How Much Does An Arabian Horse Weigh?

Do you know how much an Arabian horse weighs? If not, you’re not alone. Most people don’t know this information, but it’s something that is interesting to learn.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the weight of Arabian horses and what factors may affect their weight. Talking about different types of horses, you can’t miss the Arabian or Arab horse because of its specialty.

arabian horse weight

Indeed, the Arabian horse looks quite short and small. With the average length from only 14.1 to 16.1 hands which I have mentioned in an article about Arabian horse height, its weight also makes a lot of people interested. So, how much does an Arabian horse weigh? Is it the lightest horse in the world?

Yes. Here is the answer!

How heavy is an Arabian horse?

The average weight of an Arabian horse is from 800 to 1000 pounds. In comparison with the other horse breeds, Arabian horses are quite small.

Is an Arabian Mare the same heavy as an Arabian Stallion/Gelding?

The answer is NO.

  • Arabian Mare

An Arabian mare horse is fine-boned, and petite with a tiny muzzle and an elegant face. They have lesser rib bones, vertebrae tails,s and lumbar bones than other breeds.

Therefore, there is a difference in the weight of Arabian mares in comparison to the Arabian stallion. The Arabian mare is heavy between about 770 to 990 pounds.

  • Arabian Stallion

The average weight of an Arabian stallion or gelding runs between 815 pounds and 1014 pounds. As you can see, the Arabian geldings or stallions weigh higher than the mares by a few pounds. For example, the average weight for females is about 970 pounds and the male of the same type is 1003 pounds.

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What makes affects Arabian horse weight?

There are many factors that create effects Arabian horse weight.

As we have known, the Arabian breeds are often small, while the other breeds are much bigger. Despite that, the weight of these horses is not only based on the breed. The gender, the life condition, and the length of the body are also important parts that decide how much an Arabian horse weighs.

For example, the Arabian breeds in the past must go into the human tent to sleep at night. That made their structure different from other breeds which lived outside all time.

Why do we need to know their weight?

Many horse lovers pay huge attention to their horse’s weight. Why do they have to do that?

Knowing how much an Arabian horse weighs, you will be able to determine if your horse is healthy or not. Besides, from the standard weight of the horses, you can choose the right methods to take care of them as well.

Now, You have already known the Number

Are you surprised by the weight of an Arabian horse? They are quite small, aren’t they? Well, even the heaviest Arabian horse weighs only about 1015 pounds.

What interesting information! Now, you have a better knowledge of Arabian.

See you later and thank you for reading!

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