Top 5 Best English Saddles 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you read my previous article on the best Western saddles, do not miss my latest review of the best English saddles.

Here you will find everything related to this saddle from the most excellent products available to a thorough buying guide.


As long as you follow me from now, I firmly believe you can get the satisfactory saddle that you and your beloved horse are waiting for.

Take a look at the cream of the crop below now.

Top 5 Best English Saddles Should Buy In 2023

In-depth Top-rate 5 English Saddle Reviews.

#1 – Acerugs Horse Saddle Starter Kit – Best All-Purpose English Saddle.

All Purpose Black Leather English Riding Horse Saddle Starter Kit

If you are a beginner in the saddle world and seem to have no idea what you want, this English horse saddle starter kit from Acerugs will be a good option.

Well, what impressed me the most about this best all-purpose English saddle is that it is made from 100% premium leather and finished stainless steel. Moreover, it has been hand-stitched and designed with matching leather stirrups.

That’s why you are guaranteed to use this unit for a long time without worrying about whether the leather can wear or not.

In terms of comfort, you get extra support to the back thanks to a high cantle. Wonderfully, it offers a bit of control and security while riding.

Aside from a deep seat, high cantle, and long flaps, this saddle includes two D-rings in front and two more on the back. Relying on that, you can attach the bag and safety straps easily.

Although you can get a full kit including reins, bridle, stirrup irons and leathers, and girth, make sure you check the girth carefully. It’s because some have reported the girth is not quality enough.


  • This English saddle is ideal for beginners
  • It is well-constructed, safe, and secure
  • It is also lightweight and comfortable
  • Its front offers more space
  • The leather is nice and soft
  • The stitching is good


  • Some users were unsatisfactory with the girth
  • Size might be smaller than expected

#2 – Acerugs New Brown – Best for Jumping.

New Brown All Purpose English Riding Horse Saddle

Among the best English saddles for jumping available on the market, this second choice from Acerugs is what you need.

First of all, the Acerugs New Brown All Purpose is made out of high-quality material, making it lightweight as well as easy for your horse to perform smoother jumps.

Furthermore, lower pommel and forward flaps are intended for those who want to jump more.

The next interesting feature is that it is designed with a medium-deep soft padded seat and padded flaps, making it snug for the ride. Meanwhile, padded panels are for your four-legged friend’s comfort.

Similar to the above saddle, this one comes with a set of D-rings. But they are set on the right side to attach saddle straps and bags when riding in a show ring.

Is there anything else?

Well, it has a high cantle, lower pommel, and long flaps, making it easy to use for different disciplines.

Just note that you cannot mount this unit on horses with wider withers.


  • The saddle fit riders and horses perfectly
  • It offers more security while jumping and riding
  • It comes with great stitching and soft leather
  • It is extremely comfortable


  • Some prefer replacing the girth
  • The saddle is not for horses with wider withers

#3 – SilverFox Saddle – Best Affordable English Saddle.

SilverFox All Purpose Pad Flap Saddle

If both Acerugs products above are still too high for your budget, you can consider SilverFox All Purpose Saddle, one of the most affordable ones today.

It is made from grain leather for great durability. Besides, it features suede leather knee rolls, giving a unique yet consistent finish to the unit.

However, you should be watching out for the plastic underside since it might give you an uncomfortable feeling to your horse.

When it comes to safety, this saddle is designed with stirrup bars that prevent you from being pulled by releasing and detaching you from it.

Wonderfully, it includes a comfortable deep seat, long flaps, and a cutback pommel, allowing longer legs necessary for dressage.


  • This English horse saddle is made of soft leather
  • It makes an enjoyable and comfortable ride
  • It is deep and snug enough, so you feel secure
  • It is perfect for novices
  • The price is budget-friendly, of course,


  • The plastic underside is not uncomfortable
  • Color might fade over time

#4 – Henri de Rivel Memor-X Close Contact Saddle – Best English Saddle for Quarter Horse.

Henri de Rivel Memor-X Close Contact Saddle

Well, in my own research, using a close contact saddle gives you a two-point position as well as keeping a better leg for your jumper or hunter look.

Although Henri de Rivel Memor-X Close Contact Saddle has a high price range, for the quarter horses that you are looking for.

Thanks to a deep seat and supportive knee blocks, your comfort will be increased. Moreover, these features offer more relaxing riding across different disciplines while guaranteeing your stability.

Made from beautiful leather and finished with nice stitching, this product has been reinforced for great durability and longevity. Moreover, it is ideal for daily use or any show-ring performance.

All in all, the saddle from Henri de Rivel is designed for beginners’ demands because it delivers the stability, control, and comfort needed for almost any style of riding.


  • The unit is quality made with soft and supple leather
  • It fits the horses well, especially for the quarter ones
  • It offers a lifetime warranty for the polymer tree
  • It gives stability and comfort that other low-end saddles cannot match
  • The knee rolls are made of memory foam


  • The price is too expensive
  • You need to measure carefully before ordering

#5 – Cashel G2 Soft Saddle – Best for Trail Riding.

