American Quarter Horse Price: How Much Does It Cost?

In the previous articles, we introduced you to the exciting features of American quarter horses. With their high intelligence, speed, and loyalty, they deserve popularity all over the world. But what do you know about the American quarter horse price?

If you want to raise an American quarter horse, you first need to learn about the cost of care and treatment of them. That will help you spend your money wisely.

American Quarter Horse Price

American Quarter Horse Price: How Much Does It Cost?

According to our research, the average cost of an American quarter horse is about 3500 USD. Well-trained ones for rodeo or barrel racing can cost from $ 2500 to $ 7,000 or higher.

Every year you will need to spend more than 3000 USD to buy riding equipment, food, veterinary care, and others.

The American quarter horse is brilliant. However, to maintain the health of these horses, you need to pay attention to maintain the proper diet and treatment for them.

The price of a horse is not only determined by its health, height, and weight but also its training. A well trained American quarter horse can cost up to $ 100,000.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Quarter Horse

So what determine the value of a horse? Let’s take a look at some important factors affecting the price of an American quarter horse.

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1. Age

An adult horse will cost more than a foal as older horses have more experience, better health, and higher survivability. Besides, it costs more to raise an adult horse than a colt.

2. Training

Trained horses are apparently more expensive than an untrained horse. And well-trained horses will cost more than starting young horse. The reason  comes from the cost and effort that the seller spends on training a horse. If you buy well-trained horses, you won’t have to spend a lot of effort in preparing them for riding or competing.

3. Health conditions

A horse with good health always costs much more than an unhealthy horse because the healthy horses will not require much medical and healthcare. Moreover, they can do a lot of hard work thanks to high strength. In contrast, sick horses will not be able to do all the jobs you want. And you have to spend more money to care for them.

4. Experience in competition

If a horse has ever competed in races and won a prize, it will cost more than those who have not because this award is a testament to the speed and health of the horse. You will feel more secure, knowing that your horse can compete and win.

5. Breeding

Famous horse breeds will cost more than other kinds. And thoroughbred horses will be priced higher than crossbreds due to the excellent characteristics of them.


With the above information about the American quarter horse price, we hope you can decide whether to buy an American horse or not. Although the cost to own a horse is not small, but certainly, it will not let you down.

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