Top 5 Best Electric Fence Chargers of 2023 Reviews by Horseislove

As you know, to operate an electric fence system, you need a suitable charger. 

The charger is considered the heart of this protection system. So why don’t you choose the best electric fence charger on the market now?

Best Electric Fence Chargers reviews

We will provide you with the essential things to consider when purchasing this kind of product and we include a list of the 5 best electric fence chargers and give the pros & cons for each product.

 Let’s choose the right one for your need.

Top 5 Best electric fence chargers reviews (2023 Update).

#1. Parmak Magnum Solar-Pak 12 Low Impedance 12 Volt Battery Operated – Best Solar Fence Charger

Parmak Magnum Solar-Pak 12 Low Impedance 12 Volt Battery Operated 30 Mile Range Electric Fence Charger MAG12-SP

The first product in the Best electric fence charger list we want to introduce is the Parmak Magnum Solar-Pak 12 with the most advanced solar panel for outstanding charging power.

With this outstanding feature, you will save time and money when using this charger.

Your electric fence is powered by the sun’s energy during the day, and a 12-volt sealed battery at night. Of course, when you buy this product, you’ll have the battery.

What’s more?

The product also has low impedance for maximum power and longer life. It is also equipped with performance watches that show the condition of the fence.

It helps you charge up to 30 miles of the fence without running costs. So this model is ideal for vast grasslands, weatherproof and outdoor mobility.

It sounds impressive, right?

If you need a charger for electric fences, this is the perfect brand. Magnum 12 Solar-Pak is produced exclusively by Parmak entirely in the US.

Lastly, you have a 2-year warranty including damage caused by lightning, and a one-year battery warranty.

Read my in-depth review of the Parmak Solar-Pak 12 Fence Charger here!


  • It has a beautiful metal structure.
  • You can easily access the battery.
  • This charger also has the right solar panel.
  • The product is of high quality.
  • It is “UL listed”.


  • Its lead-acid batteries can lose most of their performance in freezing temperatures.

#2. Gallagher M1100 Electric Fence Charger | ​11 Joules, 110 Volt Energizer

If you use a permanent multi-wire fence for small pastures on your farm, you will like the product we are about to introduce now.

Let’s explore the useful features of the Gallagher M1100 Electric Fence Charger 110 Volt Energizer

It’s great when the product delivers energy up to 85 acres of multi-wire fencing.

With that, you also have 11 joules of energy reserves on a low impedance charger.

Besides, you can check out Energizer’s performance by a quick scan of the output voltage bar graph.

You can also easily see the green LED confirming when the fence usually works. And for the charger to work you need to plug in the supply of 110v AC.

Do not forget the Gallagher manufacturer gives you a 2-year warranty with this product line.

Check the Gallagher M1100 Electric Fence Charger review here!


  • You can install the charger quickly.
  • The product connects well using split concave connectors.
  • The price of the product is quite low.
  • It is lightweight, only 3 pounds.
  • It also has good after-sales support service.


  • This fence charger is not waterproof.

#3. Cyclops Boss – 30 Joule Fence Charger – AC

Cyclops Boss - 30 Joule Fence Charger - AC

Listen to the manufacturer talking about their products. All Cyclops electric fence chargers are more lightning resistant than any charger. That means these products are the strongest in the Best electric fence charger list

Now take a look at the product features from our proposal, the Cyclops Boss – 30 Joule Fence Charger – AC.

You will own a charger with the most powerful battery and solar power. It works with low impedance, 32 joules, and 110-120V/AC.

You need to know the low impedance helps maintain the control voltage even when loaded with dense vegetation.

With high output power, it helps you handle grassland up to about 1000 acres.

And what else?

Manufactured in the US, the product integrates lightning protection with the Heavy Duty Surge Suppressor. And you have a one-year warranty commitment from Cyclops.


  • The product has strong protection against lightning.
  • It has excellent customer service.
  • The product has good quality and high efficiency.
  • It has easy-to-use manuals.


  • The price is quite high.

#4. Parmak Super Energizer 5 Low Impedance 110/120 Volt 50 Mile Range – Electric Fence Charger with Controller

Parmak Super Energizer 5 Low Impedance 110/120 Volt 50 Mile Range Electric Fence Controller SE5

This product is a powerful model designed for vast grasslands that you cannot ignore. We introduce you the Parmak Super Energizer 5 Low Impedance.

What makes you want to own it right away?

The product helps you charge more than 50 miles of single or multi-wire high-intensity fences.

It provides a low impedance of 110/120 volt and an advanced integrated computer control circuit. Also, it has more than 8,000 volts of capacity kept with 500 OHM load.

To help you know the exact condition of the fence, the manufacturer equips a digital meter that shows the voltage on the fence. But you should note the product shocks through wet weeds and brushes.

Want to know the best part?

Super Energizer 5 helps you control both carnivores and cattle like sheep and goats. You have fuse protection with integrated lightning protection and a 2-year full warranty including lightning damage.


  • The product is of good quality.
  • It is also light and durable.
  • It can work highly and effectively.
  • It works well even when it is raining, and wet vegetation accumulates on the wire.
  • It is easy to install and use.


  • You should use the product with an indoor installation.

