Top 6 Best Barn Security Camera Systems of 2023

Best Barn Security Camera Systems to Buy in 2023 – Tips, Reviews, and Guides

In the past, I was always a busy person who could not take an eye on my animals at all times. But since I try the best barn security camera system, taking care of them is not a big problem anymore. From then on, I can rest assured that my animals are healthy. On another side, the system alerts me if someone breaks into my barn and attempts to steal my lovely animals.



In fact, I have tested many products. But in the end, there are only 7 systems that have impressed me. And now, I will make a review of them!

Top 6 Best Barn Camera Systems on the Market 2023

In-depth 6 Best Barn Security Cameras Systems Reviews

#1: Sequro 858076 Touchscreen Wireless Surveillance System 

Sequro 1080P 10

The first item on my best barn camera system list is the Sequro 858076. The thing I like most about this product is its flexibility.

In detail, thanks to the built-in battery, I can bring the monitor anywhere I want, and keep track of my animals at any place. Because the monitor transfers the video through the Internet connection, even when I am so far from the camera, I can still catch the signal of it to watch my barn.

Also, there is a Sequro application that you can download to your Android or IOS smartphone for free. This application turns your smartphone into a compact monitor so that you can watch your animals conveniently.


  • High video capture resolution (1080p)
  • Saving the video on an SD card automatically
  • Detecting motion


  • Night vision is not so amazing.

#2: Dekco 2K Security Camera Wireless Outdoor.

After a time, I want to try something new. And then, in the end, I brought this Dekco 2K Security Camera Wireless Outdoor. Compared to the previous product, this one has a better image quality.

As the system can record a  2K high resolution and alert motion, I can notice every time there is a problem inside my barn. Especially the Night Vision is so clear that it allows me to see everything in the range of 66 feet in a total low light condition! That is all thanks to 24 infrared LED lights attached to the camera.


  • Motion alert
  • High video resolution (1080p)
  • Clear Night vision
  • Ease in installing


  • Can’t delete old files automatically when the storage is full

#3: ANNKE AU-DN81RA1-V5-58BG-P Security Surveillance System

ANNKE 8CH Security Surveillance System

Recently, I have tried the AU-DN81RA1-V5-58BG-P model made by the firm Annke. And to be honest, it has made me amazed by its cool features really much!

This camera system is wired with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Therefore, I can secure my barn without the help of a WLAN connection. However, in order to watch the camera remotely, I have to connect this DVR to the Internet.

Another cool thing about this system that I have to give compliment is the Smart Motion Alert. In detail, I have turned off all the lights and told my kids to slowly walk into the barn. And right after they got in, I receive a notification in my email box about a suspicious motion with snapshots attached.


  • Smart Motion Alert
  • Smooth 1080P Live Viewing
  • 1 TB Hard Drive
  • 100 feet of Night vision


  • Internet is required for watching cameras remotely.

#4: ZUMIMALL Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera

ZUMIMALL Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera


Last but not least, I will review the Wireless Rechargeable camera system made by the brand Zumimall. This is the best wireless barn camera for me.

As you can see, the battery-powered camera of this system is completely wireless & cordless. Thus, I can place it anywhere, any place that I desire, from on the table, on the window, to on the wall.

For each time the camera is fully charged, it can operate for up to 5 – 6 months. Quite convenient to use, right?

On the different side, I like the two-way speakers of this camera system. To put it specifically, the camera allows me to not only record the sound but also talk back. In other words, this camera functions like a mobile phone!


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Flexibility
  • Two-ways speakers


  • The SD card is not included.

#5: REOLINK Go 3G/4G LTE Outdoor Wirefree – Best Barn Surveillance Camera

REOLINK Go 3G/4G LTE Outdoor Wirefree Battery Security Camera

If you are looking for the best barn surveillance camera, you shouldn’t ignore this Reolink Cellular Security Camera Wireless Outdoor. To be honest, it has so many convenient features that I want.

This wire-free camera is either battery-powered or solar-power which makes it so flexible and mobile. The rechargeable battery with a capacity of 7800mAh makes it long-lasting.

Thank to the Advanced Starlight Night Vision, every motion at night can be recorded very clearly (up to 33ft and colorful images even in poor light). It can also automatically switch day and night modes.

One amazing thing is the connection with Google Assistant. Indeed, you can use your voice to instruct the camera via the Reolink App like saying “show me the backyard”, etc.

Live videos from the camera can be seen simultaneously with up to 10 people. So everyone in the house can access the videos easily on their own phones or computers.

What is more, if your barn has no Internet connection, don’t worry because this camera operates the 4G network.


