4 American Quarter Horse Facts That Will Make You Surprised

The popularity of the American quarter horse stems from its excellent attributes, such as flexibility, beauty, speed, endurance, gentleness, and loyalty. The American quarter horses are also friendly and easy to train. They appear in most American activities. To better understand them, let’s explore four interesting American quarter horse facts.


4 American Quarter Horse Facts YOU Must Know

Fact 1: Their diverse color and marking

The American quarter horse can have many different colors of which chestnut color is the most popular. Besides, you can find American horses in other colors such as black, red-brown, gray, or brown.

On their face and below their knees, we can often see white markings. You can also find other markings in American horse breeds like stripes, blazes, and stars.


A Red-brown Quarter Horse

Fact 2: Their unique shape and body type

We can easily see that the American quarter horse has a rugged bone structure and flat configuration.

They stand out for their deep chest and sloping shoulders. Their bodies are often short and muscular. Almost all of them have large and wide eyes, and their pointed ears usually perk alertly.

The legs, as we introduced in the previous article about American horse height, are usually short and robust.

Based on these characteristics, we can quickly identify a horse of the American quarter breed.

Fact 3: Their incredible personality

The American quarter horse is named for its loyal, friendly, and intelligent nature. They have incredible emotional intelligence compared to other horse breeds.

They can become very close to their nurturers or whoever training them over a long period. That personality makes American quarter horses unique and widely loved.

If you create an emotional connection with these horses, you will efficiently train them to do the job you want.

Because of these personality traits, the American horse is particularly suitable for beginners. These friendly and sensitive horses will ensure safety when riding for those who are not experienced.

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However, it is because of this intelligence that you need to pay attention when you intend to raise an American quarter horse. In case you treat it unfairly or disrespectfully, it can become aggressive and challenging to handle.

Fact 4: Their high price

If you’ve read up here and feel extremely eager to own an American quarter horse, then this is the information you need. Surely you want to know to own an American quarter horse will need how much money, right? And the answer to you is that they can cost from 3000 to 100000 USD.

Such factors can determine the price of a horse as age, health condition, and experience in competition.

Also, you will need to spend more than 2500 USD a year to raise and buy the necessary tools for your horse.

Final Thoughts

The American quarter horses are lovely. That’s why they are so popular around the world. If you have any further questions about American quarter horse facts, please leave your comments, and we will get back to you shortly.

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