#5. Zareba EAC200M-Z 200-Mile AC-Powered Low-Impedance Electric Fence Charger

Zareba EAC200M-Z 200-Mile AC-Powered Low-Impedance Electric Fence Charger

If you need a strongest animal control fence charger manufactured in the United States, quickly buy the  Zareba EAC200M-Z 200-Mile AC-Powered Low-Impedance Electric Fence Charger.

But first, let’s see what unique features it has.

With an electric fence charger from Zareba, you can power up to 200 miles for your steel wire fence. So it helps contain or eliminate animals including bulls, cattle, exotics, goats, horses, pigs, predators and sheep.

More than that, this electric fence charger works in wet weed conditions to keep your farm safe while avoiding predators. It is also an AC low impedance charger and is manufactured in the United States.

The product of Best electric fence charger has many other useful features for you.

Once your system is activated correctly, the “Fence OK” indicator light will blink, and you can use it.

The manufacturer provides multiple mounting holes to easily attach it to the wall, hook it onto a column or install it inside a protective cabinet.

For the charger durability, when you install with the supplied Zareba Storm Protector, this charger protects lightning up to 6,500 amps, 1,250 joules, and 8,250 volts. It is marked as “UL listed.”

Last but not least, you are assured of using the 3-year limited warranty including lightning damage.


  • The product has many utilities for users.
  • It has a non-picky design with a sturdy case.
  • The charger can withstand the weather.
  • It is a good product for high efficiency.
  • You are easy to install and use the charger.


  • After-sales service may not be quite excellent.

Well, are you still with us?

The best product list from our suggestions certainly gives you a lot of reviews about the product to buy.

It’s time to check out some things to consider when buying this kind of product.

Here we go.

How to choose the best electric fence charger?

If you want to meet your need, make sure you know these factors of the electric fence charger.

1. The power source

Many tips suggest that choosing an AC source is best. When your farm fence is in a remote area, you should select DC or solar charger to power the fence.

AC used with sockets is usually cheaper than DC while DC is easier to locate but requires batteries. The advantage of solar is that you have no operating costs.

2. The fence wire

Compared to the poly wire, tape, rope, steel wire consumes less energy. But the aluminum wire is less resistant to electricity than steel one. The trick here is to use a low impedance charger for poly rope or tape.

3. The number of wire strands

There are two things you need to remember in this section. You need to divide the distance of charger rating by the number of strands to choose a mileage-rated charger that meets this demand when using multiple wire fences. You have to increase the energy demand when adding wires.

4. The fence area

You can see that all the charger products give information about the mileage or the fence area, so you need to know what distance you use the charger for. And remember that the features of the fence area for a single strand of steel wire fence without weeds.

5. How about the weed?

Weed affects the charger because they increase the amount of energy used. However, you can use a low-impedance charger to maintain a high voltage on your farm fence even when the power source is affected by weeds.

6. The animal type

The large electric power that brings high shock will help you prevent large animals, long hairs, claws, and even aggressive species like bulls or horses. So, depending on the animals, you protect inside the fence or against outside the fence you choose the charger with the suitable energy.

Some notes about animals when you use the electric fence charger

With cattle and horses, you need less shocking energy to control them. The charger with 3 to 8-joule outputs is sufficient.

With goats and pests, you should install fence chargers with medium strength to help you push them off your garden.

For more dangerous animals like predators including wolves or foxes, you need to equip a 3-8 joule charging system that can shock and scare them.e

For big wild animals, with a lot of power like boar or bear, you need to be aware of buying a charger with a high power shock to keep them away from your farm.

FAQs about Best electric fence charger

1. What do I need to note when installing the charger?

First, you need to read the installation instructions carefully from the manufacturer. The charger should be mounted indoors or outdoors in a protective case to avoid the weather (except solar charger). It needs close to 110 volt AC power (except for battery or solar power). You can access a grounding system separate from other system construction or grounding bars.

2. How to mount the charger?

You need to attach the charger with screws or nails through the hook hole. Then, you can connect the wire to the terminal and rods with an insulated ground wire. Next, you link the fence terminal with the wire using a hookup wire of 20,000 volts (or higher).

3. What voltage should I use in electric fences?

It depends on what purpose you use the electric fence to do to prevent wild animals, prohibit pets from the farm or other reasons. For example, you need to use 4000 volts to keep the deer away from your fence. The tip here is to consider your needs, ask for information from the seller or see product reviews to buy the best fence and charger.

4. Should I make an electric fence charger by myself?

No, you should not. Be warned:

You absolutely never make this charger yourself, it will cause unpredictable, even fatal danger to yourself and others. Let’s be wise to choose much good quality, affordable products on the market.

In short, what is the best electric fence charger for you?

You can choose one of the 5 best products we recommend for you right away. But you always remember that the product must meet your own needs for effective farm protection.

With the experience of using this product type for the care of our farm, our choice is the Gallagher G380504 M300 Fencer, 110-volt. It is also selected from reputable shopping site editor.

We use this product because it is suitable for our fence area, fast charging, easy to use, and cheap price. In particular, the manufacturer’s after-sales technical support is excellent.

What kind of charger will you choose to protect your animals on the vast pasture?

It’s your turn to choose to buy, install and immediately use the best electric fence charger.

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