Top 5 Best Horse Boots For Trail Riding of 2023: Reviews & Buyer Guide

Caring for a horse has never been a piece of cake. There are loads of things to pay attention to, among which are the horse’s hoof boots.

The Best Horse Boots For Trail Riding offer the necessary traction and grip force on slippery surfaces, protect, and provide comfort to the horse barefoot.


But how to choose the best ones among a wide variety of products on the market nowadays?

Don’t worry because we’ve come to your rescue! Follow us closely to gain insight into the Best Horse Boots For Trail Riding guide so as to make the right decision.

Top 5 Best Horse Boots For Trail Riding Reviews 2023

#1: Easyboot Trail

EasyCare Easyboot Trail

The product is a perfect match for a beginner rider with less than 25 miles per week. This type of boot is also most favored by its application and removal.

A fancy-painted front cover helps to avoid scratches and fading colors, as well as prolong the trail boot’s lifespan.

Besides, a modern invention of the Snug Strap has succeeded in getting rid of manual attachment. Snug Strap is designed with a simple screw-on feature, making the hoof boots easier to change direction from left to right, remove and replace.

Concerning that the boots may slip off the horseshoes while running? The double Velcro loop attachment will take care of that matter because it’s made especially for protecting the hoof wall and securing the boot.

Thanks to high-quality loop Velcro and grade hook, dirty mud and debris have no longer become a problem, making the ride more enjoyable and comfortable.

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If you are into casual riding of up to 25 miles per week, Easyboot Trail is a great companion in supporting and protecting the sensitive parts of the hoofs.

Besides, durable and versatile material brings comfort to your horse for many hours of riding on challenging surfaces.


  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Hard polyurethane outsole and integrated fancy-painted front shield provide protection to the most exposed areas
  • Drainage small holes in the bottom keep the hoofs cool and dry during humid weather
  • Tread Pattern offers effective traction and grip on muddy fields and slimy surfaces
  • A wide selection of prices and sizes


  • A bulky design makes it harder for the horse to maneuver in

#2: Easyboot Glove

EasyCare Easyboot Glove Hoof Boot

Easyboot Glove leads horse riders into a world of well-maintained and well-supported hoof boots. Your horse will feel absolute comfort when these boots embrace their hoofs in a fitful way like real skin.

Moreover, the two idea features – flexibility and toughness – provide effective traction to the hoofs while allowing free movements.

There is also no need to worry about the annoying feelings of grass and tree sticks getting inside the hoofs because they don’t come with external hardware. Also, because the hoofs are covered with high-quality material, debris hardly finds any way in even under sandy and muddy weather conditions.

Not to mention the elastic cups attached at the back of the gaiter is of great help in dividing the balance and strength of the horse as well as its strides equally.

In short, Easyboot Glove is a perfect product for riding on rugged, muddy, and hilly terraces. It’s one of the Best Horse Boots For Trail Riding


  • Easy to remove and put on
  • Provide good protection for the hoofs
  • Quick clean up: throw them in water
  • Reuse many times


  • Some may fall off during riding if being exposed to excessive heat
  • Debris is likely to get into the hoofs if they are the wrong size
  • The heels are the most rubbed areas but it’s no longer a big problem now when there are many methods to prevent the seizure.
  • Look out for heavy mud finding its way into the gaiter’s Velcro. In this case, use duct tape around the gaiter to stop that annoyance.

#3:Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot for Horses.

Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot for Horses

This multifunctional hoof boot is an effective “sidekick” of your horse’s hooves on rough surfaces.

When using Cavallo Simple boots, your horse will be specially treated with many benefits, from offering comfort for hoof sensitivity, and quickening rehabilitation of injuries to soothing sole bruising.

In terms of material, Cavallo Simple has created a whole new level by using high-quality leather as the main material for its boots. Besides, ample cushioning inside another layer of leather is a perfect addition to the boot’s impressive durability.

Thus, the boot’s lifespan can last for years because of guaranteed materials.

Regarding the boot’s usage, you can rest assured that it can be worn on a great number of terrain types with ease. However, there are no special features or designs on this boot. But this can be a good thing because it widens the variety of terrains that the boot can work on.

One of the most amazing things about this boot is that it has a layer of rubber packed in the thick outsole, increasing the ability of the boot to deal with every type of terrain.

When it comes to prices, a Cavallo Simple boot is a little bit pricier than the other two types of boots mentioned earlier. But with its material and performance, it’s worth opening your wallet.

It’s almost impossible that a low price can go with a top-notch product made from high-quality leather. You will soon see the price is more or less important when compared to the boot’s materials and effective performance. Let’s think about this simple comparison: all-terrain boots vs terrain boots. Which one appears more attractive?

All-terrain boots refer to those which can provide smooth performance on every terrain, thus helping to save a good deal amount of money in the long term. What a cost-effective product!