  • Clear night vision
  • Wirefree, flexible
  • Remotely access
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Can use solar power
  • Easily set up motion sensitivity
  • Comprehensive voice instructions


  • Recording delay upon motion detection
  • The built-in speaker is barely audible past a few feet

#6: Xega 3G/4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Wireless Outdoor

This is another best barn security camera system that I’ve found. It is as flexible as the previous one with no wire but batteries and solar power, you can put it anywhere you want.

The battery capacity is 14,400mAh and can be self-powered if the electricity is out thanks to the solar panel. What is more, the IP65 protects it from harsh weather conditions.

You can also determine what motion should be caught by adjusting motion sensitivity. Then the PIR Motion Detection will send you alerts to your phone immediately.


  • A powerful battery (10400mAh)
  • IP65 weatherproof level
  • Remotely access
  • Adjustable motion sensitivity
  • Can use solar power


  • Only alert motion type
  • Need Wifi to operate

Features to consider when buying a barn security camera system

1. Remote viewing on phone/computer

This feature allows you to keep up with your barn’s latest situation anytime and anywhere via your phone or computer.

Hence, it can help to save your time visiting your barn and prevent any potential trouble from physically visiting it at night.

With this feature, you can freely do housework while watching your horses and foals.

Once, when I was preparing lunch, the phone showed my mare was foaling. I recorded that moment and shared it with my kids when they came home. Well, you couldn’t imagine how excited they were.

remote on mobile Barn Camera

2. Clear night vision

For me, I think this is the most important feature of a camera as it allows me to check my animals during the night to make sure they are all fine.

If you have pregnant horses or goats, they might give birth at night. This feature helps you control the process safely. Also, you can provide timely support for horses if they have suddenly abnormal paint.

As you know, the night is the perfect time for any invasion. With a clear night vision, you will know what is exactly happening. Then, you can have evidence to recognize the criminals and lodge claims if needed.

barn camera night vision

3. Weather-resistant design

If you intend to install the camera outside the barn, you should take a look at this feature.

An outdoor camera should be weather-resistant to fight any severe weather conditions. You can see the product description to know what range of temperature it can suffer, especially if you are living in an extremely cold winter (like -20 degrees or lower).

4. Flexible placement

A wireless barn camera will be more flexible and versatile than a wire one. As you have to run cables and drill holes if using a wire barn camera but a wireless one.

The wireless type can be battery-powered or solar-powered but no wires. Personally, I think, either wired or wireless type has its own pros and cons.

So, if you ask me “which one is better: the wired or wireless camera?” I would say it’s all up to you to decide the one that is most suitable for you.

barn camera

5. Local recording ability

A camera with an SD card will be better for recording purposes as the videos are stored in the memory card. When the SD card storage is full, older videos should be automatically deleted. As I know, some cameras need help from you to delete older videos, making you a bit inconvenient.

Cameras with recording ability are the choice for barns without the Internet. As all motion detection will be recorded and stored in the SD card, you can replay the videos later to know what happened.

6. Easy installation

If you are not good at assembling, then you should choose a camera kit that is easy to install.

There are some camera systems that need only plug and then play. You don’t need to pay unnecessary effort for such a type of camera set.

Moreover, you can save money as well as time for hiring installers when buying a camera kit with an easy installation feature.

What if my barn has no internet connection?

1. Install a barn camera kit

The barn camera systems can connect to each other, then work on their own network when plugged in.

You can take recording 24/7, motion detection, or schedule via the kit with no Wifi or Internet connection.

2. Buy cameras with an SD slot

As I mentioned above, a camera with an SD slot can be a good choice for a barn with no Internet. As all things recorded are kept in the memory card, you can playback the videos whenever you want to see what happened.

But remember, by using this, you can only know what did happen. You can’t have live videos to know what is happening right now.

If you want to stream live videos, then an Internet connection for your barn is required.

What is more, if your barn has no power outlet, remember to choose a battery-powered or solar-powered barn camera system.

3. Buy cellular wireless cameras

If your barn has no Wifi or Internet connection but you still want steam live videos to know what is happening, then think about a 4G wireless camera.

Although this type can be a bit costly, it runs on a 3G/4G mobile network and allows you to look over your barn anywhere and anytime from your phone.

How to install a barn camera:


Each of the 7 products on my list can be your best barn security camera system. But if you want to follow my opinion, then choose the Zumimall Wireless Rechargeable – this is the best barn security camera! This camera system is quite easy and convenient to use, as its camera can work as an actual mobile phone!

I will update new posts about tools for the garden and barn soon. So, subscribe to my website now in order to read all of them!

And here is the end of my article, thanks for reading!

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