Back On Track Saddle Pad Review In 2023: Should You Buy This Pad?

If you own a horse with a sore and cold back, you will need the Back On Track saddle pad. However, you might wonder whether the value it offers is equal to its high price or not. Read this Back On Track saddle pad review till the end for more information about this therapeutic pad for horses.

Highlights of Back On Track Saddle Pad

  • Made from Polypropylene and Back On Track exclusive state-of-the-art well tex fabric
  • Size: 22” spine x 21” drop
  • Soothing far-infrared thermal technique
  • Suitable for tired or sore back muscles
  • Machine washable up to 86F or 30C


  • Well-shaped and thick enough
  • Thoughtfully positioned girth loops
  • Soft lining for sensitive backs
  • Excellent moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Does not shrink in the wash


  • Quite expensive
  • The white option is hard to keep its original color

About the Brand

Back On Track is a Sweden company major in creating therapeutic products that help horses, dogs, and people. They are the leading brand of manufacturing effective therapeutic products with an exclusive well tex technology.

back on track brand

The Back On Track Welltex technology combines modern textile technology, Chinese medicine, and scientific studies. This technology is infused in all products from Back On Track to capture natural body heat and turn them into far-infrared soothing warmth.

Back On Track collaborates with independent university laboratories to measure the level of reflected energy in each batch of products they produced. Thus, they can guarantee consistent quality and efficiency in their products.

With a mission to help more and more people and animals, Back On Track has developed five subsidiaries in different countries with several retailers around the world.

An in-depth Back On Track Saddle Pad Review

Now you want to get your horse a therapeutic saddle pad to help it with a cold and sore back. But will the Back On Track saddle pad is the right investment?

Here is a detailed review of the Back On Track therapeutic saddle pad from our experts. We hope that it can give you an objective view of this saddle pad.


According to the manufacturer, the Back On Track saddle pad is a combination of polypropylene and the exclusive well-designed well tex fabric from the Back On Track brand.

Thanks to the polypropylene material, the saddle pad offers an excellent moisture-wicking effect that it will dry quickly under natural sunlight. Moreover, the high-quality polypropylene will add extra assurance for a durable saddle pad that can last for several years of use.

Besides, the exclusively-designed well tex fabric from Back On Track will provide a soft surface for sensitive backs. Made from pure cotton, the Back On Track saddle pad can absorb sweat and is highly breathable. It will avoid accumulating salty sweat on your horse’s back.

Moreover, the material is horse-friendly. It won’t cause any allergy or sensitive-skin symptoms in your loved one.

How does the Back On Track Dressage Saddle Pad work?

According to the manufacturer, the Back On Track saddle is infused with a fine ceramic powder, which will retain the horse’s body heat. When your horse wears this saddle pad, it will reflect the escaping heat and turn them into far-infrared warmth.

As you might or might not know, the horse’s body heat will be released during training, especially at the topline and spine. And this fantastic feature works great in recirculating the heat back to the muscles on your horse’s back.

From that, it will not only keep the horse warm but also increase the blood flow in the horse’s back. Experts have claimed that far-infrared thermal can soothe the pain in a sore back. Moreover, the gentle warmth prevents the muscles from extra strain or damage during strenuous training.

When you use this saddle pad, the quality will speak for itself. Your horse will find it easier to settle into the work quickly with less strain after training. For consistent use, your horse is less likely to experience back pain. Also, you will find your horseless stiff and more relaxed during work.

Other aspects that can meet your demand

Apart from the excellent therapeutic effect, the Back On Track saddle pad offers you the complete functions that you are looking for in a saddle pad.

The pad has an excellent thickness with an exceptional shock-absorbing cushion that can eliminate the hassle of using another cloth or half pad for better padding. Using the Back On Track saddle pad only will provide you with a closer feel of the horse without the fear of rocking on its back.

Moreover, the pad features velcro straps and billet straps that work excellently to hold the pad in place. The crossing design with careful stitches also keeps the pad stay consistent on your horse’s back.

Many people love the large-sized pad as it can cover both horse’s back, wither, and sides. It will apply the thermal effect on the entire back of your horse for optimal soothing warmth that will result in an excellent horse performance.

Last but not least, the recessed stitching and smooth edging help prevent rubbing and add extra durability to the pad. Also, thanks to the high-quality materials, you can wash it with machines without the fear of damaging its surface and shape.


The Back On Track Dressage saddle pad is a beneficial investment for horses with a sore and cold backs. It will help to diminish the pain and strain on your horse’s muscles and improve its performance.

However, you should keep in mind that the Back On Track Saddle Pad requires a break-in period when your horse is introduced to the effects slowly and steadily. According to the manufacturer, it will take about 10-20 days of consistent use until you get the desired benefits on your horse.

We hope that you will have an objective view of this product through this Back On Track saddle pad review. Although its price might be a big investment, the effect it will bring you and your horse is incredible.

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