American Paint Horse Price – How Much Does It Cost?

Are you searching for how much American Paint Horse Price is? Many people love to Paint horses due to their beautiful coat patterns, congenial temperament, and versatility.

This is a horse that can fill so many niches, from equestrian sports to ranch work; and, they will adapt to their rider, be it a beginner or a professional.


american paint horse price

The kicker, though, for many people, is the cost to own one for yourself – which is very reasonable. These factors have made the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) the second-largest horse association in the world.

In today’s article, we will discuss further the Paint horse price, as well as why riders at all levels and from many backgrounds are so fond of this horse breed.

American Paint Horse Price

The average Paint horse price is between $1,000-5,000. The value of a horse depends on many factors like age, health, level of training, pedigree, and, of course, how much the seller is willing to sell it for.

Paint horses are the second-largest horse breed in the world, so it’s not hard to find one for sale or up for adoption. Below are some common prices, based on the age and size of the Paint horse:

Under one year

Surprisingly, you can get a foal for only $850, which is incredibly affordable, if not downright cheap. The price range for baby horses is from $750 to $1500.

From one to two years

Yearlings tend to cost around $2,000.


The price for horses in this age range can vary from $2,000 to $5000, depending primarily on their coloring.

The Most Expensive Paint horse

That is Mark This Roscinate. This tobiano horse was sold at price of $33,000, purchased by Mark Teel from Oklahoma.

Billed as a ranch and reining horse, Mark This Rocinante is by multiple APHA world champion Mark This Spot and out of Hoping For Color.

Mark This Roscinate - The most Expensive Paint horse

Important Tips before Buying an American Paint Horse

If you can, it is best to visit the horse at the breeder or the organization where you buy it to ensure the conditions highlighted in the advertisement are precise.

One more thing, if the horse was trained, have the owner describe their process, if possible. Remember, the most reliable information is that which you can verify first-hand.

Double-check the information provided by the seller, like the horse’s history, health, diet, nutrition, etc.

If you find the horse breathes heavily or any other signs of lethargy or weakness, it might be suffering from a sickness. Of course, you will want to have any potential purchase thoroughly checked by a licensed veterinarian, anyway.

A common health problem that is often seen with Paint horses (and other breeds as well) is the lethal ‘white syndrome.’

Horses born with this will have blue eyes and white coats, and, sadly, they’re most likely to die within a short time. Humane euthanasia is recommended and carried out when a horse suffers from this condition.

Fortunately, some horses are only carriers of this gene and are able to live healthy, normal lives.

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In Closing about American Paint Horse Price.

The American Paint Horse is so well-known, and widely loved, in the horse community, it is certain to fulfill the expectations of all but the most demanding horse enthusiasts.

The Paint horse price is also reasonable, so what else are you waiting for but not buying yourself Paint today?

From beginners to pros, the virtues of the Paint Horse are attested to by its undying popularity and the ready praise of hundreds of thousands of proud owners.

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