Arabian Horse Height – How Tall They Are?

The Arabian horse height is always a huge surprise because it is generally shorter in comparison to other normal breeds. Many researchers have studied and found out the reasons. I have summed up all this information and want to share it with you on this small topic.


Do you want to learn how and why are they tall like that? If the answer is yes, then let us go!

How Tall Is An Arabian Horse In Hands?

The Arabian horse’s height runs only in the range of 14.1 to 16.1 hands.  Of course, there are still some special situations in which an Arabian horse is taller or shorter. The result above is taken from the standard.

Although the height of an Arabian horse is quite similar to the average height of a pony, its breed is still classified in the group of “light riding horses”.

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Why Are Arabian Horses Tall Like That?

I am sure that you are wondering about the causes of Arabian horse height. This is according to their origins and their body composition.

The Origin Of Arabian Horses

Far ago, the original Arabian breeds lived in hot deserts. Because they have great strength and versatility, they were prized very highly by Bedouins and many other tribes.

Being afraid that the horses would be stolen, some families bring them into their tents at night. That has created selective breeding efforts which makes these traits form nowadays.

The body composition

The reason for that height is also because they have missed a pair of ribs and tail bone. Although it may help their back elevated, their overall height will be shorter.

In spite of the short height, Arabian horses have denser bones to be stronger. That’s why they are still classified into the “riding horse” group.

How Tall Is The World’s Tallest Arabian Horse?

Out of the standard, there is still a special case of Arabian horse height.

Padron Victory is the name of the lucky Purebred Arabian horse. It is 16.2 1/4 hands tall. About 168,3 cm is high at the withers.

Although this height is still much shorter than the height of the world’s tallest horse Big Jake (20 hands), Padron Victory is recognized as the tallest horse of the Arabian breed.


Do Gender Effects On Arabian Horse Height?

Arabian horse height is affected by gender.

Having the same bloodlines, an intact male horse matures shorter than a castrated male horse. By castrating a young horse, the amount of testosterone will be reduced and the horse will grow taller.

It happens also with the height of the mares. They always mature at a taller height than the male stallions do.


The above is extremely interesting information about this lovely Arabian horse height. So now, you know how tall this breed is, its causes, and origins as well as its external influences.

If you still have questions about the Arabian horse, please get in touch with me. And for now, many thanks for reading!

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