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Choosing the right English saddle pads is absolutely essential for English riders since it improves your horse’s comfort and enhances the saddle’s durability. However, there are many options on the market, and trying them all to find the most suitable one is impossible.

Best English Saddle Pad Reviews and Buying Guide

Therefore, I have been working on this list of the best English saddle pads so you can get to know some of the best choices out there.

Top 5 English Saddle Pads on the Market 2023

In-depth Best English Saddle Pads Reviews

#1 ECP All Purpose Diamond Quilted Cotton – Best English Half Saddle Pad

ECP All Purpose Diamond Quilted Cotton English Half Saddle Pad

The first one I introduce is my best overall choice and the best English half-pads on this list.

The first reason for this pick is their perfect fit and utility. Thank to the adjustable foam pads and multiple shims in their pockets,  you can decide how much paddy is suitable for your horse. Therefore, the pads can be used for growing horses or different horses with the same saddle pads.

Moreover, they are well-designed for comfort. The memory foam not only contours the horses’ conformations but also absorbs shocks. The dense cotton also makes it more comfortable even for very thin mazes.

Last but not least, ECP All Purpose Half Saddle Pads are reasonably priced while providing excellent quality. These pads are worth every penny you spent with all the quality stitching, materials, and multiple purpose applications.

Nevertheless, these saddle pads can be a bit confusing for new riders and trainers to use. This is because the pads give you too much space to adjust them. In addition, you have to know your horse very well to choose the right thickness not to be too thin or too bulky.

#2 Southwestern Equine OrthoRide – Best English Saddle Pads for High Withered Horse

Southwestern Equine OrthoRide Correction Saddle Pad

Next on the list is a more luxurious option with impressive quality. Southwestern Equine OrthoRide Correction Saddle Pad uses orthopedic material to fix common problems of high-withered or uneven conformation horses.

Besides, they apply advanced shock-absorb technology  PORON-RXD to absorb 90 percent of shock. This brings impressive comfort to both the horses and the rides. In addition, they really help the saddle stay in place and be more level on your horses’ backs.

Along with its durability, this pad can make for high-withered horses. In addition, it can be washed many times and still looks brand new.

The only thing that may make me think twice about repurchasing this saddle pad is its price. OrthoRide Correction Saddle Pads cost the most compared to other names on this list. However, if you have the budget, they are a good investment.

#3 TuffRider Basic – Best Budget English Saddle Pad

TuffRider Basic All Purpose Saddle Pad

When it comes to choosing the best English saddle pads on a budget, I have to mention the TuffRider Basic All Purpose Pad.

There is nothing fancy about these pads at such an affordable price, but they can also be a strength because they are basic and easy to use. TuffRider Basic pads are good for training young riders, especially ones interested in more vibrant-colored highlights for their horses.

More importantly, they get the work done just as well as some higher-priced saddle pads. These pads are not very thick but sturdy. They can also be paired with other pads for better performance.

Since they are not too bulky, TuffRider Basic pads are lightweight and comfortable for big horses in the summer. In addition, they have generous width and soft fleece lining, which make a comfortable combo for your horse.

However, I have to say that since they are quite thin, they may not be suitable for high-withered and thin horses. Therefore, you should consider thicker choices if your horse owns those features.

#4 Roma Circle Quilt Pads – Best for design

Roma Circle Quilt Pads

Another good quality, reasonably priced saddle pad to make the most out of your money is Roma Circle Quilt. I appreciate that they can provide customers with many valuable features such as the reinforced spine, polyfill cushions, and vinyl-coated trap at such a good price.

The most impressive feature is their micro-tricot linings which can draw moisture out of the horses’ backs. This helps them to feel more comfortable even during intense training. Along with their moderate thickness, Roma Circle Quilt Pads are convenient for all-season riding.

Nevertheless, the thing that makes these saddle pads stand out among others is their appealing design. The round quilt adds both comfort and elegance to the pads. The colors are also pretty and diverse. Many users say they love how these pads look on their horses.

Despite all the great advantages, Roma Circle Quilt does have its drawbacks. Although it is not too much, the pad is a bit slicker than its rivals on this list. It still works well for English saddles but maybe not for Western ones. It’s one of the best English saddle pads

#5 ECP Cotton Correction – Best All Purpose English Saddle Pad

ECP Cotton Correction All Purpose Contoured Saddle Pad - Memory Foam Pockets

Last but not least, I have the best all-purpose English saddle pads that can be used for training, competition, and other custom rides. With 4 flexible memory foam pockets, you can adjust their thickness according to your horse and your needs.

The foams also reduce pressure and shoulder strain for the horses’ comfort. In addition, they help saddles to work better on high withered, narrow shoulders or young horses.

The good thickness adds more satisfaction for both mazes and riders. It can also be adjusted, meaning another good year-round pad.

Furthermore, all the details of these saddle pads are well-made. Therefore, intense rides or washing will not degrade them quickly. They also dry up fast and be ready to perform in no time.

Still, the shims that come with this type of pad are not very impressive. They look a little sloppy and not sturdy. However, these work fine and can be replaced if you want.

Best English Saddle Pads Buying Guide

In the end, everybody’s best choices are different. So then, how to know which saddle pad is the most suitable for you? Here are 3 quick steps you can follow to find out the answer.

Your Needs and Budget

First of all, you have to know your needs. Measure your horse and examining its conformation are must-do tasks. Next, should your horse need thinner pads, thicker pads, or something more special? What occasion will you use the pads for? And finally, what is your budget?

The saddles’ main features

Well, you get to choose the relevant characteristics of your desired pads. So it would help if you looked at their shape, materials, and main features. For example, you need to decide if your horse will perform better with a half pad or a wide one.

Trials and experiences

Indeed, some trials and errors will give you valuable lessons. Getting something super expensive for the first time is not recommended. You can try some cheaper, similar versions beforehand to see how it works out. Do not forget you can always follow reviews such as my list.

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1. How to wash English saddle pads?

It is easy to clean English pads since both hands and washing machines can wash them. However, hand washing will be better for their durability. If you want to use the washing machine, make sure you use cold water and do not put them into dryers.

2. How many types of English saddle pads are there?

There are many different types of English saddle pads suiting different horses’ conformation and various purposes. The 5 most common types are shaped pads, square pads, western pads, corrective pads, and half pads.

Moreover, you can also find pads for children and specially designed pads for a niche market.

3. How are English saddle pads measured?

Measurement is important for a good fit when riding. That is why we should learn how to measure saddle pads properly. The best way to get this done is to measure the English saddle and then add 2 to 3 inches to get the right number for the pad you should get.

Consequently, it comes down to measuring the saddle. You can place a tape measurer at the center of the pommel and pull it to the cantle. Meanwhile, to see which saddle will fit you, you can sit on a chair and measure the length between your knee and the back of your buttocks.


In conclusion, ECP All Purpose Diamond Quilted Cotton English Half Saddle Pad is my choice for the best English saddle pad. It gets this position because of its extended uses, excellent features, good quality, and impressive comfort.

Moreover, the whole package comes with just a minimal drawback and such a reasonable price.

Nonetheless, I know everyone has different needs, and you may choose differently. Regardless of your choice, I hope you found helpful information in this article to make that decision.


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