The Best Horse Ear Plugs On The Market Review 2023

Do you look for the Best Horse Ear Plugs? It sounds a bit confusing, right? It is not as if your horse often has to live with snoring partners or deal with ear-splitting sounds. So, why does your horse need earplugs?

Imagine you are in a fiercer race, but your horse is too sensitive to all the sounds around. He startles easily and even goes crazy in the arena because of the noise. At that time, what will you do? Well, earplugs will be the perfect solution to this problem.

Earplugs work to reduce noise, preventing your horse from getting distracted or frightened by sounds. So, you find them great and want to invest in earplugs for your horse but do not know where to start. Do not worry, we are here to help you.

best horse ear plugs review

We have done a lot of research as well as consulted thousands of customer reviews and finally, picked up the best horse ear plugs on the market – Equine Healthcare International POMMS Ear Plugs. Besides an in-depth review, we also give you instructions on how to use this product, so keep reading!

The Best Horse Ear Plugs Review

Equine Healthcare International POMMS Ear Plugs

Equine Healthcare International POMMS Ear Plugs

These earplugs look very simple but can be a lifesaver in many situations. The horse’s hearing is much better than the human’s. It may be a survival advantage in the wild but sometimes makes your horse distracted and panicked.

The primary function of Equine Ear Plugs is to significantly reduce loud noise, allowing your horse to hear normal tones.

The simple yet comfortable design of these earplugs can even protect the horse’s sensitive ears from water, wind, dirt, and debris. They also help the horse relax by stimulating acupressure points in the inner ear.

When it comes to pros, what we highly appreciate about this product is its construction. Equine Ear Plugs are made of foam that can contract or expand to fit a variety of different size ears.

One more thing, if manufacturers use plastic or hard materials instead of foam, the earplugs can fall out easily. Fortunately, Equine Ear Plugs do not – foam construction offers excellent fixation. There is nothing worse than having an earplug falls out, and your horse can go crazy because of the unexpected noise.

These earplugs are light and almost invisible. They are simple black foam pieces so no one else but you know your horse is wearing them. Their weight is so light that the horse did not even know.

However, due to their super simple design and lightweight, many people worry about how to store them. They will easily get lost somewhere that can drive you crazy to find where they are.

But do not worry! This product comes with a handy plastic tube to keep them safe and sound. When you do not need to use these earplugs anymore, put them in the tube – that’s all.

The only downside is that its price seems a bit expensive. They are just small black foam balls, and some people find it hard to believe it’s a relatively high price in the list of best horse earplugs

However, at that price, this product is worth the investment; plus excellent performance, Equine Healthcare International POMMS Ear Plugs are worth purchasing.


  • Excellent performance – protects your horse’s ears from loud noise, water, wind dirt, and debris
  • Outstanding foam construction – fits a variety of different size ears
  • High durability – deserves the money
  • Handy plastic tube – keeps earplugs always safe


  • A bit pricey

How To Put Ear Plugs In A Sensitive Horse

For horses that are sensitive to sound, earplugs will be a great solution. However, putting the earplug in and taking them out without hurting your horse could be a problem.

Learning to put the earplugs requires practice, but it is not too difficult. The hardest part is getting your horse to cooperate and training him to accept earplugs.

Some horses do not care about having earplugs put in, but some are very shy. In either case, you need to be patient, work slowly, and make it a part of your horse’s life.

Start with the basic ear handling during grooming, lingering on the ears a little longer than usual. Then, you slowly put earplugs in the horse’s ears and fix them. During putting in, if your horse gets resists or is nervous, stop right away. And, give him carrots at the end.

Remember that some horses seem perfectly fine when you put the earplugs in, but keeping them is another story. Some of them will continuously shake their head to get rid of unpleasant earplugs. Be patient and continue schooling your horse until he accepts the procedure calmly.

Do Racing Horse Wear Earplugs?

Yes, of course.

As we mentioned above, horses have a wider range of hearing sensitivity than humans. While we often hear from 20 to 20,000 Hertz, horses can hear out to 35,000 Hertz. A lot of sounds humans cannot hear, but horses can.

On the track, the horse needs certain alertness for the best performance; however, cheering fans, cracking whips, etc. – all create a noisy sound. Your horse becomes nervous, loses focus, and could not perform as well as expected.

So, racing horses need to wear earplugs. These earplugs will reduce noise, helping the horse focus on the race.

The Bottom Lines of best horse ear plugs

Horses are predators, so they are very sensitive to sound. In order to protect your horse from unexpected sounds and keep him focused, earplugs are a perfect choice.

If you are looking for the best ear plugs for horses, Equine Healthcare International POMMS Ear Plugs is our pick.

With simple design, superior construction, and super lightweight, this product is worth buying. They are ideal to use on sensitive horses who often have to compete or attend big events where the noise is much louder.

Have you used this product yet? Do you find it useful? If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comment section. Thank you for reading!


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