Appaloosa Horse Lifespan – How long do they live?

You are wondering about what to do to help your Appaloosa live longer? Here are some factors that affect the Appaloosa horse lifespan you should know.


How Long Does An Appaloosa Horse Live?

Like any other creature on earth, with good care, Appaloosa’s lifespan can be approximately 30 years. Still, there are many factors that directly affect the Appaloosa horse lifespan.

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Oldest Living Appaloosa Horse

Appaloosa horses are believed to live comparatively long lives. The longest-living individual recorded is Kemo’s Fire Shadow with the registered code 341774. He is now approximately 39 years old.


Kemo’s Fire Shadow is now living in Washington

What Affects The Appaloosa Horse Lifespan?

1. Diet

Unlike other types of horses, Appaloosas only need very basic things that are normally required for a horse: food and water.


Due to the long digestive system, Appaloosa horses usually spend most of their time eating! The usual main kinds of food in their meals are grass, hay, and grains.

Besides, they should be supplemented with salt and minerals during the summer months.


Water is an essential element in every living creature. The Appaloosa horse is not an exception. However, those fed with pasture grass drink less water a day than one with hay.

2. Diseases

Innate ability to resist physical diseases

Appaloosa horses are known to possess admirable speed, endurance, and calm manner. Also, they were once used in long-distance rides and wars. For centuries, their capacity gradually increased. Nowadays, Appaloosas are said to have very few health problems.

A risk of inherited diseases

Although Appaloosa horses are easy to please, they sometimes can suffer from genetic disorders. The most typical one is Congenital Stationary Night Blindness also called CSNB. This prevents the Appaloosa from seeing in the dark properly.

Besides that, the skin with white patches makes them susceptible to the sun. Therefore, it is advisable that Appaloosa horses are applied with daily sunblock and shades to reduce the risk of exposure.

3. Care

Taking care of Appaloosa horses through grooming is a perfect way to detect skin problems. Like other kinds of horses, dermis diseases are usually revealed by signs like grazes or spots. The more often the horse is groomed, the cleaner and brighter the coat is.

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The Appaloosa horses have been trained for years to bear adversity. They are now among the top longest-living horses in the world. I hope that through this article, you can find the best ways to take care of your Appaloosas.

If you have any questions or comments about the Appaloosa horse lifespan, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks for reading.

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