Arabian Horse Price: How Much Do They Cost?

Arabians are a wonderful breed of horse. They’re original and smart and beautiful animals. Their attractive appearance makes them one of the much-loved horse breeds, and their pedigree has influenced many other kinds.

There is no exaggeration to say that they are a living piece of history. Have you wondered about an Arabian horse price? Continue reading the next part of the article to know whether the price of this breed of horse is high or low!

arabian horse price

How Much Do Arabian Horses Cost?

The planet’s most expensive one has been Marwan Al Shaqab – a stallion. He is so valuable that the owner rejected a $20 million bid to buy him.

The price is dramatically variable depending on many factors. According to the Arabian Horse Association, the current listed prices range from $500 to $155,000. More commonly, it spans from $5,000 to $85,000. Still, the average cost for most Arabian horses will be $5,000 – $20,000.

Factors Affecting Their Purchase Price

These are some main factors that have to do with the cost of Arabian horses:

1. Appearance (Conformation)

The Arabian horses stand about 15 hands high. Their coat has the colors gray, bay, black, and chestnut. Their skin is black. The mane is high-set and full, as is the tail. The face and legs may have white markings. (source: Wikipedia)

You may have to pay higher prices for the horses that satisfy these breed criteria.

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2. Lineage

There is a variety of Arabian horse strains. Among them, the purebred Desert variety is the rarest. They are the original Bedouin Desert Arabian. Higher prices may be paid for them.

Desert Arabian horse


There are other distinct lineages and they can be complicated. Arabians from various pedigrees are categorized and cataloged by The World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO). WAHO may be of great assistance if you have questions related to the price of an individual horse.

3. Full or half

Both half-Arabian and full-Arabian horses are well-favored these days. By the half-Arabian, we mean a combination of a full Arabian horse and another purebred one.

Current listings show that half of Arabians’ price ranges from $500 to $75,000. Meanwhile, the prices for full Arabians are currently between $500 and $155,000.

4. Option to part-own or lease

You can find chances to lease Arabians as part of a lease-to-own agreement or temporarily. Thanks to this option, your up-front costs of buying an Arabian may be reduced significantly.

A lot of Arabians also have more than one owner. If you buy into a limited liability company (LLC) or partnership, the up-front costs over a longer-term investment in an Arabian can be spread out.

Again, what is the Arabian horse price?

Their cost varies depending on different factors (appearance, pedigrees, full or half type, etc.). There isn’t a fixed price for owning a horse, and it’s advisable to carry out your own research to find a horse that fits your needs.

Also, it makes sense to buy the quality one that you can afford. By so doing, you can enjoy being his owner without worrying too much about your budget.

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