Back on Track Quick Wraps Review: Should You Buy It or Not?

When you search for horse leg wrapping, in general, and the Back on Track Quick Wraps review, in particular, it is likely that your lovely horse is suffering from an injury.

First off, we need to say that we do understand and care for your pet. Secondly, you should not worry too much. With proper treatment and support from pro wraps like the Back on Track Quick Wraps, your horse will be strong again.

Keep reading to unveil why the wraps do help!

An Overview of Back on Track Quick Wraps

All in all, the Back on Track leg wraps seem durable and fit at the very first look first – And most consumers we know confirm the fact. Accordingly, they praised that the wraps are very both solid and comfortable thanks to the external soft cushion. Thus, they are supportive during leg treatment.

Interestingly enough, we have also given these wraps a try and figured out some awarding features:

  • Available as therapeutic wraps
  • Made of blended cotton and polyester
  • Flexible sizing from 10 inches to 18 inches in black
  • Easy to put on or take off from the legs
  • Friendly to washing machine up to 90 degrees F

Back on Track Quick Wraps Review: What We Like

Unique fabric for therapeutic treatment

For those who might not know, the therapeutic is a common treatment method for a horse’s legs. Specifically, the wraps will cover the legs and reflect the natural body warmth as infrared thermal heat. That way, the injured parts, like muscles or joints, are supposed to recover more quickly.

When it comes to Back on Track Quick Wraps, are made of a unique material blended from cotton and polyester. This fabric can retain and reflect the heat back to the horse’s body to increase circulation and inflammation.

Easy-to-wear design

While many people wonder why we do not use the normal badges to wrap the legs, we must remind you that the wrong wrapping techniques do more harm than good. Usually, the horses often fight against layers of badges, making them loose and dirty.

Instead, the pro Back on Track wraps are built to put on or take off your horse’s legs solidly without causing annoyance for her.

Specifically, there are 4 straps included with the wraps. One of them will cover the fetlock, whereas, the other three help secure the cannon bone.

Various sizes available

Remember to pick up the right size for your horse. The wraps should snug fit around the legs to maintain the therapeutic effects. Meanwhile, they are still not too tight and result in additional hurts. Simply put, leave some room in the fetlock.

Mentioning the Back on Track Quick Wraps, the company offers various size options from small (10 to 12 inches), and medium (14 inches), to as large as 16 to 18 inches. What to choose is based on the measurement around the canon bone.

Effortless cleaning

It is a common mistake that the horses should wear the wraps all the time until the injuries are healed.

In fact, it is not the case. Based on practical situations, you can use the wraps on the legs of horses for 30 mins to 12 hrs per day. Then take off the wraps for cleaning. They are washable in the washing machine. Just remember to leave the wraps to air dry instead of tumble dry.

Back on Track Wraps Review: What We Don’t Like


What comes along with the durable and comfortable design is the high price. You will have to pay a small extra compared to other quick wraps.

Nonetheless, the price is worth relieving pains and discomfort for your horses.

Smell bad

It makes sense that there is build-up happening around the legs and causes some smell. Nevertheless, the blend of cotton and polyester is soft ad quick absorbent, meaning it collects odors more quickly.

Pros and Cons


  • Built-to-last material
  • User-friendly design to fit comfortably and easily
  • Supportive in fastening the healing process
  • Machine washable


  • Expensive wraps
  • Bad odor


1. When do you need to wrap the horses’ legs?

Most of the time, the wrap is to cover and protect an injured area to minimize swelling and movement. In some other cases, the owner puts on the wraps to provide warmth, especially in winter.

2. Why are pro wraps better than standing badges?

If you are completely confident in your techniques, you can still protect the injured places with badges. But we still recommend the wraps over the badges to save your time and more importantly, to reduce the interaction on the injuries.

3. How and how long to wrap the legs?

To make it simple, just follow some tutorials on the market, take the following by Stagecoach West, for instance.

About how long your horses should wear the wraps, you had better start with 30 mins a day for the pet to get familiar with the new accessory. Then, increase the time by 4 hours a day. If your horses show no annoyance, then you can leave the wraps there for up to 12 hours.

4. Will these wraps work on the front legs, and the back as well?

Yes, the wraps have the same size, so you can put on whichever leg needs taking care of.

5. Can the quick wraps heal the injuries?

Let us reconfirm, the quick wraps do not heal the injuries directly. The time and professional treatment will be in charge.

What the wraps do is reduce scarring tissue, while it increases comfort and circulation.

Wrapping up

We have presented a complete Back on Track Quick Wraps Review to cover all you need to know about these wraps and to help you make a decision more easily. In case you are still wondering something, let us know in the comment box. We are willing to help!

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