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A horse blanket will provide your horse with effective insulation when the temperature drops low. From the thickest blankets to the most fashionable ones, below are in-depth reviews of the top 5 best horse blankets for your 4-legged companion.


Top 5 Best Horse Blankets Reviews 2023

Let’s go into the details of each product!

#1:Weatherbeeta Freestyle 1200 High Neck Medium

It would be a great mistake not to mention Freestyle from Weatherbeeta in the list of best horse blankets.

Thanks to the blanket’s breathability and waterproof feature coming from 1200 denier triple weave, your horse will be much more comfortable during winter.

It also comes with a very suitable snug, providing absolute warmth. Moreover, with rust-resistant accessories, the blanket is built to last under proper care and maintenance.

Besides, the neck attachment is quite long and removable, which helps to prevent your horse from chewing and destroying things.

A double Velcro works as a seamless connection between the hood and the blanket, making the task of putting on and removing the blanket easier and avoiding the problem of broken zippers.

Firm buckles and snaps on the chest closure with two rings offer more adjustable abilities. A variety of outstanding and eye-catching colors is another big plus of this blanket.

The high-quality blanket is suitable for most horse shapes (from medium to large) and is easy to clean with detergent.


  • A removable neck works well under all weather conditions
  • Easy adjustment for a complete comfort
  • Top-notch hardware
  • Well-designed and durable Velcro fasteners
  • Waterproof resistance for heavy materials


  • The chest lacks Velcro
  • Expensive

#2:Horseware Rambo Turnout Wug Sheet.

The second-best horse blanket on this list is definitely the Rambo Wug Turnout. Again, 100D ballistic nylon creates this attractive purple colored cover.

This blanket promises to bring impressive durability and iconic style with Vari-Layer technology, whose thermobonded fiberfill focuses on providing a perfect balance between warmth and weight to the needed areas on your horse’s body.

Also, Rambo Wug goes with a high-neck design, allowing your horse to move freely and protect itself better. A never-outdated classic design with reflective strips is of great help in enhancing visibility.

When it comes to the blanket’s fabric quality, you will rest assured that it’s not only breathable and water-resistant but also absorbs moisture and sweat out of your horse’s fur, ensuring warm, cool, and comfortable wear.

The V-shaped front chest closure is carefully constructed to reduce pressure on the horse’s shoulders and offers a stable shape.

All of these features have contributed greatly to the “birth” of a wonderful horse blanket. Easy to use, durable, comfortable, protective, and less maintenance are attractive benefits you will get from this blanket.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy application
  • Breathable and water-resistant material


  • Limited in size (only for large horses)
  • Limited in colors (dark brown – hard to notice in the dark)
  • Lack of padding

#3: WB Freestyle 1200 Standard Neck Medium

WB Freestyle 1200 Standard Neck Medium

Let’s get familiar with another high-quality product from Weatherbeeta (WB), the Freestyle 1200 Standard Neck Medium – the third choice on the list of best horse blankets.

The blanket is famous for being made of 210D oxford polyester lining cuff, offering your horse’s chest maximum protection.

An enduring and suitable design is ideal for going out for a ride if you are the right size. If so, say goodbye to sores, tears, scratches, and any other annoying problems that may happen to your horse. The design also includes a Cupped Shoulder Dart feature sewn onto the outer layer around the horse’s shoulders, creating cupping and avoiding friction.

In addition, this blanket comes with comfortable padding on the chest and pain relief pads for absolute protection. A wrap tail flap with bigger sizes than normal flaps puts the final touch on this amazing invention by offering coverage from wind and rain.

Like other WB products, the Freestyle blanket “conquers” the heart of many horse owners by keeping their horses cool, dry, and comfortable even in rainy seasons.


