Appaloosa Horse Height – How Tall Are They?

The Appaloosa horse is outstanding among horse breeds due to its stunning and colorful patterns on the coat. Do you find this type of horse interesting? Do you ever wonder about how and why they are tall like that?

Then, go on with this article! We have included many surprising pieces of information about Appaloosa horse height that might surprise you.

Appaloosa horse height

Appaloosa Horse Height: How tall are They?

An Appaloosa horse is in the range of 14 to 15,2 hands tall. In specific, a hand is a unit of measurement for a horse’s height which is equal to 4 inches. Thus, in centimeters, they are around 142 to 154 tall.

The owner of the horse usually measures the length from the top of the withers to the ground as the horse’s height.

Of course, there are still some special situations in which an Appaloosa horse is taller or shorter. The result above is taken from the standard.

The Appaloosa horses we know today have their origin from the Nez Perce tribe in the early 1600s. In fact, they were almost lost in the late 18th century in Native Land wars.

However, in the 1930s, with the increasing interest in this breed, the surviving Appaloosa individuals were brought back and developed until now.

In fact, the original Appaloosas’ height came from about 14.2H to over 16H. That is one of the reasons why they were used in wars.

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Why are Appaloosas Tall Like That?

You may find that this type of horse is quite shorter than other horse breeds. The following are some explanations for this height.

In recent decades, crossbreeding among horse breeds is becoming popular. However, this seems to be a disadvantage in preserving the original Appaloosa breed.

The Appaloosa horses are crossbred with the Quarter horses. According to several owners, the new Appaloosa breeds are shorter and look like a Quarter horse with spots.

However, don’t worry! The true Appaloosas are still bred by the Foundation of Breeders.

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What is The Tallest Appaloosa Horse In The World?

Out of the standard, the Rapidash Vast Nebula is the tallest Appaloosa horse.

Rapidash Vast Nebula - tallest Appaloosa horse

It is 17.2 hands tall, approximately 175cm. It is a gelding, born in April 2013 in Texas.

People may not realize that this is an Appaloosa horse as it does not show Appaloosa’s markings. In fact, Rapidash Vast Nebula is a chestnut Appaloosa with minimal spots over the hip.


Although the Appaloosa horse height may be a little bit low, they are one of the most durable horses in the world. I think they are well-proportioned breeds for different riders, from amateurs to experts.

And you, how do you feel about this horse? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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