Andis Horse Clipper Reviews of 2023

A good quality horse clipper would make the horse clipping and riding experience much more playful. While there are many options on the market that may be confusing to you, the Andis Horse Clipper should be your top consideration because of its prestige and performance. And my in-depth Andis Horse Clipper Reviews will provide you with basic information and highlighted features of this wonderful tool for grooming your horse!

Highlighted Features of Andis ProClip 2-Speed


To start, I will list out some basic information that you should know about this clipper:

  • Detachable blade
  • UltraEdge Size T-84 Blade
  • Two-speed rotary motor
  • 14’ heavy-duty cord
  • Shatter-proof housing
  • Inclusion of instructional video USB

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Now let’s move to the advantages and disadvantages that you should keep in mind:

Pros & Cons of Andis ProClip 2-Speed 22340 AGC2


  • Ideal for full-body clipping
  • Easily switch or replace blades
  • Lightweight design
  • Can be used for dogs as well
  • Perfect for insulin-resistant horses
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to use and remove


  • Need to clean the blade inside out regularly
  • No storage case
  • Not perform well with a wooly, thick pony or matted hair
  • Quite pricey
  • Gets warmed after several uses

About Andis Brand

Andis has been widely respected as one of the leading manufacturers that produce handheld tools for trimming, cutting, curling, straightening, and drying hair for nearly 100 years.

Andis products are very popular thanks to their affordable prices, versatility, and excellent performance. At the same time, Andis is preferred by professional barbers, animal groomers as well as stylists, and shearers.

This family-owned business seems never to stop when producing a wide variety of models, which meet specific demands. Also, each model has a certain quality that helps it to stand out and become a must-have item among other competitors.

Here’s the most important part of this article:

In-depth Andis Horse Clipper Reviews


The Andis Horse Clipper features many options when it comes to choices based on speed, including 5-speed, 2-speed, and even single-speed trimmers.

Regarding the Andis AGC2, it comes with 2 speeds, which are high and low options that are ideal for complete grooming. As this product is designed for livestock grooming, a 2-speed clipper would be more than sufficient to give your horse a new look without any complicated steps.


Thanks to the UltraEdge Size T-84 Blade, you can trim your horse’s hair easily and efficiently. The cuts are made precise and crisp without any tools needed.

UltraEdge Size T-84 Blade

Also, it operates in a quiet movement that is vital to avoid distracting your sensitive horse. Such noise can affect its calm, making it difficult to trim the hair completely.

More importantly, the blade has a chrome finish that protects the clipper from corrosion as well as rust and provides a long clipping solution. Speaking of some issues related to wear, the Andis Horse Clipper also has an efficient rotary cool-running along with a maintenance-free motor that gets rid of the need for fans as well vents that are the main causes of hair clogging.

Break-resistant and shatter-proof features are also great bonuses to this clipper. As long as you give it proper care as well as maintenance, Andis Clipper 22340 AGC2 can be your companion for a long time.

In terms of its power, the batter of this clipper can run for nearly an hour. Fortunately, charging it fully only takes up to around 1 hour. This is more than sufficient for standard horses when you do the full grooming.


If your horse needs grooming regularly, the Andis ProClip 2-Speed would be a great choice for you. This is because it is featured a high-speed motor along with a heavy-duty cord, allowing you to trim and groom all day long without any interruption.

As this tool isn’t cordless, there are some cord tangling problems that you may have to deal with. However, the 14’ duty cord makes sure that you don’t have to face any wear or even tear. Still, there are choices of additional cord packs that allow you to use the clipper as a corded tool in case you prefer.

Also, this tool is designed to fit your hands perfectly, which makes it comfortable for you when trimming for long hours. The feature is one of my favorites as comfort is the most important factor that helps your work become efficient and playful.

Easy to remove and use

Another impressive feature of Andis AGC 2 is its detachable blades. You can change them easily without any extra tools needed.

To do this, simply turn the clipper off to take out the blade, then turn it on and put it in the new blade. Very simple, isn’t it? In addition to its great performance is the smooth cut finish when compared to other attachment combs.

The blades can move around all areas, including the tightest spaces. Also, they usually generate heat when used continuously, which may cause some frustration for you. To resolve this, I would recommend you lubricate the blades frequently with grade oil or Andis Cool Care. This will help to offset the heat and ensure durability. According to the brand, the best maintenance on this product is replacing the blades annually or even semi-annually based on how frequently you use them.

Bottom Line

The Andis Horse Clipper Reviews above have given the reasons why this clipper deserves to be the most preferable tool for grooming horses. Thanks to its lightweight design, great performance, and quiet operation, the Andis clipper would bring you the most playful and efficient experience with your horse, making it a comfortable task to do no matter how long it may take.


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