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  • All-surface usage
  • Leather-made upper
  • Flexible tread
  • Various Velcro closures


  • Quite expensive

#4:Kavallerie PRO-K Support Boots for Horses

Kavallerie PRO-K Soft No Turn Bell Boots Ultimate Hoof Protection

Let me introduce you to a totally different type of boot – Kavallerie PRO-K Support Boot. You can easily spot the difference in its design.

Unlike the three-hoof boots above which cover the hooves, this type of boot stands out with two opening holes on both sides. These openings work as risk-reducing features of placing steps wrongly. Let’s discover how they do that!

Firstly, the introduction of triple-lock Velcro has saved many horses from unwanted injuries. This type of lock not only offers a secure hold on the horse’s hoof but also is easy to adjust to different hooves sizes.

Besides, the hoof needs to meet the required length so as to cover the whole foot as well as stay firm enough to avoid risky movements.

Secondly, the shock-resistant feature of this boot also attracts a great number of buyers because of its absolute comfort and effective protection of the hoof. This revolutionary feature includes a comfortable pad at the forefront, enabling the horse to move at a wider range.

Thirdly, the boot comes at an attractive price, not too expensive but not too cheap either. Grab one of these impressive Best Horse Boots For Trail Riding before the price goes up, horse owners! The price is about to increase because of the boot’s outstanding and unique features.


  • Increases stability to the hoof
  • Good support for weight
  • Lightweight -> easy to carry and wear
  • High-quality cushioning pad -> reduces vibration
  • A wide range of hook and loop closures


  • A limited selection of sizes and colors

#5: Tough 1 Hoof Saver Boot

Tough 1 Hoof Saver Boot

The boot catches your attention immediately by its eye-catching blue royal color and its special name – Hoof Saver. Let’s discover how this boot saves your horse’s hoof.

Firstly, the Tough 1 brand has succeeded in creating a hoof boot with therapeutic qualities. The boot is designed to keep all types of hoof medication, making the caring process of owners much simpler.

The best thing about this feature is that your horse doesn’t have to end up lying in one place miserably but feel free to move around while their hooves are in a healing process.

Secondly, a triple-layer design is also another big plus of this Hoof Saver Boot. The added layers make the hoot thicker and more stable than other similar products of this type. Speaking of the horse’s vulnerable hoof, it’s understandable to have an extra layer, meaning extra protection, to protect the hoof from any potential damage.

Thirdly, the price of the Hoof Boot Saver is insignificant, which means it’s one of the cheapest hoof boots out there on the market. You can both enjoy the boot’s great service and save a lot of money.


  • One of the lowest hoof boots price
  • Quicken the healing process
  • Effective protective features


  • Limited sizing options
  • The short lifespan of Velcro

How to Choose the Best Horse Boots For Trail Riding?

With the top 5 boots mentioned above, the task of finding a suitable pair for your horse has become easier than ever. But before jumping into any type of rushed decision, let’s look at some important criteria when shopping for a hoof boot.

Easy removal and installation

I’m sure that you don’t want to spend hours after hours figuring out how to take the boot off or put it on. Thus, make sure to keep an eye out for boots equipped with a simple closure system, among which is Velcro.

This type of closure is highly beneficial because it not only helps to save plenty of time for removing and installing but also has the ability to easily adjust to fit your horse’s hoof without affecting its performance.


It’s unavoidable that with all the rugged and rough ridings, your horse’s hoof boot is likely to go through a common process of wear and tear. Therefore, choose a boot that is as durable as possible.

Pay attention to the two most important factors when it comes to testing the boot’s durability

  • Quality of tread: The thicker the tread is, the longer time the boot wears out
  • Quality of material: Remember to go for high-quality materials because they are more beneficial and economical in the long run.


Size is considered the most crucial factor when you are shopping for a hoof boot. The perfect size is the one that provides a complete fitting for the horse’s hoof, ensures comfort and protection, as well as enables the horse to move freely.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many types of hoof protection?

Numerous! Similar to traditional shoes, hoof protection comes in a wide variety of types, depending on different terrains and functionality.

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Q2: What is the role of hoof protection?

Apart from its main role of protecting the horse’s hooves, hoof protection also include some outstanding healing properties to prevent lameness.

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Q3: What is the best hoof boot type for jumping?

All of the top 5 products listed above work well for jumping. As long as their design is lightweight and their material is of high quality, these boots will make you feel satisfied with their performance.

Q4: What is the best hoof boot brand on the market?

Hmm, it’s hard to come up with the most satisfactory answer. Most of the brands I have mentioned in this article can become a good example and verification when shopping for a hoof boot. The answer to this question, I believe, depends on the type of activities you and your horse like to involve in.

The Time Has Come!

Hoping that our list of the Best Horse Boots For Trail Riding will be of great help to you when making your decision.

An ideal product must be one designed to provide protection and comfort to the horse’s hooves. Not to mention that it also has to be cost-effective and long-lasting.

If you ask us, we highly recommend the Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot. Being one of the best hoof boots on the market nowadays, its all-terrain feature and leather-made material contribute to making the product a new best friend to your horse.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if any queries arise because we’re available 24/7!

Thanks for reading and hope you succeed on your journey to find the best hoof boot.


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