  • Pleasant price
  • Impressive durability under careful maintenance
  • Vibrant and youthful colors
  • Guaranteed materials
  • A perfect missing part for horses who likes chewing and pulling things


  • A tail cover is not made to last in extreme weather conditions
  • Some small spots may appear during the time used

#4:Shires Stormcheeta Turnout Blanket 200G

Say goodbye to a freezing winter with this number four blanket – Shires Stormcheeta. Shires are the world’s most well-known brand in horse-riding products. During its 45 years of operation, the brand has created a huge number of top-notch and stable devices suitable for different types of horses.

In terms of retaining warmth during winter for your horse, there is hardly any product to beat the Stormcheeta blanket. It’s made from 2000 D ballistic nylon, born to absorb any excess moisture and sweat from your horse, thus keeping them cool and dry.

Besides, a combo neck (unremovable) embraces the horse’s neck perfectly, ensuring complete coverage from neck to body.

Even if your horse is a big fan of chewing things, there is nothing to worry about because a durable layer of nylon will put up with any type of damage.

The blanket also impresses horse owners with deep shoulder straps to prevent it from slipping off or rubbing against your horse’s body.

With up to 200-gram insulation, always rest assured that your horse is well-treated and protected during the cold season.

Professional seams, reflective strips, leg straps, adjustable buckles, and straps are other prominent features of this blanket.


  • Great comfort and warmth from integrated neck
  • Easy installation
  • No need for a double blanket thanks to the thick and high-quality fabric
  • Affordable price


  • Only for large horses
  • Low ability to put up with wear and tear

#5:Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Horse Rug

The last “monster” on this list is Back on Track . This blanket is sure to bring outstanding benefits to all types of horses, from farm horses to racehorses.

As its name suggests, the blanket offers useful therapeutic features. Due to the invention of modern Welltex fabric, your horse’s natural body temperature is reflected. This material contributes to increased blood circulation inside your horse and soothing aching muscles.

Fleece Rugs are a perfect match for training or going for a ride. They can be used before and after training sessions to stable body temperature. Thus, if your horse has been working all day tirelessly long, there is nothing better than a relaxing night with a therapeutic blanket.

Besides the Welltex technology, the blanket also comprises polypropylene fabric, reinforced around the neck and softer around withers to avoid stretching too much.

What awaits your horse with this blanket is comfortable warmth and relaxation after a hard-working day.


  • Able to use for other types of animals like dogs
  • Massage hurting muscles
  • Improve the horse’s overall health
  • Help back problems get better


  • Come with small sizes -> tight in the shoulder parts of large horses
  • Lack of shoulder paddings
  • One of the most expensive products

How To Detect The Best Horse Blankets From Miles Away?

Like the best horse hoof boots to protect the horse’s hooves and feet against rugged terrains, as I mentioned in another article, a good blanket for a horse requires careful research and consideration before making any buying decisions. Your choice is about to directly affect your horse’s performance, health, and safety as well as yours.

Speaking of the protection aspect of a blanket, remember to check out its amount of fill to measure the level of warmth. And the task of determining the right weight, depending on your horse’s living environment and coat situation, is also very important.

Therefore, before going shopping for the most fittable and wonderful blanket for your horse, get the correct measurements ready and bring this ultimate guide with you.


First and foremost, say “No” to cheap and poor-quality horse blankets because they will disappoint both you and your horse. After all, the cheaper the price is, the lower the quality is.

Some factors affect the price of a blanket, for example, size and level of warmth. Remember to measure your horse carefully to get the exact figures when it comes to size, thus avoiding investing in too-big or too-small sizes.

Moreover, the blanket’s materials also play an important part in determining the price. If you are riding your horse under wet and humid weather, consider buying a blanket that excels in breathability and is water-resistant feature.

So to give you an overall idea of what prices to expect, the cost can range from 100$ for smaller horses and more than 250$ for adult ones.


Selecting the best horse blankets has never been a piece of cake. Every horse owner is looking for a durable, high-quality, effective heat-retention blanket.

Let’s look at several most outstanding features of a dream blanket!

