Arabian Horse Lifespan – How Long Do They Live?

Do you look for facts about Arabian Horse Lifespan? Growing up in the harsh deserts, the very first Arabian horses had to equip themselves with certain physical traits to survive. As centuries passed, these again run in the blood of the modern Arabian horses. And this has earned them the title of warriors among horse breeds.

arabian horse lifespan

But putting strength and endurance aside, are they really that special? What about the Arabian horse’s lifespan? Do their impressive physicals give them the advantage of living longer? Or is it the other way around?

The answers will be revealed shortly. So don’t go anywhere!

The Exact Arabian horse lifespan

Like many other horse breeds out there, the average lifespan of Arabian horses ranges between 30 and 35 years. However, as this is just an average, it does not apply to all cases. And it is not uncommon for Arabian horses to live into their 40s, or even longer.

In fact, Arabian horses even earn the spot on the list of oldest horses as there used to be one that lived up to 50-ish! She was Orchid (1965-2015 – some sources said that she was born in 1964), a Thoroughbred Arabian-Cross. Look like she would still hold this title of “the oldest Arabian horse” for long as so far, none of the same breeds could break her record.

Orchid the oldest arabian horse

Then, would you want yours to have the honor? Your Arabian horses might have a chance, provided that you give them proper care and keep them in good health.

Do you wish to know how? Let us show you!

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The Factors Impacting Arabian horse lifespan.


Plenty types of feeds for horse

Plenty of types of feeds for horses – Source:

Nothing could be more important than nutrition. If you want your Arabian horse to live well, make sure to feed them well first.

Back in the day, feeding these creatures could be one Hell of a struggle. But these days, thanks to the available horse feeds, things have got much simpler. Just make sure only to take home those from the prestigious manufacturers as they know the right way to prolong Arabian horse lifespan through feeding.

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Just like us humans, Arabian horses can contract a fatal disease that can claim their life anytime. So, it would be best if you have your own veterinarian to consult on how to give your horses proper care.

vaccinate Arabian horse

Plus, for the veterinary exams, any horse less than 20 years of age should take a comprehensive test at least once a year. As for geriatric horses, they should take the test twice a year.

Besides, core vaccinations are recommended for all your horses. This includes:

  • Tetanus Vaccine
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • West Nile Virus Vaccine (WNV)
  • Eastern/Western Encephalomyelitis Vaccine

Even a slight health issue can knock a horse in its prime down if you do not pay enough attention. So, to extend your Arabian horse lifespan, protecting their well-being is a top priority.

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The living condition.

If you want your beloved Arabian horse to live to a ripe old age, the living condition is another aspect of the care you cannot neglect.

Therefore, you must make sure that your horse’s living environment is clean and airy enough. Furthermore, horses are not fond of being kept indoors like domestic pets. Even if you cannot let them out 24/24, a couple of hours a day will do.

Install the best barn fan to keep the stable always cool, especially in the hot summer.

You might not know this, but these playtimes outside can benefit your Arabian horses as they grow older. Enough physical activities will train their muscles, keeping them in good shape even when time passes.

Wrapping Up

Your Arabian horse lifespan can be much longer than you anticipate, provided that you care for them in the right way. Food, health, and living environment are all essential factors to keep your horses healthy and happy on their way to longevity.

Take good care of your horses, who knows? One day, they might even outshine Orchid and go straight to the record book!

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