotted line.
  • Pull open the cap and attach the string wire to hang it.
  • Add water to the fill line at the back of the bag.

Now, hang it outdoors, and the scent automatically attracts the flies. When the flies go inside the bag, they cannot escape and stay there until they die.

You can watch the visual instruction here:


  • Easy to use and dispose of
  • Clean and safe
  • Highly effective
  • Disposable when it is full


  • Strong odor: Make sure to put it away from your doors, windows, or outdoor activity area.
  • No hanging string available with the product: That means you have to prepare the string yourself.

#3: Sutify Fly Trap Garden Ranch Orchard Trap

The outstanding feature of the trap is there are no toxic ingredients. Instead, it uses natural components that are irresistible to flies.

The bait can attract thousands of flies, both male and female! There is no doubt that it is one of the most effective traps I have used.

Like the above fly traps, activating the trap is as easy.

All you need to do is add water to the bait and place or hang the trap outside. The fly trap takes one day to activate and then remains valid for 30 days!

This fly trap is also among the top traps with the most longevity. After 30 days, just take down the entire trap, put it in a bag, and throw it away.

The advice is that you should not dismantle the trap if you do not want dead flies on your hands!


  • Easy to use and dispose of
  • Longevity
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Effective
  • Can be used anywhere


  • May attract unwanted nuisances

#4: Bite-Lite H-Trap Horse Fly Control System

Bite-Lite H-Trap Horse Fly Control System

The Bite-Lite H-Trap professional horse flies control system is a modern solution for trapping multiple species of pests, such as horse flies, deer flies, and yellow flies to the thermal ball.

Because horse flies fly in a vertical direction, the green conical hood guides them upwards into the collection bin at the top of the trap. The horse fly cannot escape and die of dehydration or drown if you fill the bin with water.

It is proven to be very useful in protecting people, horses, and cattle.

Look at the trap! It has one leg and other parts, which are easy to set up.

I love this product because it traps horse flies without chemicals or electricity.

Also, it is weather and wind-resistant; therefore, it is suitable in any location.

You can check my in-depth Bite-Lite Horse fly trap review here!


  • Easily movable
  • Weather and wind-resistant
  • Two years of warranty


  • Ineffective with horn fly and stable fly
  • The ball must be warm enough to attract flies.

#5: RESCUE! Non-Toxic Reusable POP Fly Trap

RESCUE! Non-Toxic Reusable POP Fly Trap

Another trap from RESCUE!

It can hold up to 40,000 flies during one use! The scent will lure hundreds of nuisance or flies into the trap.

The RESCUE! POP fly trap includes a packet of water-soluble attractant inside a foil pouch. The trap set-up is easy!

  • Unscrew the lid and remove the foil pouch
  • Put the inner attractant into the trap
  • Add water to the fill line. In the water, the pouch will dissolve itself
  • Put the lid on and pull it up to let flies in
  • Place the trap on any surface or hang it if you have string wire.

The trap is safe, too because there are no poisons and killing ingredients. The flies die naturally by drowning in the water.

One plus point! It can be reusable and recyclable. You can buy refill attractants to reuse the trap over and over. And the bottle is recyclable plastic.

You can see more in this instruction video:


  • Super useful, clean, and safe
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to buy attractant refills


  • Strong smell

How To Choose The Best Horse Fly Trap?

Here are some points you should consider to find the best-suited one.


This is very important.

Natural baits are highly effective, but they also release strong odors to imitate the horse flies’ food.

Meanwhile, synthetic and sticky baits may not be smelly, but they are less effective and harder to reuse.


The container keeps the flies inside and prevents them from escaping. In many traps, the container is in a simple form, like a disposable bag or plastic bin. In other traps, it needs to be covered with a sticky coating.

Another problem is when the trap is full. Can you clean and reuse the trap, or dispose of it and set up a new one?


If you have to replace the trap usually, you can choose a cheaper and disposable trap. In contrast, using traps with a great lifespan, you only need to clean it to reuse and reset the bait.

How to put up the trap

You also have to know that the trap needs hanging or merely placed on a flat surface.

Classification Of Horse Fly Traps

  • Odor trap – using attractants to lure and trap flies.
  • Sticky trap –  using visual cues like shapes and colors to attract and catch flies.
  • Biting fly trap – used to catch biting stable flies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I use the horse fly trap? How does the trap work?

I’ve already mentioned the detailed usage of each trap and how it works above. In case you are still worried, the product has instructions on its label.

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Q2: When and where should I put up the horse fly trap?

Horse flies will appear around late spring/ early summer (around April), and the female horse fly will then start looking for blood. Therefore, you should set up the trap before this starts happening.

If you live in an area with a warm climate, you should set the horse fly traps earlier because they will emerge earlier.

If you want to place your horse fly trap near where the animals place, you should put it outside a paddock or cattle yard so that a fence can protect it.

Otherwise, your horses may go to the trap and damage it, or hurt themselves.

Q3: When should I break down the horse fly trap?

At the end of the season, like late autumn, you should get rid of the horse fly trap, clean it and store it indoors to use next year. This time, the number of horse flies will start to decrease.

To sum up

There is a fact that not all horse fly traps are effective. Therefore, you have to be w to choose the trap that is best suits your need and situation.

If you invest in horse fly traps of high quality, you will never be disappointed with how it works.

Let me run through the five products again!

The BUG BALL Horse Fly Trap will be suitable for you if you are finding an environmentally friendly solution.

If you do not like a large and sticky trap, choose the Flies B Gone Fly Trap. It has a reasonable price and can be used anywhere!

Although the RESCUE! Non-Toxic horse fly traps have a quite bad smell, they are incredibly useful in catching flies.

The Bite-Lite H-Trap fly trap has the highest price on this list. However, it is a very powerful and professional standing trap, and it requires little maintenance.

I hope with my suggestion, you will find the best horse fly traps for yourself.

When you take care of them, you will see how horses show affection to you!

Thank you for reading.

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