  • Size: The correct match between the width and length offers great comfort and fit of a blanket,
  • Insulation material: the higher amount of fill material is, the warmer the material becomes
  • Neck coverage: A good one provides extra warmth and protection.
  • Material: High-quality materials ensure a longer lifespan and protection level.
  • Waterproof: Some waterproof blankets may get wet but don’t affect their quality, while others are designed to put up with harsh weather conditions
  • Tear resistance: If your horse is active and loves playing around, it’s advisable to watch for a more rugged-looking and effective tear-resistant feature to give it the freedom to move without getting scratches all over.
  • Breathability: During activities, your horse is sure to sweat a lot. Thus, a blanket equipped with a breathable function will keep your horse dry and cool.
  • Shoulder pads: These pads work as an extra layer of comfort for the horse.


The best horse blankets devote to retaining your 4-legged companion’s heat and absorbing moisture and sweat from its body, thus keeping it dry even in humid weather.

First, take your horse’s measurements carefully because one wrong figure can lead to annoyance that the horse has to put up with. Next, start measuring from the middle of the horse’s chest to its tail.

The next thing to consider is the number of fill quantities. The higher the quantity is, the warmer the blanket is.

Don’t ignore the blanket’s lining made from natural or synthetic materials. It’s advisable to go for synthetic fibers because they offer prominent heat adjustment, which is an “enemy” against the body’s sweat and moisture.

Efficiency and maintenance

The outer layer of a horse blanket is created from the three most popular materials: nylon, ripstop, and polypropylene. Nylon tends to be the most long-lasting material of the three, and it has an abrasion resistant feature, while polypropylene is thicker and stronger than cotton and polyester blankets.

Moreover, horse blankets are divided into two distinctive variants – turnout and stable. Both are highly water-resistant.

When it comes to washing horse blankets, first, you need to get rid of all excess dirt, mud, and fur of your horse from the blanket, or you will helplessly see your washing machine clogged.

Besides, most blankets often go with buckles, straps, and other relevant parts, so make sure you put in separately into a clean bag and let the machine work its magic.

The last thing to remember is instead of dry blowing the blanket after washing. It’s much better to dry it naturally to have a longer lifespan.

FAQs about Horse Blanket

Q1: What is the best type of front closure?

Although it’s hard to confirm the best type of front closure, each closure does stand out with its unique benefits.

For example, front closure products from Weatherbeeta make it easy for horse owners to use even when they are wearing bulky gloves on cold days. Or adjustable buckles and straps offer a wide range of alteration options.

Q2: How many surcingles on the blanket are enough?

The common number of surcingles on a horse blanket is two. They are widely known as straps wrapping around the horse’s belly to prevent the blanket from slipping off.

The more surcingles are, the more secure the blanket becomes.

Q3: What about blanket linings? Are all of them the same?

Blanket linings consist of the three most famous types –  cotton, mesh, and nylon.

Cotton has the ability to absorb moisture but may rub against the skin, while nylon lining looks soft and glossy on the blanket’s outer and allows the horse to move freely. Mesh lining adds extra management to the airflow and humidity, but hairs are likely to get stuck inside.

Q4: Do we really need to wither padding?

Yes, we are. Wither padding is of great help in reducing the annoyance some horses show towards their blankets. In addition, the padding helps prevent problems of rubbing at the withers and takes the pressure off sensitive areas on the horse’s body.

Q5: How to Put a Blanket on your Horse?

Which best horse blankets should I buy?

Save this detail above right away because sooner or later, you will need it to make your decisions on

Wondering which blankets to choose among the 5 amazing products listed earlier? Let’s give you a hand at Weatherbeeta Orican Freestyle Detach-A-Neck – a number-one choice of every horse owner.

Being one of the leading branches of horse-riding equipment, Weatherbeeta has never failed to amaze buyers with its high-quality blankets with impressive, long-lasting features that are worth every penny.

If you still have doubts and confusion, our team of experts is always within your reach 24/7!

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you and your horse enjoy the new horse blanket.


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