Bayco Finish Line Horse Fence Reviews of 2022: It’s Quite Durable

Bayco Finish Line Horse Fence In 2022

Want to know more about Bayco Finish Horse Fence? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve been using this product for 9 years, and now feel confident enough to give you a comprehensive review of what I know about it.

Before I share it with you, I want to say that, overall, I love the product. From what I’ve gone through with it, it has my trust in every aspect involving efficiency, durability, and safety. I will explain further below.

Alright then, no more chit-chat, we’re going straight to the point! Introducing – my Bayco Finish Line horse fence reviews.


The Highlights of Bayco Finish Line Horse Fence 2000 Foot Roll


  • Each strand holds 1,250 lbs. of breaking strength.
  • Made from polymer.
  • Designed with Ultra Violet (UV) inhibitors.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of injury.
  • Maintenance-free.


  • Adapt to extreme weather conditions.
  • Easier to install than wire fences.
  • Each spool weighs 24lbs.
  • Readily visible.
  • Stays stable between -40ºF and 125ºF.
  • No maintenance after installation.
  • Contain no metal wire.
  • Charming appearance.


  • Limited delivery locations.

About Finishline Fencing

Finishline Fencing has been a reliable and reputable distributor of polymer finish line horse fences for over 30 years. Its product is famous for being safe, easy to install, and maintenance-free.

The fencing supplier offers 2 variations, including Bayco® Finish Line Fencing and Finish Line XL. Both are made to last for decades and enhance the value of your property with its performance and exclusive design.

You can place an order with Finishline Fencing online or through phones. They do their best to give their customers the most accessibilities and the fastest delivery.

In-Depth Bayco Finish Line Horse Fence Reviews


Many of my friends complained about the delivery price of their fencing, so I was kind of worried about the same problem when I decided to order Bayco Finishline Fencing.

It turns out that I was worrying for nothing, the fee was much less than I expected. Each spool weighs only 24 pounds with a range of 2000 linear feet. That’s around seven times lighter than steel wire with a similar diameter, whose range is 286 feet for every 25 pounds.

Finishline Fencing will save you a bunch of money on delivery costs.

bayco finish line horse fencing


The company guaranteed that its polymer-made Finishline Fencing is as strong as common wire fences with 1250 pounds of breaking. But I had never got a chance to see it in action until one of the trees in my pasture fell down on my fencing.

It was a stormy day, so the ground was muddy. I’ve never been so terrified and amazed at the same time. Terrified because my horse, for no reason, snuck into the fences at that time. Amazed because the strand didn’t break; instead, it bounces back. And don’t worry, I checked on my horse, and there was not a single scratch.

Who would have thought such a lightweight, slim strand could be so powerful!

Durability and Long-Lasting Appearance

Over 9 years of performance with many weight-bearing objects falling on, I notice that the fencing hasn’t sagged one bit. It’s only until 1 or 2 years ago that I have some spontaneously snapped strands to replace.

Unlike conventional fences (like vinyl or wire), which I found sag quickly through time without proper maintenance, Bayco Finishline Fencing surpassed them with the ability to bounce back and keep its form after decades.

My applause goes to Finishline Fencing for being able to ensure excellent durability while also remaining the original appearance.

Easy to Install

I definitely couldn’t fully install it in just one afternoon like the instructions said I can. But note that I am not a handy person, so you can most likely do a lot better than me.

All that aside, I found it simple and clean to install. You can find the installation guide on the Finishline Fencing website or click here to download the pdf.

I would suggest buying the one-way vice to make tensioning easier and more accurate for you.

one-way vice

You can make a few adjustments of your own if you like. I added one loose strand to the lines so my horses can have a little fun with it, they usually play with it with their feet like a one-string Banjo.


As I mentioned, Bayco Finishline Fencing is made from polymer and contains no metal. What does it have to do with the horses’ safety, though?

Well, first, it doesn’t fray when it’s broken, so there are no worries about scratches on your horses.

Second, unlike high tensile wires that may cut young horses, Finishline Fencing snaps right back if your horses hit it without causing any injuries. I know because I have some wild horses with adventurous spirits.

Lastly, no metal  = no lighting strikes. I can sleep peacefully, knowing my horses won’t either become the Flash or an angel.

Moving on, I read on the info that the strand has a melting point of 428°F. Being the curious person I am, I had to try it out.

I cut out a short strand and tried melting it. It took me a while, but it did melt. It means that in case there’s a brush fire, my horses can escape easily through the melted fences.

Weather Resistant

This is the real deal I’m talking about. You can find many fences that last for decades: True. But also be able to remain the appearance years long? I doubt that, which is why I think Bayco Finishline Fencing is a gem.

I’ve gone through every kind of weather with this fencing, sunny, stormy, dry, humid, you name it. And what interests me is how consistent its performance is, even in extreme weather conditions.

I live in a dry area, and most of the time it’s sunny, so herbicide was definitely needed. It didn’t react at all to the herbicide I was using nor rust through time, which, for me, was satisfying. I used dry-cleaning agents on it, too, and it worked out fine.

Had it been common wire fences, the decay process would start in only a few years, or worse, months if you don’t apply a coating.

The Wrap Up

I think you can tell all the hype I put into my Bayco Finish Line Horse Fence. Until now, Bayco Finishline Fencing hasn’t given me any hard time and continues to delight me with its superb performance.

On top of everything, I think the product’s highlights are safety, withstanding, and weather resistance. Which are essential aspects you should look into while shopping for fencing?

I’m especially pleased with the customer service of the Finishline Fencing company. They reply almost instantly and have been impressively supportive and friendly.

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And now, the journey must come to an end. If you have any stories or comments, share them in the comment section, I’d love to hear them out. Have a nice day!

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