5 Arabian Horse Facts You Have Never Heard.

Do you look for Arabian Horse Facts? You’ve probably heard about the infamous Arabian horse before. For centuries, they have been an endless inspiration for artists and have made their appearance in several mesmerizing paintings.

With unmistakable dished face and a high set of tails, as well as many characteristics hardly any other type of horse possesses, they win the hearts of many animal lovers out there,

arabian horse facts

But do you know that there are still plenty of things about Arabian horses that will catch you by surprise? Let’s dig deeper to find out some intriguing Arabian horse facts!

5 Interesting Arabian Horse Facts

#1 Oldest domesticated horse breed

Here comes the first fact!

The Arabian horse is one of the most ancient pure breeds in the animal kingdom. Research-backed studies have pointed out that they were first discovered in the Arabian at least 3000 years ago. Yet, some other trustworthy documentaries even estimated that they have been around for roughly 5000 years!

However, unlike many other species, Arabian horses in prehistoric times and those we have these days are pretty much alike. In fact, the only thing setting those ancestors apart from the new generation is their size: They are much smaller.

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#2 They have the same skin color

With that many colors they have on their bodies, Arabian horses must have had a set of just as impressive skin tones, right?

Err… Not exactly. This might disappoint you a bit. But Arabian horses do not have that many skin colors. As a matter of fact, they only have one, and that is black!

Regardless of their coat color, all Arabian horses are born with black skin. Not very fashionable, I know, but this is essential to keep them safe. As they roam the scorching desserts, this dark color protects them from the harsh temperature.

#3 Special bones structure

Even the skeleton of Arabian horses holds an unbelievable fact. Prepare to be amazed: They are missing one vertebra! Their somewhat humble sizes and small tails can be traced back to this. Besides, instead of 18 ribs, they only have 17.

special bone of arabian horse

However, thanks to this particular bone structure, they have a high tail like a flag behind them. This is probably the reason why they have a chance to partake in parades and even movies more than other types of horses

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#4 They are known for high endurance

Born in Arabian, these horses have a long history of serving as means of transportation in war. To adapt to their harsh living conditions back in those times, Arabian horses trained themselves to get stronger day by day.

In particular, they can breathe well, and use oxygen more efficiently through fast-twitch fibers. Moreover, they have a large lung capacity which allows them to cover long distances without getting exhausted

Thanks to this special trait, this breed is an idea for a long journey in extreme conditions.

# 5 The father of many current breeds

We save the best for last. And this is the Arabian horse fact that will perhaps have your mouth on the floor. Guess what? They are the ancestors of many horse breeds we have these days!

Many centuries ago, the Arabian believed that they could create many flawless breeds by crossbreeding certain horses with the Arabian horse.

The result came out better than they expected. And they used Arabian horses to develop several popular breeds such as  Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Morgan, Quarter Horse, you name it!

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Conclusion To Arabian Horse Facts.

That’s all I want to share with you about Arabian horses. Have you ever realized that the lovely animal dwelling happily in your farm could be this fascinating? Did any of those 5 Arabian horse facts blow your mind away? Please let us know in the comment section, we would love to hear from you.

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