Top 5 Best Horse Fly Masks in 2021: Reviews by Horseislove

Horse fly masks can protect your horse’s face, eyes, and ears from annoying things such as dust and insects.

best horse fly masks reviews

There are some kinds of bugs that irritate your horse and cause infection or allergies because the skin around its face is sensitive.

One more fact!

Some horses may be sensitive to sunlight. However, it is not a problem when fly masks can provide UV sun protection.

Choosing the best horse fly masks helps you enjoy those benefits to the fullest. In this article, I will give you in-depth Reviews of Top 5 masks on the Market based on their price and ratings.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Horse Fly Masks in 2021

Product Price Our Rating
Kensington Fly Mask With Fleece Trim $$$$ 4.8/5
Derby UV-Blocker Premium Reflective Horse Fly Mask With Ears And Nose Fringe $$ 4.7/5
Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask $$$$$ 4.5/5
EquiVizor Horse Fly Mask With Nose Protection $$$ 4.3/5
Farnam Supermask II Shimmer Weave Horse Fly Mask $ 4.1/5

For the quick decision, if you want a comfortable horse fly mask with fashionable design and pretty colors, Kensington fly mask and Farnam Supermask II are perfect.

If you need full face protection, choose Cashel Crusader fly mask.

EquiVizor fly mask is suitable for those who want nose protection and modern design, and Derby mask will be ideal as a great fly mask with ear and nose protection.

And now, let’s go to the detailed review of each product!

#1: Kensington Fly Mask With Fleece Trim

Kensington Fly Mask With Fleece Trim

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Describe this product in two words? Protection and comfort! The fly mask with a fleece trim keeps it soft against your horse’s face, thus preventing painful rubbing.

In terms of function, it can protect your horse’s face and eyes from insect bites, infections and UV rays while allowing full visibility.

Woven with PVC coated polyester mesh fabric, Kensington fly mask is very air permeable and non-heat transferring.

The fly mask has various sizes: Medium – Cob/ Arabian (700 – 900 lbs), Large – Full Horse (900 – 1200 lbs), and XL – Oversize/ Warmblood (1200 – 1500 lbs).

Thanks to the adjustable chin strap using a double locking system, the fly mask does not slip out of place but still brings comfort to your horse.

All Kensington products are strictly tested at the headquarters in Southern California. They are made to withstand daily stresses, heat exposure as well as extreme conditions.


  • Multiple sizes
  • Full visibility
  • UV ray protection
  • Durable textilene material and perfect design
  • Attractive appearance


  • The fleece trim may make the horse hot or irritated.

#2: Derby UV-Blocker Premium Reflective Horse Fly Mask With Ears And Nose Fringe

Derby UV-Blocker Premium Reflective Horse Fly Mask With Ears And Nose Fringe

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Like other fly masks, it is designed to keep flies and other biting bugs away from your horse’s face, eyes and ears. The fly mask is made of a soft fine mesh and the soft ear covers are made of coated nylon mesh.

Besides, this fly mask can protect your horse’s eyes and sensitive skin by blocking up to 75 percent of harmful UV sun rays.

If you have average horses or light colored eyed horses, choose this one.

The fly mask from Derby Originals has various sizes for you to choose: Small – Pony (500-700 lbs), Medium – Cob/ Arabian, Large – Full Horse (900-1100 lbs), and XL – Oversize/ Warmblood (1100-1300 lbs).

It also offers six appealing colors: black, black with safety yellow, purple, pink, white, and patriotic design with the US flag pattern.

With fleece around the edge, a Derby horse fly mask helps to prevent rubs or irritating.

Besides the fleece and nose fringe, it is the first horse fly mask in the US having a reflective trim and secure double Velcro closure.

It also features a nose fringe that swats away the flies, keeps the mask always breathable, and out of the way while your horse bends down to eat or drink.


  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Ultimate protection
  • Comfortable material
  • Innovative design
  • One year of warranty


  • The material between the ears may be fragile to some horses

#3: Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask

Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask  

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Cashel Crusader horse Fly mask is proudly ranked number 1 by clinicians and equine publications for design and fit.

Original Crusader offers customers various styles: both with ears and without ears.

Of course, the primary function of the mask is providing stellar protection from flies and biting insects.

Especially, the style with ears and long nose can bring extra protection. Due to the ear covers, your horse’s ears and nose will also be safe from biting insects but still stay cool in hot weather.

Made of coated nylon micro-mesh, the fly mask can block up to 70 percent of harmful UV sun rays. So you do not have to worry if you have a horse with skin or eyes that are sensitive to sunlight.

The three-hole design has a split-top opening. This means the forelock can be free from the mask, thus causing no discomfort because of hair dropping into your horse’s eyes behind the mask.


  • Diversified styles
  • Full protection
  • Good visibility
  • Three-hole design


  • The mask may be a little too long.
  • The actual size may be larger than the size table.

#4: EquiVizor Horse Fly Mask With Nose Protection

EquiVizor Horse Fly Mask With Nose Protection

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Do you know that this EquiVizor model is the fly mask with the highest UV protection – 95 percent? Therefore, sunburns and even cancer can be prevented.

Made of a soft EVA lining and UV proof PVC mesh, the fly mask also keeps the forehead cool and increases shade to the eyes.