Cashel Soft Saddle G2

For the best English saddles for trail riding or even daily exercise or pleasure riding, Cashel G2 Soft Saddle is a nice option to go with.

As compared to the products above, this one is distinctively contoured to deliver a high level of stability.

Furthermore, it permits you to perform close contact riding in order to improve the connection between you and your four-legged friend. Relying on that, you are able to feel the movement and then contact quickly and effectively.

What’s more, this English horse saddle allows you to balance it faster than any traditional one. That’s why you will get a better feel as well as motion with your horse.

It even permits you whose four-legged partner is uncomfortable bareback to enjoy “riding bareback,” in a less-structured unit that is conditional on your position yet not like riding on a thin and flat bareback pad.

The only issue that I want to change is the stirrups. Although they help to keep you concentrated on body position, it is hard to adjust them while mounted.


  • The saddle is well-made
  • It is very lightweight
  • It is well-padded, giving great comfort to sit-in
  • It fits the horse well
  • It is great for trail riding and other pleasing activities
  • The seat is designed in the back and front to deliver more security


  • Adjusting the stirrups is challenging
  • Some want to update the plastic stirrups

Things to Consider Before Buying the English Saddles.

The most important thing before purchasing your desired English saddle is to determine which size is suitable for you as well as your horse.

Down here and learn now!

Step 1 – Measure the seat size

It will be easier if you know the size of your Western saddle. A good rule of thumb is that the English seat size is often two inches larger than the Western one because the English saddle doesn’t include a large cantle.

measure english saddle

In case you want to be sure, let’s guide you on how to do it.

  • First, you need to sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Make sure your knees are bent at a 45-degree angle and your butts are on the back of the chair.
  • Then use a measuring tape and pull it along your thigh bone. Remember to measure from the backside of your butt to the end of your knee.
  • After that, take a look at the table below to know which size you should opt for.
Your measurement (inches) Your Saddle Size (inches)
Less than 16.5 15
From 16.5 to 18.5 16
From 18.5 to 20 16.5
From 20 to 21.5 17
From 21.5 to 23 17.5
Up to 23 18

Step 2 – Examine the gullet size (or tree size)

By looking down on the horse’s back from above, you then know the size.

For instance, a medium gullet size is perfect for the average horse. Meanwhile, the larger ones such as draft horses and Warmbloods need a wide or extra-wide saddle.

Or you can rely on the type of breed you have like the narrow size for Thoroughbreds and Arabians.

Or simply contact your local horse pro or your trainer to get the proper size.

Step 3 – Fit the saddle to your horse

You should use a towel or thin sheet before putting the saddle on your horse’s back since if it doesn’t fit him, you can return with ease.

In case it fits well, you also use the tower or thin sheet instead of availing a saddle pad first. Then make sure the saddle looks even with the pommel while the cantle should be one inch higher than the pommel.

Next, tighten the girth so that it can fit at least two fingers in between the horse’s withers and the pommel.

FAQs about Best English Saddles.

#1 – Part of A English Saddle

part of english saddle

You can read a detailed post about 15 Parts of an English saddle here!

#2 – What are the different types of English saddles?

Similar to the Western horse saddles, the English ones come in a variety of types, including:

  • All-purpose saddles or eventing saddle
  • The jumping saddle
  • Dressage saddle
  • The saddle seat saddle
  • The endurance saddle
  • The English show saddle
  • Sidesaddle
  • Racing saddle
  • Polo saddle

#3 – How much do English saddles cost?

Well, the price for an English saddle can vary depending on your demands of type, size, etc. The average price is about $200 to $600. But you sometimes find out the saddles are up to $1000.

Overall, you need to determine how much you can pay for this unit so that you can get the most suitable one.

Besides that, you should invest in the best English saddles pad to ride more comfortably!

#4 – What is the most expensive English saddle?

The most expensive English saddle is $653,234.

It belonged to the crown prince of Dubai, named Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum and was sold at an event organized by the Al Jalila Foundation in Dubai, in 2015.

#5 – How are English saddles measured?

All you just do is put the end of a measuring tape in the middle of the cantle and then pull it in a straight line until reaching the middle of the pommel.

Remember to hold it straight to get the right measurement for the saddle.

Or you can measure from the D-ring buttons to the middle of the cantle. But this is not exact if the buttons are put unevenly.

Be Happy with Your Selection


As long as you are still here, I believe that you can select a satisfactory product from my list of the best English saddles above.

Of course, you have your own choice, but I also want to suggest the unit that I enjoy much; that is the Acerugs All Purpose English Riding Horse Saddle Starter Kit.

This kit is truly a great choice for the novice since it has everything you need. Besides, the saddle is well-made, lightweight, and comfortable thanks to the premium leather and stainless-steel finish.

Wonderfully, it includes excellent features that ensure great comfort while riding. The only thing is that you should check the size carefully before bringing it back home.

So, what do you think, horse lovers?

Hit ORDER for the one you want most, experience, and then share your feelings with me.


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