American Quarter Horse Height, How Tall is It?

In the previous article, we talked about the average weight of an American quarter horse. Now, we will learn about the American quarter horse height.

American Quarter Horse Height

You probably all know that American quarter horses are famous for their strength and speed. Although they are usually muscular, their legs are quite small.

On average, American quarter horses only measure between 57 and 64 inches tall. Because of their modest height, they will look quite chubby. However, each type will have different height.

Let’s explore.

How To Measure The Height Of The Horse?

To measure the height of a horse, people will use the unit called hands. One hand is equal to 4 inches. The height of a horse will be calculated by the distance from their toenails to their withers.

When measuring, you need to make sure that the horse is standing on a firm and even surface.

Before analyzing the American quarter horse height, we need to know the average height of horses in the world.

Although each breed will have different height and weight, the average height of an adult horse will be about 15.2 hands. Horses with a height of fewer than 14.2 hands are ponies.

The American Quarter Horse Height

On average, an American quarter horse will be 14.3 to 16 hands tall. As you can see, they are not the tallest horse breed in the world because of their short legs.

There are 4 types of American horses: The bulldog, the semi bulldog, the progressive quarter horse, and the running quarter horse.

Among them, the running quarter horse is the tallest with a slender and well-sculpted athletic body. Meanwhile, the other three types look more stout because of the modest height.

Instead of long legs, they often have more muscle in the body. You will quickly notice that the American quarter horse has a relatively rugged build featuring small heads, large eyes, muscular necks and shoulders, along with  deep chests.

They can participate in most activities such as cattle herding, horse racing, and horse-drawn carriage. Their robust body structure allows them to travel over rough terrains without much difficulty.

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Did you know How tall Quarter Horse is?

We have introduced you to the ideal American quarter horse height and weight. You can refer to the current condition of your American quarter horses to know if they are in the best state or not.

We hope you find our article useful. Stay tuned, because we will come back with interesting facts about Quarter Horse

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