Particularly, it features superior triple-dart Vizor design. It means three darts located across the forehead. The unique design keeps the mask always up and prevents it from falling on the horse’s eyes.

This characteristic also makes EquiVizor horse fly mask different from other traditional ones.

One more thing! There are two adjustable straps for a better fit. The strap system of the mask features two adjustable straps: one over the head behind the ears and the other under the throat.

The two straps are along with a Velcro strap under the chin.

This design helps to fit your horse better as well as preventing the mask from removing off the horse’s face.


  • Highest UV protection
  • More choices of size
  • Superior triple-dart Vizor design
  • Safety break-away clips


  • Limited choices of color

#5: Farnam Supermask II Shimmer Weave Horse Fly Mask

Farnam Supermask II Shimmer Weave Horse Fly Mask

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The Farnam Supermask II Shimmer Weave Horse Fly Mask can satisfy your demand for function and fashion.

Choose the combination of trim and weave color best suited to reflect your horse’s natural color! There are many choices for you: Copper/ Black trim, Copper/ Cheetah trim, Silver/ Black trim, and Silver/ Lynx trim.

In terms of security, the mesh is made with a secure fit double-latch closure. It is located under the jaw; therefore, it is impossible for other horses to reach it.

And you do not have to worry about the protection! The mask with plush and fly-proof trim keeps flies away from your horse’s eyes and faces. Besides, it blocks harmful UV sun rays.

The see-through mesh will not cause any obstruction to the vision.


  • High fashion
  • Double-latch closure for double security
  • Good visibility
  • High protection and comfortable material


  • The size may not fit some horse breeds.

How To Choose The Best Horse Fly Masks?

Now, let’s choose the best horse fly mask for you! Here are some basic points you need to consider before making a decision:

Consider your need

Do you need full face protection, with or without ear protection?

Make sure the fly mask fits your horse well

This is very important because only the mask with the right size can bring your horse the ultimate comfort. Do not select the fly mask that is too tight or too loose.

Consider the material of the fly mask

The material of the fly mask must also be taken into consideration. The mask should be made of non-abrasive material with soft linings. Otherwise, your horse has to suffer from irritations or harsh rubbing.

Do not waste money on the cheapest product

I know everything about a low price is attractive! In fact, buying the cheapest fly mask prove to be more costly and less effective because it will likely cause more damages.

You can read our reviews and tips to make a better decision!

horse needs fly mask

Horses really need a good fly mask

Types Of Horse Fly Masks

There are three main types of horse fly masks on the market:

  • Full face fly mask – used if your horse is extremely sensitive to flies, or if you need full protection.
  • Fly mask with ears – remember to choose the one that fits the horse’s ears.
  • Fly mask without ears – used for horses that are annoyed when their ears are handled.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I maintain the horse fly masks in good condition?

Keeping your horse fly mask clean is very important. You should make a schedule when to clean the mask and strictly follow it.

Otherwise, dirt and debris from the grimy fly mask may fall into the eyes or stick to the skin. Therefore, your horse will quickly suffer from eye injuries or skin infections.

Check for any possible damage as well. If the fly mask is ripped off or torn, it can let flying insects in. The damaged part of the mask may also irritate your horse, especially the eyes.

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2. How do I know the fly mask fits my horse well?

Here are some points to check whether it fits your horse or not:

  • Ear coverings

Make sure there is enough room for the horse to flip and move its ears without any obstruction.

If the ear coverings are too tight, skin irritations due to harsh rubbing are unavoidable.

  • Eyes

This is a crucial stage of checking! If the fly mask sticks too tightly around the horse’s eye, it is not a protector anymore. More seriously, the fly mask can cause painful abrasions to the eyeball.

It is wise to let the fabric of the mask give a distance to the eyelashes. When you fasten the mask, look carefully from the front, rear and two sides of your horse’s head to make sure it stands out away from the eyes.

  • Muzzle

The lower edge of the fly mask needs to reach from 1 to 1.2 inches below the bottom of the cheekbone.

3. How do I use the horse fly mask? How do I keep it on my horse?

First, let your horse get comfortable with the mask. Do not worry whether your horse is scared of the mask for the first time! You can rub the fly mask over your horse’s face.

If your horse finds no problem with the mask, hang the mask on an ear. Take this step from both of his ears.

Do you know that many young horses can be sensitive when someone touches their ears? Well, this step helps you to make sure that your horse is comfortable about having the ears handled.

If your horse does not let you touch the ears, you may want to practice with your hand or a soft rag.

Now, pull the mask around your horse’s face. If this is your first time, do it slowly and smoothly.

In case the horse feels uncomfortable or afraid of wearing the mask, rub the mask over your horse’s face again to make sure that the horse is completely relaxed and comfortable.

We come to the last step – fastening the mask. Try opening and closing the Velcro without fastening the mask so that you can check if your horse is comfortable with the Velcro sound or not. Then fasten the Velcro.


In conclusion, I highly recommend you choose a high-quality fly mask. Because it can bring comfort without rubbing, protect the most sensitive parts of the horse’s face from insects and sun rays, and prevent diseases.

I hope with my list of best horse fly masks above, you can find the most suitable one for your equine!

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Thank you for reading!

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